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Actual subject Test scores not representative of practice test scores

T3N210T3N210 0 replies3 threads New Member
Would like to know if any one else has had the experience where the actual subject test scores are significantly worse (50 pts less) than their practice test scores even when the student felt they did well?
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Replies to: Actual subject Test scores not representative of practice test scores

  • HMom16HMom16 708 replies18 threads Member
    My kid had this experience with Math 2
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  • cptofthehousecptofthehouse 29940 replies59 threads Senior Member
    Yes, it happens. Tests have predicted ranges and if you tended to score in the upmost on the practice test, it is entirely possible to score in the lowest part of that range. Happens a lot. In fact, there is a predictive model that generally holds true as to what % of the time the lowest and highest of a range are hit. And there is no rule dating you can’t bust beyond those ranges either other than not going below the minimum or above the maximum of the test range.

    One of my kids consistently tested at 30 on the ACT. I assumed it was the midrange, and hoped it could be stretched to a 31-32. It was apparently his low point and we were surprised with a 34. But, we could have just as easily gotten in the high 20 range. With SATs, 50 points is not unusual for a low-high range. My kids tended to perform consistently in what I felt was the middle of their range on practice tests. No big surprises other than the last one with the ACT
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