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SAT Books? Do not start new threads. Post HERE!

JokersLotusJokersLotus 27 replies33 threads Junior Member
edited January 2014 in SAT Preparation
I've been looking at book recommendations lately on CC and I've noticed the best books for SAT Math improvement are Gruber's Complete Guide and Dr. Chung's Math guide. Dr. Chung's is a bit pricey, but Gruber's seem affordable. Can anyone relate or give me their review of these books? Which one should I get?
edited January 2014
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Replies to: SAT Books? Do not start new threads. Post HERE!

  • nothingtonothingto 1252 replies95 threads Senior Member
    There's a thread in the same page (If that is what you are talking about) relating to the same topic. These threads are never endless.

    Search Results:
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  • herozero1234herozero1234 593 replies31 threads Member
    I got Gruber's since my Math score was in the high 500s, and not in the 600s. Many people say if you want to go from a low (500 range score) to a higher score, 650> go with Grubers, but they say if youre already in the middle 650s and want to higher than get Chungs.
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  • warlands719warlands719 484 replies15 threads Member

    So by using the Gruber's did you improve at all?
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  • thnkprnctnthnkprnctn 165 replies67 threads Junior Member
    Moderator's note: Because of the explosion of similar threads, we have decided to consolidate the latest threads about SAT books. In the future, new threads that posted and ignore the previous discussions will be merged or deleted.
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  • aspire03aspire03 28 replies10 threads Junior Member
    If you have a year to prepare which vocab book would be good? I want to learn as much as I can.

    I like reading a lot so I wouldn't mind if you guys can also give me a list of books worth reading before the SAT (remember I only have a year).

    Also whch dictionary would you guys suggest (thesaurus included)

    I know those are a lot of questions but please help!

    Thank you in advance :)
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  • aspire03aspire03 28 replies10 threads Junior Member
    @dark knight: I am not allowed to send private messages unless I have about 18 posts so Thanks a lot for your help and one more question, since I have 1 whole year and I have to score above 2200 shall I go throgh the bible trilgy?
    Hope you see this :)
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  • BayarMBayarM 13 replies3 threads New Member
    I took my SAT in may and scored 1400.I used Mc Graw hills book but it seems that it did not really help;However,I also did two tests in the Blue book but I could not finish all.
    I am currently looking for SAT prep books that will help me reach +2100 for my Oct SAT.I really need help please.Can you list the books that i should buy?
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  • Joann96Joann96 36 replies1 threads Junior Member
    The Official SAT Study Guide, aka "The Blue Book" you can purchase on collegeboard.org
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  • cheerioswithmilkcheerioswithmilk 921 replies27 threads Member

    If you scroll down enough there's a section that addresses this.
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  • 55al00m55al00m 403 replies29 threads Member
    Grubers for math
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  • lfuchslfuchs 5 replies0 threads New Member
    yo check out revolution prep's books. They help out a ton. boosted my score 120 points. matter fact give em a call. they really work with you and you may even consider taking a course with them. they have a listed price but they work with you to make sure money isnt an obstacle from taking their classes
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  • xiggixiggi 24571 replies872 threads Senior Member
    This is one of the perennial questions on this forum, and a questions that invariably triggers a slew of responses ranging from the mildly educated to the absolute silly repetition of what somebody "suggested" before on this forum.

    The best way remains to try the books out and see how they appeal to you as far as strategies. The books should, however, not be used for the included tests, as they are mostly garbage.

    Also stay clear from "prep" books that contain "harder than the SAT" sections, and are written in poor English. There is ZERO value in wasting time on such books. One of the worst examples is the junk proposed by Dr. Chung. If wasting time, money, and efforts is your cup of tea, you might as well use GRE or GMAT books. The difference is that they won't include the annoying typos of the drivel of Chung's Junk.
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  • lfuchslfuchs 5 replies0 threads New Member
    with all due respect I dont think you are in any position to determine who's posts are silly and who's are not. in now way is your opinion more valid than others on this forum. its a discussion and in this case an individual is seeking advice and that entire first paragraph of your post is entirely useless.
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  • xiggixiggi 24571 replies872 threads Senior Member
    Yep, you are so right. Thank you for illustrating so eloquently how silly a post can be.

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  • vinceyoung10vinceyoung10 51 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Brightstorm Videos for Math Concepts
    Blue Book for Math/Grammar Practice
    Essential 500 for Vocab
    I studied AP English 11 CliffsNotes concurrently (for school) and found that it helped my CR.
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  • Crystal31Crystal31 327 replies12 threads Member
    Just do the blue book.. and do heaps of practice tests and give in your best... I am sure things would work for you..
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  • dn4144dn4144 88 replies36 threads Junior Member
    Ok so I'm starting to do my SAT Prep this summer and I already have a few books including the Blue CollegeBoard Book, direct hits, and a grammar book. I'm just curious as to what other books you guys are using and if there are any I should order?
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  • WorkOverTalentWorkOverTalent - 43 replies18 threads Junior Member
    The Blue Book is a must! It's about 20 dollars, and it has 10 COLLEGE BOARD issued SAT tests that you can use as practice material.
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  • ClassOf2015HSClassOf2015HS 2051 replies9 threads Senior Member
    Direct hits is recommended for vocabulary.
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