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Is the SAT necessary?

TrinitrondelTrinitrondel 83 replies42 threads Junior Member
I scored a 34 on the ACT, and I am hoping to bring this up to a 35 or 36 on my second and possibly third attempt.

I believe the ACT is a much more suitable test for me than the SAT. Since I plan to take the SAT II's, I really would not like a bad SAT I score to ruin the report.

The question I am facing is: With a 33-36 ACT score (99th percentile), will college admissions officers really care whether or not an applicant has taken the SAT? I know a bad SAT score can break your resume. But, can a good SAT score make your resume better even if there is already a decent ACT score?

Before you ask... no, none of my colleges require the SAT.
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Replies to: Is the SAT necessary?

  • az1698az1698 1800 replies100 threads Senior Member
    no it is not necessary.
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  • k3fujimtk3fujimt 41 replies12 threads Junior Member
    I have the same question. The college I want to go to, Bentley College in MA, apparently doesn't consider ACT only. This is according to the collegeboard.com so i am not sure if that is a reliable source. ACT is the most appropriate for me and I really do not want to take the SATs. (Got a 1460 on PSATs)

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  • poetrygirlpoetrygirl 151 replies13 threads Junior Member
    Your thinking makes sense. The ACT and SAT II's are completely fine. Admissions officers won't care (I don't think). A good ACT score has the same affect as an SAT score at most schools.
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  • poetrygirlpoetrygirl 151 replies13 threads Junior Member
    @ k3fujimt:
    I would call the school or check out their website and find out specifially what they want. The fact that Bentley "doesn't consider ACT only" could mean any number of things.
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  • drusbadrusba 9645 replies21 threads Senior Member
    "I have the same question. The college I want to go to, Bentley College in MA, apparently doesn't consider ACT only."

    Bentley takes either SAT or ACT with writing. It says so right on its site. College Board information should be considered to be prepared in its own self-interest.

    As to OP, you have no reason to take the SAT. I am wondering why you are even considering retaking the ACT when you already have a 34.
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  • tinuvieltinuviel 294 replies25 threads Junior Member
    A lot of schools that take ACTs don't even require SAT IIs because the ACT naturally tests more knowledge (as opposed to reasoning) than the SAT.

    Your ACT scores are really good, I wouldn't take the SATs if I were you, especialy not with your PSAT ^.^
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  • gibson101gibson101 102 replies38 threads Junior Member
    I got a 1400 when it took the SAT in March. But im not going to submit the scores, who would? But im going to retake sat in june and probably october.. and im taking act in june as well. I just hope all the studying im doing will pay off. I want to go to UNC-Chapel Hill so i need to get a 1900 on the sat...if i study hard enough can i raise my score 500 points or higher? And does anyone know if the sat is required for UNC?
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  • ChedvaChedva 18881 replies11658 threads Super Moderator
    Every school now accepts the ACT (sometimes requiring the writing section) in lieu of the SAT I. Harvey Mudd was the last holdout; it changed its requirement this year.

    As noted above, some schools accept the ACT in lieu of both the SAT I and SAT IIs. Some don't, of course, so you need to check the schools' websites.
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  • woowski777woowski777 51 replies15 threads Junior Member
    gibson101: "I got a 1400 when it took the SAT in March. But im not going to submit the scores"

    --For gibson and anyone else, isn't it true when you submit any SAT I test score, the college board sends all of your past SAT scores (past 6)...

    If there is anyway to get an SAT score "erased" or not send a specific SAT I test, can someone please tell me...

    I also got a 34 on the ACT, but the SAT was not so hot...i now regret taking the SAT in the first place and hope there is a way to not send those scores...

    again thanks for any input on this situation
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  • DrukasDrukas 4 replies0 threads New Member
    I think that many of the colleges don't requiere either the SAT or the ACT. For example I applied to American University in Washingotn D.C. Laste year they rquiered an SAT score, today they look at transcripts, common applications, and most importante essays. It's great since I got 1500 in my SAT and was really disapointed beacuse i studied. For those colleges who ask for the SAT I suggest mock tests and time managment. ACT is much easier but requieres much practice. Transcripts are really important, so thtas why you have to check really well the requirments of each universities. It also de[ends on what you are going to study.
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