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Zero on SAT Essay

dsfjlciodsfljkdsfjlciodsfljk 47 replies5 threads Junior Member
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In June, I took the SAT. I was registered for the SAT w/ the essay. However, I felt I was not comfortable with taking the essay on the particular day as I felt underprepared. Therefore, I spoke to the proctors prior to entering the testing room. I asked to change my registeration to remove the essay portion. The woman told me I could, and told me that I still needed to enter the testing room for SAT WITH ESSAY, and I could leave the room after the multiple choice section. Taking the SAT for the first time as a sophomore, I did as she instructed. Before leaving the test room after handing in my answer sheet, I doubled checked with her to make sure my essay registeration would be removed.

However, I checked my SAT score this morning to find that my registeration had not been changed. My score is shown for the SAT W/ THE ESSAY. There is an essay score of ZERO acccompanied by scans of blank paper where an essay would have been.

Immediately, I called customer service at CollegeBoard. They told me the proctor had made a mistake. She should've given me the SAT WITHOUT ESSAY test and answer sheet when I told her I wanted to change my registeration. I asked what resolutions were available to me. The customer service representative told me that she would escalate my case to a specialist who would contact me again in 5-7 business days.

I am prepared to wait, but I can't help but worry. I have heard many horror stories with opening cases with CollegeBoard, and I am afraid I will have a zero recorded for an essay section that I clearly requested to not take.

Do I realistically have any chances of having the zero removed from my score? Please provide feedback. Does anyone have any similar experiences? I really need all the help and feedback I can get. Please help a distressed student out.
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Replies to: Zero on SAT Essay

  • catcatthelyniecatcatthelynie 1 replies0 threads New Member
    Hi there, sorry for the late reply. I am in the same situation as you was. I feel I am underprepared for the SAT with essay but I am late to cancel the registration online, so the only option is to talk to the supervisor on the test day. Reading your story make me feel so panic, how is your score going after that? Can you have any update? And if so, should I follow your path? Please reply me TT
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  • Bbates75Bbates75 16 replies0 threads Junior Member
    @catcatthelynie My daughter opted out of the essay and the collage board gave her a 0. Her and I both called multiple times but they would not budge. I finally had to call the HS to see who was proctoring that day and have that person send an email directly to collage board to tell them that my daughter opted out and it was immediate fixed. IF you choose to opt out get the proctors contact info and have them sign something to avoid this.
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  • TheSATTeacherTheSATTeacher 236 replies0 threads Junior Member
    I wouldn't worry too much. You can always write a note about it on your app. It's not like you took it and did badly. If I am an admissions officer and I see this, I don't think, "oh, this kid is a really bad writer". You can also always take the test again with the essay, and then colleges will see your superscore.
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  • dsfjlciodsfljkdsfjlciodsfljk 47 replies5 threads Junior Member
    Sorry, this is a super late reply! @catcatthelynie Even after having my case escalated according to College Board's customer service, I still could not get a proper reply. Long story short- after a grueling, month long battle with College Board, they finally fixed my score. When I log into my college board account, it displays my SAT score with a little mark that say "Essay score removed". The zero is no longer shown! But honestly, this whole incident made me even more frustrated with College Board, welp. :/
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