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<<<<< I need your help guys>>>>>>>>

BulgaaBulgaa 12 replies4 threads New Member
I am planning to give SAT1 in October,SAT2(Math level 1 and 2 ) in November and December( Physics vs Literature vs World History).As an international student, I don't have enough english knowledge like normal American student.So that it is almost impossible for me to give SAT literature with 800 score even to take point over 700.However I did the collegeboard practice test;literature, surprisingly,I only did 3 wrong out of 10 even it was my first time.Also I did World History test,it wasn't as difficult as it seemed before.So I thought that may I could give Literature and World history with high score.But I don't know.Can I take 800 if I start practising for them from July.So I need your opinions guys.>>>>>>>If you can give me any suggestions,I would really appreciate for that.
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  • dfa4everdfa4ever 221 replies3 threads Junior Member
    First off, why are you taking both Math level 1 and 2?
    Also, practice never hurts--with enough practice, you could probably expect to get over 700 on all your tests.

    And by the way, you should say " I am planning to take the ..." and "Can I get 800..."
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  • BulgaaBulgaa 12 replies4 threads New Member
    yes.You are right.

    However I can't decide which subject I should give.I have chosen Math level 1 and 2 , Literature and World history as the subjects that I could give better.However I learned that most colleges in USA now requiring 2 subjects.So it would be useless to give these four.So here is the thing that I can't decide which to give.Why did you ask "why are you taking both Math level 1 and 2?" this? Is it really odd to give both? Or are you talking that I should give just one of them?

    If so, I think I should give Math level2 and World history. What do you think about this?
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  • MaxwellequationsMaxwellequations 708 replies31 threads Member
    Yes it'd be odd to take both MathI and Math II. So choose one of them. People normally suggest II because of a better curve, if you know the stuff from II.
    Math II and WH sound good.
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  • drusbadrusba 9653 replies21 threads Senior Member
    The reason it is pointless to take both math 1 and math 2 is that colleges which require SAT IIs generally require them to be in different subjects and thus having Math 1 and Math 2 means only one of them will count towards total needed.
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  • dfa4everdfa4ever 221 replies3 threads Junior Member
    ^^What they said about Math 1&2. If you know the material, I suggest you take Math 2 because more colleges accept that and the curve is usually a bit better.

    World history sounds good too. You can also take Lit since that's a different subject matter as a backup of sorts.
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  • KajonKajon 4349 replies130 threads Senior Member
    Check the websites of the colleges where you plan to apply. The admissions page should tell you what, if any SAT II's are required. MIT requires one math and one science.
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  • OlzhasOlzhas 226 replies2 threads Junior Member
    You should say "to take the test", not "to give the test".

    I am international and not very fluent in english as well. I took Math1 and U.S. History and did pretty bad at ush, but was accepted to a good college nevertheless. So if you get under 700 score, don't get too worried about it.
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