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Hard Curve on August SAT

sattutsattut 980 replies78 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
I have a student who got 4 wrong on the math SAT, got a 710 and was complaining that the test was too easy and the curve was too hard.
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Replies to: Hard Curve on August SAT

  • dropbox77177dropbox77177 263 replies0 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    edited September 10
    Lots of complaints on this. Yes, the college board has been making the math tests too easy for a while now. The math sections are really becoming more a test of conscientiousness and reading comprehension than of actual math.
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  • Nicki20Nicki20 391 replies4 threadsRegistered User Member
    If the test was too easy he shouldn’t of gotten 4 wrong
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  • borgdoctorborgdoctor 61 replies7 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    One student I know got one wrong on the August math section and ended up with a 770 so that is a tough curve!
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  • RichInPittRichInPitt 808 replies10 threadsRegistered User Member
    “A test easier than normal” would be the right interpretation. A “hard curve” implies students get a lower score than they would have otherwise. If the test had been harder, everyone got more wrong, and a student performed exactly the same *relative to others taking the test*, that student would have received the same score.

    The only downside is a greater impact of silly mistakes where a student mis-bubbled and answer or something similar.

    A 770 with one wrong just means that a substantial number of students, as many as 1%, got every question correct. If a full 1% scored better, you will get a 770, whether they got 0 wrong and you got 1, ore they got 5 wrong and you got 6.
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