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Hard questions for 2000s and up

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First Question

1/(1)(2) , 1/(2)(3) , 1/(3)(4)

The first three terms of a sequence are given. The nth term of the sequence is 1/(n)(n+1).

Which is equal to 1/(n)-(n-1). What is the sum of the first 50 terms of this sequence?

a) 1

b) 50/51

c) 49/50

d) 24/50

e) 1/(50)(51)

Second Question

Y=-2(x-2)^2 +3

In the xy-plane, line L passes through the point (4,-5) and the vertex of the parabola

with the equation above. What is the slope of line L ?

A) -4

b) -1/4

c) 0

d) 1/4

e) 4

Please I need the answers with persuasive explanation
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