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Getting accommodations for the ACT

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Hi there,
Recently, I found out that the ACT gave accommodations for students with physical or learning disabilities, specifically visual impairment. I was not aware of this as I am blind in my left eye and have glaucoma. I took the ACT 3 times already have struggled greatly each time due to my eye pressure. I looked into it and saw that I needed to have a 504 Plan with my school already to ask for accommodations. I lost my vision during freshman year and did not know about the 504 Plan. Only doing research this summer I found about it and all the accommodations I could've had throughout high school. I'm a rising senior now and would like to have the 504 plan. However, would the ACT approve accommodations for me if I just now created a 504 Plan with my school?

For the ACT itself, the only accommodations I'd need is the standard extended time so I wouldn't have to put extra pressure in my eye and cause an IOP spike.

My ACT scores follow as:
February 2019: C=25, E=32, M=22, R=23, S=22, W=10
April 2019: C=26, E=29, M=26, R=26, S=25, W=8
July 2019: C= 28, E=30, M=26, R=30, S=26, W=10
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