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2170 for Harvard, Darmouth, Princeton?

neuro_hopefulneuro_hopeful Registered User Posts: 122 Junior Member
edited May 2009 in SAT Preparation
I'm a junior from Canada, and I just got my SAT results. I scored overall 2170.
Cw-660 :(

Is that good enough for top schools like Harvard and Princeton? Im going into sciences, so will my 800 math make up for my poor writing score? I'm just wondering if I should bother rewriting in october or not. I know that 2100+ is usually good enough, but will it make enough of a difference if I coulg get my score up above 2200?

Thanks for any advice!
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Replies to: 2170 for Harvard, Darmouth, Princeton?

  • nikeboy3004nikeboy3004 Registered User Posts: 446 Member
    Haha really similar scores :P
    800 M
    700 W
    650 R
    If you're aiming Harvard and Princeton you might have to bump up your writing (which isn't very hard), but to be honest if your GPA is spectacular then don't bother. Focus on your SAT II's, try for 800's across the board on them, that's what I am trying, because its easier to score 800 on those
  • neuro_hopefulneuro_hopeful Registered User Posts: 122 Junior Member
    Well, thats the thing...My GPA really isnt good. I about 92/100 cumulative (although im doing better this year). I'm still in about top 5% of my class, but still 92 isnt very impressive at all :(

    I do plan on dominating Bio and MathII in two weeks though :) And im doing French w/Listening in November.
  • big dreamerbig dreamer Registered User Posts: 2,920 Senior Member
    If you can get writing 700+ for each section, then that's very beneficial. However, your 800 on math is fantastic, congratulations! If I was in your shoes, I would retake it to get it above 2200, but as mentioned before, beast those SAT IIs! Good Luck to you! :)

    BTW, your GPA isn't that bad, because at my school, a 92 is still an A. Your rank is important, ans you're in the right ramge for those Ivies. If you're taking difficult classes, then it makes sense for grades to go down a bit. Just remember that essays and recs are vital when applying to the top-tier schools!
  • pacers7indpacers7ind Registered User Posts: 181 Junior Member
    My friend received a score of 1800 and she got into Darmouth
  • EsplinEsplin Registered User Posts: 466 Member
    I wish these universities would stop sending me letters to join. They don't guaruntee anything and only get my hopes up and my parents hopes up : (
  • Paved88Paved88 Registered User Posts: 112 Junior Member
    Esplin, i understand completely, i've been getting letters from like brown and georgetown, and i know i can't get in so it's ridiculous that they just send letters to everyone, my parents think i'm smarter than i am
  • dolcevalsedolcevalse Registered User Posts: 495 Member
    i'd definitely recommend you to retake - you want to get at LEAST 700 for all sections, and your writing (known to be the easiest section of the sat) is low. especially since you're an international student, you want to have stellar grades.
  • MillancadMillancad Registered User Posts: 5,941 Senior Member
    I think it could be okay for Dartmouth, but for Harvard and Princeton, I'd retake.
  • wombatsoupwombatsoup Registered User Posts: 1,156 Senior Member
    I would retake it if I were in your situation but you 1510/1600 is already pretty good. Its easy to improve on writing compared to the other sections. Its almost like flipping a switch, once you "get" the section you can go from high 600s to high 700s pretty easily. Thats what happened to me anyway, my writing went up 90 points in a year.
  • dreamsofivydreamsofivy Registered User Posts: 604 Member
    Honestly, it is okay only under a few special circumstances. Obviously you COULD get into these schools with a 2170, as that is a good score, but it isn't going to help you in the admissions process one bit. As wombatsoup said, learn grammar rules and focus on your essay you can really launch your score. I went from a 58 PSAT to a 760 SAT. Overall, I would retake for two reasons:
    1) The Writing really should be above a 700.
    2) Your Math is GREAT and your reading is too, but to schools like HYP Critical Reading seems to be the most important section. Math is great, but if someone is in AP Calculus their junior year, it is assumed that they can do math pretty well and get somewhere in the 700-800 range. Critical reading, however, is not a skill that can be taught. It is just something you have to know intrinsically. Honestly, I would try to bump up both of your sections, which is HIGHLY possible. Just really really focus and practice practice practice!
  • neuro_hopefulneuro_hopeful Registered User Posts: 122 Junior Member
    Okay, well I'm going to wait to see what I did wrong on the writing section. Because on practice tests, writing was my strong section and i scored in the 600s in math (although I improved alot) so I dunno why i did so poorly. Usually I have no trouble with grammar.

    I'm really hoping they made an error with my writing score haha. Because i felt like i did really well on that section, while I thought I did poorly on the reading section because i ended up guessing most of the time. I think i'll rewrite if it seems i could do alot better.

    Thank you for all the advice!
  • thelovepizzathelovepizza Registered User Posts: 80 Junior Member
    honestly, your scores are good enough (my friend swept the ivies with a 2090, but she was thoroughly amazing so ya...) but the overriding impediment you do have is that you are an international. Realize that your chances are reduced just because of this factor (despite claims of being need-blind and other ******** really), so you need to maximize your test scores as much as possible.

    Still, amazing ec activities/accomplishments plus a killer essay will get you in anywhere guaranteed. i'd reccomend to put forth more time in ec's, but it's your perrogative if you do feel the urge to take the SAT one more time.
  • PKWsurf21PKWsurf21 Registered User Posts: 556 Member
    I mean, those scores are fine for getting into those schools. They won't keep you from getting in but they certainly won't help you get in as much as say a 2300, not to say that a 2170 isn't a great score (congrats). I got those same scores except a 710 on writing and I was rejected from all 3 of those schools (710CR, 800M, 710W) but don't be discouraged because I'm pretty sure I didn't get rejected specifically because of my scores. Like everyone else said, some kids get in with lower scores and some get in with higher scores because things like GPA, rank, and EC's are just as, if not more, important than SAT scores. Colleges really do look beyond just the statistics which is good for everyone. Good luck!!
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