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SAT bio subject

Is the SAT bio test taken and submitted to colleges less than chemistry and physics or the same? I have been reading through other student's stats here and I feel that SAT Bio isn't included as much as the Chemistry or Physics subject test. Do students favor the later because they are harder and look more impressive? Would love to hear thoughts, observations, etc...
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  • skieuropeskieurope 39580 replies7180 threads Super Moderator
    If a college specifies no preference, then bio is not "less impressive" than chem or physics. Some engineering schools, though, specify math and either chem or physics Subject Tests, so that's part of why you see it often here. Another part is that bio is often taken by freshmen, so chem/physics knowledge may have been gained more recently. But a 750 is a 750 (or insert any other score).If an applicant tests better in bio, then they should take bio.
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