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SAT Reading

houalschoualsc 6 replies16 threads Junior Member

I've been taking practice SAT tests from prep books like Princeton Review and the official one written by Collegeboard. Every single time, I run out of time on the reading section (I need about 10 extra minutes). I skim through passages that aren't very challenging like social sciences and read through passages that I feel are hard (like world lit.). I spend a good amount of the time trying to choose an answer between two answers that I always narrow down to. I'm not sure what I can do to speed up to finish the test in time, and I was wondering if anyone has any advice?
(I get about 5-8 wrong with 10 extra minutes. Will using uworld be helpful?)

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Replies to: SAT Reading

  • daisygirl1daisygirl1 9 replies0 threads New Member
    Yes. UWorld would be helpful. It will help you practice your timing with passages that are similar to what you will see on the actual exam. The answer explanations will also help you figure out why the actual answer is correct.
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  • zannahzannah 1081 replies12 threads Senior Member
    The SAT does not require a particular strategy for reading. There are two avenues you might consider. First, how do you approach the reading section, especially since you are already concerned about lack of time. Relax. What I found helpful was reading the questions quickly to identify what I was looking for and then reading the passage. Be mindful of where you found the answers so you can skim the passage and retrieve the answer later. You might consider, if you are confident in an answer, to go back and mark it right away. This is done quickly. Immediately mark any answers that you actually know. Your idea of eliminating incorrect answers is really good. Just because a reading question is on the SAT does not mean you dont already know the response. Your goal is marking every item that you know because those are points. Then dont spend too much time when you dont know the response. When I was confident, I marked it and then made sure I had responded in the right place. i didnt look back. Dont change answers unless you are absolutely sure why the old answer was wrong and the new one is correct. Your goal is gathering points! Mark and skip those that are unsure until and after you have logged points and still have time. Time can get wasted by checking and rechecking, going back and reconsidering responses and or thinking the SAT is really difficult, tricky, or obscure, etc. By design, standardized tests ask questions directly and only one response is accurate. Items are developed, evaluated and included only when one right answer is possible.

    Second. There is only one good way to acquire reading skills. READ!!!! You must know phonics and how words are modified such as would, could, child, shield.. The more you read, the more words become sight words. You might try reading aloud standing up and summarizing to yourself what you read. Practice and proficiency are two sides of the same coin. Reading is a skill that must be developed like playing the piano, kicking soccer balls, or cooking a turkey. Finally, your efforts must be directed at acquiring skills that are useful across situations rather than worrying about reading on the SAT that is only important for a few moments of your life. Remember the rainbow... The more you know. Carry a book and read when you are waiting rather than spend your time texting or playing games.
    Reading is really fun.

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  • CCEdit_SurajCCEdit_Suraj 86 replies162 threads Editor
    @houalsc College Confidential covered this topic in an article that may help answer your question. Read more here: https://insights.collegeconfidential.com/strategies-sat-reading-test
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