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Retake SAT as Senior

GuitarRckrGuitarRckr 185 replies33 threads Junior Member
Hey everyone; I know, this is probably going to be another one of those "stop whining" threads, but I thought it doesn't hurt to ask.

I am currently a junior and took the Nov SAT and the March SAT. My scores right now are

Nov SAT: M - 720, CR - 760, W - 800
March SAT: m - 770, CR - 710, W - 740

I was slightly disappointed that my overall score dropped the second time taking the test, since I usually score 750 - 800 for CR. Also, I am truly dependent on scholarship money to go to schools, and I feel a really high SAT will help. I don't want to take the test again in May since it's in the middle of APs, but should I take it again in October of next school year? Do people really notice a substantially higher score, and is it important to score highly on one sitting even though they "super-score" I'm just worried a decreased score the 2nd time around is hurting me and that I can score higher.

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Replies to: Retake SAT as Senior

  • darnfancylettucedarnfancylettuce 118 replies14 threads Junior Member
    2330? You're crazy if you feel like you have to retake it =x.
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  • interelations09interelations09 357 replies17 threads. Member
    Your superscore is an 800,760,770.

    You are ok. Breathe. Thats a great score.
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  • GuitarRckrGuitarRckr 185 replies33 threads Junior Member
    So, as long as the superscore is good, it doesn't matter what the individual tests really were? I am aiming for a program like Emory Scholars, and I know often that SAT scores play a huge role in that part of the application vs. just normal acceptance.

    I'm sorry, I'm just paranoid; I go to a magnet school, and kids that are finding out acceptances to colleges worry me. A lot of really smart people (perfect (or near) GPA, SAT, fantastic extra curriculars) are still aren't making it in to the top schools. And it's worse for the students applying next year since we're the biggest lot yet.

    Yay 2009? :-/
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