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Common SAT idioms

scorpio08scorpio08 458 replies319 threadsRegistered User Member
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What are some of the common idioms that appear on the identifying errors portion of the SAT writing section? Like one example is "protest against".
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  • sars284sars284 352 replies101 threadsRegistered User Member
    wait so, "protest against" is incorrect right? IT should just be "protest....(whatever is being protested). right?
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  • cory123cory123 1690 replies135 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    does anyone have a good thorough list? I can't find any good ones on google
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  • qswerier43qswerier43 3768 replies36 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    There's a diction list in CC, just search in CC, hopefully u'll find it!
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  • scorpio08scorpio08 458 replies319 threadsRegistered User Member
    ( in reply to SARS284) well, they had this question on the practice collegeboard SAT writing test. And you had to identify the error in the sentence:

    Originally a protest on conventional painting, the Pre-Raphaelite movement exerted great influence on the art of its time. No errorE

    the error is "protest on", it should be " protest against".
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  • scorpio08scorpio08 458 replies319 threadsRegistered User Member
    found this in another thread.

    1. Support for Franklin Delano Roosevelt
    2. Compared to other girls
    3. Protests against underage drinking
    4. Comply with the federal law
    5. Enthusiasm for Hilary Clinton
    6. Listening to "Lips of an Angel"
    7. Something of an enigma
    8. Preoccupation with the history of Franks
    9. Attributed to the technical work
    10. Regard as BEST album of the year
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  • scorpio08scorpio08 458 replies319 threadsRegistered User Member
    Found this list on sparknotes. Hope this proves helpful to all. ( I love how i answer my own thread :) )

    I agreed to eat the rotten broccoli.
    I apologized for losing the hamsters in the heating vent.
    She applied for another credit card.
    My mother pretends to approve of my boyfriend.
    She argued with the bouncer.
    I arrived at work at noon.
    You believe in ghosts.
    I can?t be blamed for your problems.
    Do you care about me and my problems?
    He?s in charge of grocery shopping.
    Nothing compares to you.
    What is there to complain about?
    He can always count on his mommy.
    Ice cream consists of milk, fat, and sugar.
    I depend on no one.
    That?s where cats differ from dogs.
    It?s terrible to discriminate against chimpanzees.
    I have a plan to escape from high school.
    There?s no excuse for your awful behavior.
    You can?t hide from your past.
    It was all he?d hoped for.
    I must insist upon it.
    It?s impossible to object to her intelligent arguments.
    I refuse to participate in this discussion.
    Pray for me.
    Protect me from evil.
    Provide me with plenty of food, shelter, and Skittles.
    She stayed home to recover from the flu.
    I rely on myself.
    She stared at his ridiculous haircut.
    He subscribes to several trashy magazines.
    I succeeded in seducing him.
    Wait for me!
    Work with me, people!
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  • Little_DuckLittle_Duck 785 replies197 threadsRegistered User Member
    I see "preoccupied ___" a lot.

    It should be "preoccupied WITH" if I'm correct.
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  • spiffystarsspiffystars 1034 replies45 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    great list, thanks!
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  • one_sad_koreanone_sad_korean 128 replies14 threads- Junior Member
    no preposition follows the word "protest" for your information lol...
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  • CR7_ManUtdCR7_ManUtd 880 replies96 threads- Member
    protest2 verb

    pro‧test2 /pr
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  • risuburisubu 1417 replies164 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    bumping this and posting a link for ~100 terms. As Quizlet says, "Happy Studying!"
    Common SAT Idioms flashcards | Quizlet
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  • DreamChaser2013DreamChaser2013 175 replies15 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    I was told that there are thousands of idioms and that College Board never picks the same twice and therefore it's not worth looking into. If I'm shooting for an 800 in this section, is that true?
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  • ARobinsARobins 150 replies12 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    The group comprises of members from the NRA and the NRC.
    THe group comprises members from the NRA and the NRC.

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  • jimmypodjimmypod 292 replies11 threads- Member

    I'm sure that ...is comprised of... is grammatically correct. Something about ...comprises of... just sounds totally wrong.

    I still doubt that the SATs would ever test you on that stuff.
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  • JefferyJungJefferyJung 974 replies24 threadsRegistered User Member
    "comprised of" is not correct. That is a common mistake. "composed of" or "comprises" is correct.

    However, I will add that, since that is a common mistake made by so many people, the phrase "comprised of" is beginning to be acceptable.
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  • jimmypodjimmypod 292 replies11 threads- Member
    How do you use "to comprise" in the past tense? I can't really imagine it (I guess due to my untrained ear)

    The corporation comprised three galaxies and five planets?
    The corporation comprises three galaxies and five planets?

    Would both of these be correct? I think I may have answered my own question while making up a sentence.
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  • ARobinsARobins 150 replies12 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    IF the corporation does not exist anymore, 1 is correct.

    If it does, 2 is correct.
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  • FireLionFireLion 462 replies96 threadsRegistered User Member
    shouldn't it be composed of three.... or comprises three....?
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  • ellahokiellahoki 20 replies0 threadsRegistered User New Member

    thanks for the link
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  • seasickseasick 6 replies0 threadsRegistered User New Member
    No way would you ever be tested on "comprise" or most of the other fussy points in grammar books. Those books don't even agree with each other about what's right. If they tried to test you on it, all the students who learned their rules from the wrong book would complain.
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