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Prep Book for math?

warlands719warlands719 484 replies15 threads Member
edited July 2011 in SAT Preparation
Hey guys,

So I have been recently been taking some practice SATs and I found out I am weak in math. I mean low 600s. Is there any book that is good to help me out? I mean , I know the basic stuff (I'm not stupid) just the medium to hard problems.

Thanks in advance.
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Replies to: Prep Book for math?

  • DusterbugDusterbug - 336 replies55 threads Member
    Good God there are far, far too many of these exact threads. Literally, you could check the posts of like the last 2 days and found 6 threads asking this exact thing.

    Anywho, the general consensus is that Gruber's and Dr. Chung are the best math prep books.
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  • warlands719warlands719 484 replies15 threads Member
    Alright sorry about that. There's just a lot of mixed answers and I don't known which to take. My bad
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  • keneezy786keneezy786 38 replies1 threads Junior Member
    I found Sparknotes' SAT Geometry to helpful. Short and sweet.
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  • keneezy786keneezy786 38 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Actually, there's an whole Sparknotes SAT Math series. I only used the Geometry one because that's where I had trouble.
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  • StudiousMaximusStudiousMaximus 3015 replies43 threads Senior Member
    Gruber's is best for those scoring <650, so it's probably best for you. Dr. Chung's (which I own) is quite advanced, and you should have a good understanding of SAT math before using it (>650).
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  • herozero1234herozero1234 593 replies31 threads Member
    Exactly what everyone else said above my friend, I score in the high 500s in math, so i got Gruber's and its quite neat. It shows you many different ways to solve many different types of problems on the SAT. Well worth the buy, and it was only $10-12 bucks on Amazon!
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  • DorkyelmoDorkyelmo 1476 replies294 threads Senior Member
    I actually am using kaplan even though i score higher than 650..

    Just because Dr.Chung is expensive and grubers is too easy.
    Raised my score about 50 points...
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