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My SAT score is on my transcript but I'm sending ACT score reports.

scoollscooll 0 replies3 threads New Member
My ACT scores are much better than my SAT scores, and I've already submitted my application and sent my ACT score reports. Do you think colleges will look at the SAT score on my transcript or does it not matter. Also is it possible to get your transcript updated after submission and deadline of application?
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Replies to: My SAT score is on my transcript but I'm sending ACT score reports.

  • RichInPittRichInPitt 1612 replies25 threads Senior Member
    Almost all schools use either the best single day score or a superscore.

    If your SAT score improves neither of those it will just be ignored.
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  • drusbadrusba 9664 replies21 threads Senior Member
    edited January 4
    When both SAT and ACT are provided, college uses that test with the higher scores. As to updating your transcript to exclude SAT test scores, that would seem pointless now since the scores have already been provided. Whether your high school will even exclude the test scores on the transcript is up to the high school (many will not if their practice is to provide them). Colleges usually want transcripts corrected if there is an error of substance in the one initially sent but in your case there was no error.
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