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Warning: Links or description of sites offering pirated materials; trading tests(QAS)

TrinityTrinity 1411 replies345 postsRegistered User Senior Member
edited June 2009 in SAT Preparation
In the past weeks, we have witnessed a growing number of posts advertising or linking to sites that offer pirated material in violation of copyright laws. One such site is using a name that intimates a connection to College Confidential as it is presented as a CC SAT private site.

Please note that College Confidential condemns the practice of violating copyright laws in the strongest terms. We have no other choice to impose a zero tolerance and prohibit ALL discussions, links, or advertising about sites offering ILLEGAL copies of past tests, books, or SAT courses.

Members who violate the prohibition to discuss such sites in any shape or form will be banned on the spot, and this regardless of their contributions or length of participation at College Confidential.

Moderator Trinity
edited June 2009
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Replies to: Warning: Links or description of sites offering pirated materials; trading tests(QAS)

  • dchow08dchow08 3206 replies61 postsRegistered User Senior Member
    Is it okay to post a link to a website like CollegeBoard or NACAC?
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  • TrinityTrinity 1411 replies345 postsRegistered User Senior Member
    Dchow08, thank you for the question.

    I omitted an important word in the prior warning, namely ILLEGAL.

    We are NOT discouraging discussions or links to legitimate organizations such as College Board or NACAC.
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  • FlibbFlibb 1005 replies39 postsRegistered User Senior Member
    I agree to this warning. Look what they did to a website that did such stuff guys:

    Business Schools Try Palm Scans To Finger Cheats

    Imagine, no CC! Our SAT prep would be doomed!!! :D
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  • gcf101gcf101 2301 replies228 postsRegistered User Senior Member
    From the sticky on the AP Tests Preparation forum:
    Dear College Confidential Members,
    I would like to remind you that the sharing and/or selling of copyrighted materials is not allowed on our site; this includes the swapping of official AP test materials. Even if you paid for these materials yourself, you are in violation of copyright law when you copy and distribute these tests.[...]
    This policy also covers official PSAT, SAT, and ACT tests, as well as practice tests from online courses and access to those courses.
    Members who request or offer anything from the above list are violating College Confidential Terms of Service and will be penalized, up to and including permanent banishment from College Confidential.

    Moderator gcf101
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  • em190em190 68 replies15 postsRegistered User Junior Member
    Just to remind you, if a CollegeBoard official detects a violation of test questions, the test will be cancelled immediately.
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  • spratleyjspratleyj 518 replies64 postsRegistered User Member
    How do people "go over" test questions then? For instance I have heard of many people that "went over" the SAT II Math II questions (with other students), and then found they had such, and such wrong, and had such and such score - is that illegal?
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  • python38python38 1096 replies208 postsRegistered User Senior Member
    Does this include the essay prompts? I'm using the Official Sat Study Guide (which contains several of the aforementioned prompts), and I'd like to ask people here to grade my essay, but in order to do that I have to give them the prompts as well as the essay. Is that not allowed?
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  • Programmer1324Programmer1324 527 replies46 posts- Member
    The SAT Operating System (****) is copyrighted software. Any links to or distribution of links to the SAT Operating System is explicitly illegal. The software will be released in July. Thank you.

    And no links to promotional sites or direct advertising for this program will be permitted on College Confidential.
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