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How many SAT II's to take?

ajeck513ajeck513 59 replies7 threads Junior Member
I currently have 800's in 2 SAT II's. One is in science, one is in math. I know that a few colleges require a third SAT II, but I am currently thinking about taking up to 3 more in May following AP exams. Is it worth it to take these additional tests. I feel like if I don't get 800s on these tests, I won't be able to submit them (to colleges like HYPSM, etc.). Should I take 3 more tests, or is it just not worth it if I'm aiming to get 800s of all of them?

I also noted that on various admissions websites, it was stated that any additional scores would be taken into consideration, but that only the highest 2 scores are required.
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Replies to: How many SAT II's to take?

  • ajeck513ajeck513 59 replies7 threads Junior Member
    Any replies from anyone knowledgeable appreciated!
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  • ajeck513ajeck513 59 replies7 threads Junior Member
    Also, I took the practice questions on the SAT II website for US history (15 questions) and Chem (like 20+ questions) and I got all of them right. I'm a little more confident in my ability to get 800s, but is it still worth it to try?
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  • smwhtslghtlydzedsmwhtslghtlydzed 1344 replies212 threads Senior Member
    it's really unnecessary to take 5 subject tests...i honestly don't think it's worth your time, especially if you feel confident on all of them- just take one more, since very few schools even request 3 (someone correct me if i'm wrong, but i don't think any colleges require 3 any more), so if you get something like a 770 that's a fine score to send to the schools that want 3. your plan sounds fine, but it's more than needed- you should just chill :)
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  • samsarah424samsarah424 45 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Three is enough, maybe four...i dont think that taking five will really impress adcoms
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