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Tell me your score range, and answer few questions, and i ll give u individual help


Replies to: Tell me your score range, and answer few questions, and i ll give u individual help

  • purplepotatopurplepotato Registered User Posts: 223 Junior Member
    1. 2290 on PSAT and SAT, with 780 math, 790 writing, 720 CR on both.
    2. I took the SAT one time.
    3. I didn't use any practice tests.
    4. I'm a sophomore.
    5. I didn't use any books.
    6. I haven't practiced.
    7. 2350-2400.
    8. CR.
    9. Various Ivies and state schools(in NC).
    10. Most likely two times.
  • cornetking222cornetking222 Registered User Posts: 1,002 Senior Member

    Taking 15-20 practice is ridiculous for the intelligent such as yourself. Some people, like Noitaraprep who wrote the famous CR guide, took over 25 practice tests to attain the famous 2400. It's all about who you are and your current situation.
  • crouch88crouch88 . Posts: 348 Member
    Okay, this maybe a little off topic...but I would really appreciate it if someone could review the different non-CB books with practice tests (PR, Kaplan, McGraw-Hill & Barron's). Maybe, OP would have a good reply for this since he is familiar with so many different test-books. The reviews preferably would address the practicality and comparative difficulty of the questions with regards to official tests. Thanks to anyone who replies to this!
  • idkididkidkididk Registered User Posts: 340 Member
    1. March SAT: 2110. 640 CR, 740 M, 730 W
    2. March was my 1st
    3. At least 10.
    4. 11
    5. Princeton, Kaplan, BB editions 1 and 2
    6. December
    7. 2200+ or 2250+
    8. Critical reading. The passages kill me since I wasn't born here :(
    9. Cornell, UCLA, UC Berkeley, John Hopkins
    10. I think May will be my last one, unless I don't break 2200.
  • scionnscionn Registered User Posts: 26 New Member
    1. 2120 (690 Cr, 710 M, 720 W 8e)
    2. Two
    3. Zero
    4. 11
    5. BB (1st ed - no practice tests, read a few pages and did several practice questions)
    6. Haven't really gotten to any real prepping, just a couple of light study sessions the week of so I suppose you could say March 2010
    7. 2220-2250
    8. CR
    9. WUSTL, UCLA, Wake Forest, Brandeis, University of Rochester, and other top publics (OOS for me)
    10. One more attempt, most likely in June (2 months)
  • lebronjameslebronjames - Posts: 567 Member
    @scionn: try kaplans SAT critical reading book. plus take at least 5+ practice tests the month before.
    haha, well, i started learning english in 6th grade. take that, lol. anyways, you are pretty good. try kaplans SAT Critical reading book. their passages help and they also have decent solutions.
    start with bluebook, then you will advance.
    do them in order:
    Now try taking bluebook tests, or official 10 real SATs again. you will see the difference. (how much you advanced=)
    @jersey. well, thanks for the input! i started learning english 4 and a half years ago. i dont know, for native speakers, but SAT needs practice. and look, 30 practice tests arent that many. lets say you do 2 a week? highly achievable in 4 months.
    also kaplan prep guide is a waste of time and money. but, Kaplan practice tests are extremely accurate.
    for writing, buy 411 writing questions for the SAT. otherwise you are in good shape.
    ARGHHH! DONT start with barrons! choose a different prep book and buy kaplans SAT practice tests.
    buy klasstutoring SAT supplement. it gives you answers to bluebook, so that will dramatically help you understand the mindset of the test writers.
    you seem like a korean, (no offense, cause of the name =)
    ditto my comment for candy. for CR sometimes you have to understand the mindset of the testtaker.
    buy grubers SAT prep book. it helps a lot for a math refreshener.
    wow, good job! with no practice? well, try to finish at least the bluebook. that will be fit for you.
    i wholeheartedly agree with you.

    best of luck GUYS!!! (and or GALS!!)
  • crouch88crouch88 . Posts: 348 Member
    do them in order:

    Thanks. By the way, I was wondering...did you list the tests in terms of increasing difficulty?
  • lebronjameslebronjames - Posts: 567 Member
    yes. that way, you will practice, but also learn to expect the order of difficulty.
    actually barrons are not that bad. they are pretty helpful for hard questions
  • idkididkidkididk Registered User Posts: 340 Member
    Thanks for the recommendation. I'll check it out
    and haha nice. I started in 4th grade
  • ollegerolleger Registered User Posts: 1,567 Senior Member
    I'll do this for the lulz.
    1. 2260 (680 Cr, 800 M, 780 W 9e)
    2. Two March did not help the superscore at all. They were all from January
    3. Probably 10?
    4. 11
    5. BB and Princeton. Also have Direct Hits.
    6. Started preping for May last week. Read the first book of DH (the core vocab one) and will start the harder one next week. Will probably review the week before
    7. 2300+ (superscore, so only a 720+ CR and I'm happy!)
    8. CR
    9. Northwestern University ED for me. If rejected, the usual Wash U, UC, UMish, UIUC, HPYSM, UPenn... that sort of thing.
    10. May 1. Better be my last one. Going all out for this. Know any particularly helpful tips for CR? 34 on ACT reading if that puts anything into perspective.
  • WhatsUp12321WhatsUp12321 Registered User Posts: 84 Junior Member
    1. Score Range: 2250-2400
    2. Once
    3. 15
    4. 2290
    5. BB, Princeton Review
    6. Last Summer
    7. 2400
    8. Writing (710 this time around, 8 essay); CR+M = 1580
    9. HYPSM
    10. 2 (between 2 - 6 months, depending on whether i take June or October)
  • everaryeverary Registered User Posts: 708 Junior Member
    1. Score Range: 2000-2300? (2150 on March 2010 SAT: 770M 660CR 720W/8e)
    2. How many times did you take the SAT? 1
    3. How many practice tests did you use? 3-5 excluding PSATs
    4. Your current grade 11th
    5. Which books did you use? Blue Book, prep class (but the prep class didn't help that much)
    6. You have been practicing since...? February 2010, but have also taken 2 PSATs
    7. What is your ideal score range (that seems possible to you) 2200-2400
    8. What is your weakest section? Critical Reading (specifically, passage-based)
    9. Which colleges are you applying to? UCLA, UC Berkeley, Pomona College
    10. Lastly, how many times are you going to take the SAT (indicate how much time you have left for practice) Twice; the 2nd time will be in fall of senior year (so a couple of months left, even though I have SAT IIs and APs to study for). Hopefully I'll hit past that 2200 ceiling and be done with it.

    My scores are ok for my colleges, but I feel A) as if I could've done much better on CR and W, though I'm worried my math score will drop if I retake it; B) Most of my other application data goes against me [scant volunteering, no leadership, no athletics, 3.6 GPA UW], so I need SAT scores as high as I can
  • khyu777khyu777 Registered User Posts: 90 Junior Member
    1. 1950~2120 (1950,1980,2120)
    2. 3 times
    3. not a lot.. i've been focusing on ACT so i havent done a lot of prep for SAT
    4. 11th
    5. Kaplan, BB mainly
    6. i've been studying since the beginning of my sophomore year, but kinda jumped around cuz of ACT
    7. 2200+
    8. CR (620 on all three tests i took)
    9. Ivys mostly...
    10. probably once more in October
  • RAlec114RAlec114 - Posts: 2,644 Senior Member
    While I've never done the kaplan practice tests, I have done Kaplan PSAT tests, which were compelte garbage. For example, they test comma and semicolon usage in the Error ID section.
  • lebronjameslebronjames - Posts: 567 Member
    its the latest edition
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