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Are there no fees for changing SAT Dates?

ocean3144ocean3144 1 replies1 threads New Member

I am a student who had first registered for the September SAT, but changed to August SAT. I thought that I had to pay a fee of $28 for changing, but when I changed my test date, it told me that the fee for changing was $0.00.

I was wondering if this was because of the COVID-19 situation or if there was a $28 change fee I had to pay Collegeboard?

I’m just really worried that something has gone wrong and when I turn up for the August SAT, I wouldn’t be allowed to sit the test because I haven’t paid the change fee.

If there is anyone else who has changed dates or test centres during this time, I was wondering if the change of date fee has been waived by the Collegeboard for everyone?
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Replies to: Are there no fees for changing SAT Dates?

  • Groundwork2022Groundwork2022 3700 replies89 threads Senior Member
    No, I don't believe there is a fee to change. There might be after a certain date, but it would appear you are far enough out that you weren't charged. You're safe.

    When you changed, it gave you a new admission ticket to print out, no?
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  • ocean3144ocean3144 1 replies1 threads New Member
    Thank you! Yes, I received a new admission ticket. Hmm maybe it’s because I changed it 5 minutes after registering for the original September SAT?
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  • RichInPittRichInPitt 2763 replies47 threads Senior Member
    No, I don't believe there is a fee to change.


    “ Change fee
    For changing your test center or test date or changing between the SAT and SAT Subject Tests or vice versa.

    Perhaps a waiver based on the current situation, or your date change was before their computers finalized the registration.

    I’d contact them just to be sure. If there’s a problem, it’s better to know now. Either way, the uncertainty will be eliminated.
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  • chanthorchanthor 11 replies1 threads New Member
    According to the College Board website they are not charging change fees as long as it's done by a certain date. Make sure your new ticket reflects the new test date.
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  • jisoobellakim333jisoobellakim333 1 replies0 threads New Member
    I was originally registered for the August SAT, but there was a conflict, so I want to switch to a later date. I see that the site is not charging a change fee. However, when I actually choose a different test date and click the confirm button at the end, it says that there may be a change fee if I later choose to change my registration AGAIN after clicking confirm. I’m not sure if I should click confirm yet because I’m still not sure if I will end up having to change my test date a second or third time. Since you already switched your test date, would you please check to see if it gives you a charge fee if you try to change your test date a second time? (You don’t have to click confirm, but I would really appreciate it if you could let me know if it would hypothetically charge you a fee). Thank you!
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  • Groundwork2022Groundwork2022 3700 replies89 threads Senior Member
    Earlier today I called the school where DD's SAT was supposed to take place. They cancelled the test, but College Board has yet to acknowledge the cancellation on their web site (the lady at the school seemed very frustrated by this). SAT simply wouldn't let me change for some reason, not the test site nor the date. So I bought a new ticket for the next date. I am hoping College Board refunds my initial fee. If not, I suppose DD will take the test a second time in November or December.
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