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Can I submit an ACT/SAT score that does not include the essay to colleges that require it?

BelisariusMagniBelisariusMagni 0 replies1 postsRegistered User New Member
I've already taken both the SAT and ACT with writing. I was satisfied with my ACT writing score, so I felt that there was no need to take it again since I wasn't looking to improve my score any further. I thought that this wouldn't be a problem as I thought when schools stipulated that they "require SAT/ACT essay," I thought what they meant is that they required you to submit a separate essay score along with the rest of your application.

However, as I was going through the UC application earlier today, I noticed that it wouldn't let me submit a score unless it included the essay portion. This is deeply concerning to me, as I am currently scheduled to take the ACT in September without the essay, and I was hoping to submit the score I get on that as well as the score for the ACT I took in June. The reason I didn't sign up for the essay was that I reasoned that as I did by far the worst on the science section of the ACT compared to the other sections of my act (29 as opposed to 35 on the rest of the sections), it would make sense not to take the essay as it would allow me to focus all of my energy on the last section of the ACT, the science section. I thought that knowing the test would be over after the section would help mitigate the fatigue at that point in the test.

So right now I have to make a choice between keeping my test signed up as is or attempting to add the essay portion on to my ACT test.

In short, what I would like to know is if I need to take the ACT with writing again, or if I can take it without the essay portion and still be able to submit my score, so long as I also submit my first score with it. I've already done some pretty extensive research online about this, and it has yielded very inconsistent results. If anyone on this forum has a more informed perspective on the requirements, I would greatly appreciate your insight.
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  • GumbymomGumbymom 27417 replies142 postsForum Champion UC Forum Champion
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    If the schools specifically state you they want the SAT or ACT with writing/essay, then believe them especially the UC’s. They will not consider scores without either.
    Examination requirement

    Freshman applicants must submit the following test scores:

    ACT with Writing, or
    SAT with Essay
    Students applying for admission for the fall term must take these tests no later than December of their senior year, and preferably earlier. For students who take a gap year, exams must be completed by the time of their high school graduation.

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  • RichInPittRichInPitt 667 replies8 postsRegistered User Member
    “UC will not “super score” or combine test results. UC will continue to use the highest total score from a single test date, “ and they require the essay.

    How were you intending to use a single date’s test without essay to meet these conditions?

    I would assume that “score from a single test date” means all scores are from the same date.
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  • drusbadrusba 9580 replies20 postsRegistered User Senior Member
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    The test without essay will not be used to determine admission for the UCs. The UCs require the writing and use that test with with writing that has the highest composite score to determine admission. If my math is correct, and what you provide is accurate, you currently have a 34 ACT composite score. Likely, you are fine as is and should not even bother to re-test.
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