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Consolidated Answers for 10RS Math Problems

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Can this thread be a place where you can post SAT Math Problems not from the Blue Book, but from the Red/White books or any other prep books? A lot of the links for fill-in questions on Study-Hall are corrupt, and I really need some explanations to some of these problems. My math is horrible! :(

Anyway, I'll start the thread with some problems...

(Third edition, pg. 305 #22)

If 27^15=3^y, what is the value of y?

My friend kind of explained it to me, but I still don't really understand it.

(Third edition, pg. 305 #23)

If the perimeter of a rectangle is 10 times the width of the rectangle, then the length of the rectangle is how many times the width?

I actually figured this one out with equations, but don't really understand what I did...LOL gosh this is bad.

(Third edition, pg. 312 #10)

There are 3 roads from Plattsville to Ocean Heights and 4 roads from Ocean Heights to Bay Cove. If Martina drives from Plattsville to Bay Cove and back, and passes through Ocean Heights in both directions, and does not travel any road twice, how many different routes for the trip are possible?

I did 3^3, but again, I don't understand why I did that.

Okay, can somebody please help? Also, post your questions guys!
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