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summer SAT prep-for beginner

warlands719warlands719 484 replies15 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 499 Member
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I was wondering if anyone knows any good SAT programs to take during the summer, because my parents are encouraging me to take it. I'm going to be a Junior, and time if flying, so I need to know what to do.

I bought a pr book but I haven't read it much lol...and my vocab is isn't that great.
If someone could help me on how to start, like should I buy a lot of books and just read and practice or should I pay for an SAT program and do it during the summer?

By the way, looking at all these threads I assume everyone here is a genius, and I wanna be like you guys xD so please give me some tips.

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  • luckyMaryluckyMary 50 replies22 discussionsUser Awaiting Email Confirmation Posts: 72 Junior Member
    Well I'm studying this summer too and I'll also be a junior next year. Anyway I recommend getting the PR book, and for vocabulary go through PR's hi parade which is in their book. Also get the blue college board book and go through that as well and get the PR 11 test book and do all the test. Make a schedule so you aren't all over the place with studying.

    And look at some on the methods posted on CC because some are really good.. Good luck studying :)
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  • ENZ011ENZ011 14 replies0 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 14 New Member
    get an sat blue book(official study guide). If you are a just at least a little above average at math and reading, I'm sure you don't need a course. Just review the basic math strategies, practice, practice, and practice the reading, learn the writing rules and you'll be straight. Just my opinion. Hope this helps and good luck man!
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  • warlands719warlands719 484 replies15 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 499 Member
    well, I guess I just have to buy a lot of books, not sure how im going to read all that haha...also, for the vocab, is the pr flashcards good? Or is the direct hits better?
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