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SAT MARCH ESSAY TOPIC , what did YOU write about?

aquawarriorraquawarriorr 34 replies6 threads Junior Member
edited March 2011 in SAT Preparation
so my prompt was about entertainment and reality tv shows.

was it just me or was it really hard to somehow use literature and history as examples. T_T
is music during the civil war considered entertainment? yeahhhh the prompt said tv shows but i never really seen a prompt go that specific. so yeahhh i proly did like a double 3 LOL.

how did everyone do?
what were ur examples?
edited March 2011
45 replies
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Replies to: SAT MARCH ESSAY TOPIC , what did YOU write about?

  • mt101101mt101101 61 replies9 threads Junior Member
    i used three pop culture examples but analyzed them in different ways, took up all the lines, and used a lot of varied sentence structure and vocab, so i will at the minimum get a 10

    my examples were: the girls next door, jersey shore, 16 and pregnant

    there simply was no way to use historical examples
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  • r1905r1905 34 replies10 threads Junior Member
    I never thought the Kardashians would play a role in my SAT essay, but I wrote how the Kardashians create the impression that one can be rewarded financially for doing nothing (i.e. can just buy a storefront for whatever new product they feel like), whereas some of the most successful Americans came to this country with nothing and only saw results after years of hard work, like Andrew Carnegie.
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  • Sidthekidc87Sidthekidc87 235 replies62 threads Junior Member
    I used two examples, and linked them to two deeper examples.

    I said the documentary "Merchants of Cool" explained that people idolize the characters seen on reality television shows. I then stated that reality tv shows like Jersey Shore promotes barbaric behavior, like excessive drinking, partying, dangerous stunts, and fighting. I also stated that people are becoming more inclined to tune into reality shows like American Idol than they are the news, and that it is no coincident that the country with the most reality television shows is the country that has suffered in the department of education in the past several years. While I dont remember any exact sentences, I remember saying something about how while millions of Americans vote for the American Idol winner each year, 1/5 of Americans can't locate North America on a map (proven by a 2008 poll)
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  • ryckot2012ryckot2012 51 replies10 threads Junior Member
    subtopic 1: the scarlet letter - how hawthorne set it up to try to seem very realistic with the intro and all of the details in order to really appeal to the reader and get his moral through (wow, i had to ******** that haha, i mean information-wise it's accurate but it barely made any sense)

    subtopic 2: american idol - how it shows that anyone can be stars and how it inspires people to pursue their dreams and believe in themselves

    subtopic 3: slumdog millionaire - kind of a mixture of my first 2 subtopics, how Danny Boyle made it seem very realistic by all of the scenery, people, etc. and how it makes people believe that anything is possible

    i used some good vocab and filled both pages completely. do you think that i can get at least a 10?
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  • samcorpsamcorp - 22 replies4 threads New Member
    talked about those nanny shows and how the nanny's demonstrate how to control children in the household. it will help the audience, who are probably parents or upcoming parents, learn to deal with recklessness etc. also talked about the great race (found out today it was called the amazing race) and how that emphasized teamwork and life skills. finally talked about american idol, my worst example by far, and how it can bring people of different ethnicities and crap together... yeah i don't want to talk about the american idol example. lol
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  • FutureVpFinanceFutureVpFinance 1597 replies74 threads Senior Member
    I talked about how reality TV gives a distorted reality and hides things from the viewer. My two examples were Jersey Shore and Biggest Loser. THe Jersey shore one is easy to figure out, but Biggest Loser I talked about how viewers are often in awe of the 100 lb in 8 wks guy and they go on thier own worlout plan without relaizing that they should tstart off excercising in moderation and then pick up the pace as time goes on. FAilure to do this has led to many injuries. I think it was a 5 (10) essay.
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  • ninjacatninjacat - 113 replies5 threads Junior Member
    I used Whitman's "Song of Myself", Eliott's "Lovesong of J Alfred Prufrock", and the dichotomy of the 1950's to argue that idealizing another's life is bad for society.
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  • kk0494kk0494 88 replies5 threads Junior Member
    I wrote about how reality tv is bad for viewers because it promotes unhealthy behaviors, like drinking and partying in Jersey Shore, teen pregnancy in 16 & Pregnant, and too-fast weight loss in The Biggest Loser.
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  • almost therealmost there 1357 replies60 threads Senior Member
    I love how you wrote your SAT essay about a show chronicling the lives of pornstars. This was definitely the best essay prompt. I feel bad for the people that got the photography one though
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  • ElementiElementi 96 replies2 threads Junior Member
    I wrote about the efforts of Dorothea Lange during the Great Depression. It made the prompt seem really easy.
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  • Deka19Deka19 58 replies9 threads Junior Member
    Shout out to whoever got the Photography prompt. I never expected a question like that. I spent one minute looking at it thinking how the hell I was going to incorporate my examples into this...my examples were honestly BS and I filled up about a page and 1/3. Hoping I at least get a 6/7 :(
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  • connieshiconnieshi 83 replies6 threads Junior Member
    i wrote about the "mexican war" and how the the use of yellow journalism more or less created public outrage and caused the US to go to war --> the de lome's letter and the sinking of the maine

