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Clarification on sending SAT scores

Hello all! I am a Senior applying RD to all my colleges and am currently sending them to my reach schools.

On some of the websites, the college states that they are "Score Choice," but on the College Board's website, it gives me a pop-up with the following whenever I de-select a score from one of the test dates: "You've chosen not to send a test score that the college's or scholarship program's SAT score-use practice requires."

Specifically, the first time I took the test I took the Essay and for a 6/4/6. I am not sure if this is that great for the Ivies + my other reaches. When I took the test again, my score increased but I did not take the essay again. As such, I was going to not send the score with the essay.

So, do I need to send all of my SAT scores from each testing date?

(e.g. for Brown, Harvard, etc.)
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  • drusbadrusba 9666 replies21 threads Senior Member
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    The problem with the College Board warning system is that CB has not kept up over the years with all the changes at the colleges and thus still gives the warning for many that have dropped any all scores rule. Note, the warning does not actually prevent you from using score choice and you can ignore it.

    There are only four colleges left that have an all scores requirement: Yale (for SAT or ACT, not subject tests), Carnegie Mellon (same as Yale); Georgetown (all SAT, ACT and subject tests); and Cornell (all ACT if submit ACT, but score choice for SAT and subject tests). You can provide any other colleges, including other ivies such as Harvard and Brown, with the tests you want to provide. However, if the college requires the writing section, you must provide a test that has the writing section score or face being denied admission for failure to provide required materials.
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  • kingbearkingbear 2 replies3 threads New Member
    Thanks for your help!
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