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Biggest Improvment Sat Stories


Replies to: Biggest Improvment Sat Stories

  • 714nD1714nD1 747 replies68 threads Member
    Well the strategies suck, I wouldn't call them strategies, but the tests are very similar to what'll come up on test day.
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  • Roro_2000Roro_2000 12 replies10 threads New Member
    what is that blue book is it the official sat i only got 1650 ineed help please !!!
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  • Roro_2000Roro_2000 12 replies10 threads New Member
    i neeed help i only got 1650
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  • Rister_ChutophsRister_Chutophs 1321 replies52 threads Senior Member
    It's the book "The Official SAT Study Guide" which contains 8 practice tests.

    But, frankly, the book without the Online Course is in my opinion worthless for it doesn't provide explanations. But with the Online Course it's an unbeatable way of test prepp.
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  • 714nD1714nD1 747 replies68 threads Member
    You could use the Blue Book and the Maximum SAT book which provides detailed explanations for the BB tests.
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  • ilovebusinessilovebusiness 184 replies79 threads- Junior Member
    keep them going now that everyone got their sat score
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  • inconnuinconnu 510 replies68 threads Member
    PSAT Sophomore year: 180
    PSAT Junior year: 186
    SAT Dec. Junior year: 1910
    SAT June Junior year: 2160

    Uhm...I slept more before my June test. I did 2 practice tests the week before, and that's about it. I honestly regret not spending more time. October is my last chance. I will be religiously studying out of the Blue Book, McGraw-Hill for writing, Gruber's for some math, Kaplan 2400 for writing. I also plan on finishing the Barron's CR Workbook. I don't have any SAT tutors nor do I attend a prep class. Self-studying = yay.

    Oh, I agree with the remark above: Blue Book without the Online Course is useless.
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  • bts7390bts7390 462 replies26 threads Member
    PSAT freshman year: 198 --> PSAT sophmore year: 224 (227 junior year, but only a 2200 SAT :( Hoping for 2300+ this October)

    I didn't do any prep for these tests. I just think the math I learned in school freshman year really helped. I also had an English teacher who was really picky about grammar, which helped my writing score.
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  • DemonDeacons21DemonDeacons21 32 replies6 threads New Member
    Is it possible to go from a 1490 to a 1950? If so, what should I use/get/do?
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  • stroebsp37stroebsp37 70 replies20 threads Junior Member
    January SAT: 2190
    June SAT: 2400

    This was with no preparation for January. I then did the online course and Blue Book in between the two tests, but only three of the practice tests.
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  • cory123cory123 1690 replies135 threads Senior Member
    pretty random, went from 2190 to 2310 with no studying at all...guess i got lucky
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  • inthezoneinthezone 110 replies13 threads Junior Member
    Junior PSAT: 214 -- M: 73, CR: 75, W: 66

    Junior SAT (June 07): 2330 -- M: 760, CR: 770, W: 800
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  • wushuiwushui 19 replies14 threads Junior Member
    Your guy's success story gives me hope in my goal to raise my score from a 1790 to 2000+.
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  • sm11soccersm11soccer 1 replies1 threads New Member
    Junior PSAT - CR: 54 M: 56 W: 48, 158
    Junior SAT - CR: 670 M: 690 W: 660, 2020
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  • QuesceQuesce 708 replies62 threads Member
    PSAT: 194 [V: 62, M: 66, CR: 66]
    SAT: 2170 [W: 710 (68,11), M: 710, CR: 750]

    Not as big a leap as some others I've seen on this forum, but to me it was pretty good an improvement, 230 points.
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  • satpunkdsatpunkd 82 replies1 threads Junior Member
    PSAT sophomore: 198
    PSAT junior: 208
    SAT: 2130

    Not that much of an increase, but it's still there... I think just getting "older" will do you well score-wise, especially for CR, since you're exposed to more vocabulary and literature throughout your high school careers.
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  • dank08dank08 1716 replies52 threads Senior Member
    Hopefully I can make be able to post in this thread with a huge increase in the future.
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  • pgtoripgtori 339 replies23 threads Member
    This is what I have.

    SAT-8th grade*last version of old test* 1390 [660V & 730M]
    Did a lot of math section practice tests because at that time I obviously
    had no life & thought it was fun. Read books to learn vocab.

    ACT-9th grade 29 [24E, 35R, 29M, 26S]
    No prep what so ever, except knowledge of test format.
    I shudder at the English score.

    Plan-10th grade 27 [25E, 27R, 29M, 28S -Estimated ACT Composite Range 28-32]
    No prep, either. Test mandated for all tenth graders by my Midwest school.

    PSAT-10 grade 198 [74CR/V, 70M, 54W]
    No prep again. Okay so a little peeved at math score since I know I made a stupid mistake.
    I shudder, suffer from a epileptic fit, and collapse at my Writing score. You can obviously see which does not belong.

    I have come to believe this means I have a problem with grammer.My weakest subscore for the actual English section in the ACt in 9th grade was usage & mechanics.

    It ****es me off. Does anyone have any advice for improving my Writing score on PSAT/SAT and my general English ACT score. Since it's going to be my junior year the PSAT is really going to count, and if I could get my writing score up to at least 70 than i could get at least 218. I really want to make National merit semi-finalist. I'm also going to take the new SAT for the first time, so improving on the english area is important.

    Any advice or study tips.
    Not sure if my stats were any help since they don't really have much progress except for Verbal scores. That would be due to acquisition of an even larger vocabulary in 9th grade when I got to independently study vocab in my English class instead of doing it with the class. Oh and reading books.
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  • pgtoripgtori 339 replies23 threads Member
    Wow I can't believe ****. P I S S is considered a curse word.
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  • backfirebackfire 1037 replies118 threads Senior Member
    summer before junior year first practice test = 1700

    june SAT test before senior year = 2090.
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