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I am s.c.r.e.w.e.d.

ParaPara 239 replies63 threads Junior Member
My previous post: http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/showthread.php?t=137397

International student here, I left off the SatII's until January because... well I had to find out about them in my junior year on my own inittiative. ok-> SATI (800/700/680), gpa (96%), ec.s, interviews...

Anyways, I've had a horrible December/January (unexpected move + parent issues + several other extenuating circumstances) and prepared for the wrong SATII and so on and so forth-- I am entirely convinced that there is a higher force playing with my life-- and laughing at me. I was sick all of last week, and today, I knew something would go wrong so I woke up early and got on a cab and went to the wrong place (I was looking at the ticket from last testing!) so I had to walk from there to the actual testing location (I had no idea where I was going-- had to ask around several times/ next time I'm carrying a map)-- BARELY made it on time, coughing, sneezing and the whole works and started on mathiic-- It was horrible. I had this HUGE headache, felt nauseated, and this was stuff I knew (although it has been a while since I've done pre-cal), yet I think I did horribly. I don't want to cancel my results because the schools I've applied to require these results-- but god... :(

Is there anyway I could let the schools know that I will do them again (in April -- I know I am a senior, but I cannot accept defeat! Even if no one cares!) is there anyway that I could make these results totally not ruin my chances at every school I've applied to?

I am past the point of sniffing now. I wish I had a cookie. :(
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Replies to: I am s.c.r.e.w.e.d.

  • warblersrulewarblersrule 10282 replies179 threads Super Moderator
    1) Calm down. Your SAT I is not bad at all, and your GPA is quite good. SAT II's count a lot less than either.

    2) You probably did a lot better than you think you did. I took the SAT I for the first time on my birthday during my junior year. I had a terrible cold (it was December), and I kept sniffing and sneezing up a storm. People kept giving me dirty looks. :D I was convinced I had failed, but I did well.

    3) E-mail the schools you applied to. I don't know where you applied, so I don't know their policies. Some may allow you to take the SAT II's again or the ACT instead. What they'll probably say, and I agree, is that SAT II's make up only a very small portion of your application, so don't worry about it. 700+ on each SAT II will not keep you out from any school.

    *gives Para
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  • ParaPara 239 replies63 threads Junior Member
    My worst fears:

    Chemistry 680
    Literature 790
    Mathematics Level 2 650

    Pretty darn f*ed up. :(

    I did Math, Chem, Lit... I should've done math last.. god... :(
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  • kchenkchen 4161 replies73 threads Senior Member
    Whoa. 790 on Literature? Wow.
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  • ParaPara 239 replies63 threads Junior Member
    Whoa. 790 on Literature? Wow.
    My mom was laughing at me (since I'm the one depressed), since English is like my second language... and I got a 800 verbal... and don't plan to major in anything related. I wish I could switch the mark with Math. I suck. :(
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  • kchenkchen 4161 replies73 threads Senior Member
    How did you prep for the Verbal section then? If English isn't your first language, that is really amazing to score high on both the Verbal & the SAT II Literature.
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  • TedjnTedjn 164 replies1 threads Junior Member
  • ParaPara 239 replies63 threads Junior Member
  • ubetteraccept_meubetteraccept_me 456 replies68 threads Member
    Ummm guys, I have a 3.8, 2110 SAT as 1st semester junior, and i just discovered that you must submit ALL your SAT IIs. When I was a freshman, I got a...du du DU......560...on the SAT II Bio. Yes, a 560. No joke, a 560. I'm not kidding. Excuse me, I have to go cry now. Goodbye.

    I think it was my teachers fault...

    That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!
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