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Practice in CR Books?

warlands719warlands719 484 replies15 threads Member
edited July 2011 in SAT Preparation
I know this question has been asked many times, but what is the best prep book for Critical Reading? I get A LOT wrong in practice tests, although I have been reading more recently (like newspapers, etc.)

I don't know, when I see another long passage, I'm just like "OMG! @&@%#$#$"

Is there any good prep book that can help?
Thx in advance
edited July 2011
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Replies to: Practice in CR Books?

  • nothingtonothingto 1252 replies95 threads Senior Member
    I think RocketReview is bull.

    I do not see how you can "study" reading passages... It takes a long hard time and dedication to reading to really get a good score.
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  • rutgershopefulrutgershopeful 145 replies28 threads Junior Member
    Ive saw an improvemet in scores by taking a bunch of practice tests-any that i could get my hands on, regardless of company. I then review all my incorrect ones and also the ones i got correct by guessing and making sure i completely understand my mistake. Actively engaging in the text helps. Just skimthe questions before reading and mark on the passage all the ones with the line numbers. Also, write down the main idea & authors tone & pay close attention to the marked lines before starting to answer the questions. And read the blurbs beforehand!
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  • DorkyelmoDorkyelmo 1476 replies294 threads Senior Member
    Everytime I see a long two-passage one, I practically faint. o_o''
    But I suggest taking practice test. THey raised my school of 450s (last month) to a 690s (sometime even low 700s)
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  • warlands719warlands719 484 replies15 threads Member
    Ok thanks guys

    Also do you recommend to answer questions AS you read or just read the whole thing first?
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