    but it wasn't until after the SATs did i realize that it wasn't called the "mexican war", it was called the "spanish-american war"

    i am ****ed.
    i didn't want to write about something as frivolous as jersey shore.
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  • camillelmcamillelm 8 replies3 threads New Member
    I wrote about Jersey Shore, Jackass and The Real Housewives. :D
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  • littlepenguinlittlepenguin 667 replies29 threads Member
    Jacob Riis
    Over the summer, I read an article about his progressivist photography and how it was more accurate and more convincing than journalism at the time, but still wasn't entirely objective.

    Now, you would think I received the photography prompt, but I actually had the reality shows prompt.

    I tried to relate Riis's case to the objectivity of reality shows - it simply isn't possible. And I said ultimately people who trusted in reality shows would have a distorted perception of the world.

    It was terribly organized, never directly answered the "Is it harmful or beneficial question?", and I don't remember writing a clear thesis. Timesqueezed. Not even 1.5 pages. Hello 8 :[
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  • ParhaitiyParhaitiy 251 replies4 threads Junior Member
    LoL, factual information isn't judged, so don't worry if you said false things. They won't discredit you.

    Topic 1: Death of a Salesman
    Topic 2: Catcher in the Rye
    Topic 3: Survivor..
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  • MelonsMelons 42 replies3 threads Junior Member
    I referenced biggest loser and said my dad was fat......
    when he really wasnt. lol
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  • buffalowizardbuffalowizard 330 replies7 threads Member
    I used a single example (bullfighting as a form of reality entertainment), speaking at length about an ill-fated matador, Gaston Caperton (look him up), and the grief that descended upon Seville after a raging bull fatally pierced the beloved matador's abdomen.
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  • lizn94lizn94 45 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Photography promt...it was terrible everyone at the high school I took it at walked out and went *** we all NOTHING to write about. I ended up doing world war I propaganda and Ansel Adams. I only filled like 3/4 and was so rushed at the end to finish. :/
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  • choppergunnerchoppergunner 23 replies9 threads New Member
    Death of a salesman: Willy Loman's hallucinations=reality TV. It was a stretch but I couldn't think of anything at all

    Achievement theory (AP Psychology theory): watching people like the kardashians give people false perceptions of reality and gives them goals that they can't achieve which makes them lose feelings of self worth which leads to low self esteem which leads to depression and finally suicide. (again, a stretch)

    Jersey Shore: people use the word "skep" and fist pump. show's that reality TV shows influence people and can lead to bad lifestyles.

    I honestly have no idea what I'll get on this. I got a 10 first try in January and I thought I would definitely get a 12 this time but I wasn't anticipating a prompt like this at all.
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  • hannahbanana94hannahbanana94 375 replies35 threads Member
    COULD SOMEBODY TELL ME IF THIS IS OK. I filled up both pages in tiny handwriting with this: (tv prompt)

    1: 1984-MiniTru has people watch shows that shape the people's worldview. They disregard truth for this false reality.
    2. 1930's Germany-said that Gernmans showed tv shows/movies of Jews eating babies, etc. This fueled the genocide, the influence was harmful
    3. Brave New World- the feelies, or movies they watch,society/gov uses them to maintain the caste system.

    I didn't use any modern day examples...I'm scared.
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