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Submitting one SAT II score to schools that don't require them

sattutsattut 994 replies80 threads Senior Member
There are a couple of students I have been working with on math and SATs who I think can get to 700+ in the math level II exam with preparation. These students are applying to top 75 or top 100 schools as reaches and have 3.7 or less unweighted GPA with only a few AP classes. They are not applying for engineering. They are not in position to score well on other subject tests. Would a 700 or 750 on the math level II help there applications, and how much? What is the minimum score that would be worth submitting in these cases?
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Replies to: Submitting one SAT II score to schools that don't require them

  • skieuropeskieurope 39730 replies7235 threads Super Moderator
    edited November 16
    The answer to all your questions: it depends.

    It really depends on the college. It depends on the score. It depends if the college lists as recommended/considered/not considered.

    I assume "top 75" means closer to 75 than 1, so as a general statement, it won't hurt, and may help ever so slightly, particularly if, as you say, they "can get to 700+." But remember, it is but one part of the package.

    I'll also add that, IMO, you should disregard the advice of any person who responds and quotes percentiles on M2. :)
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  • sattutsattut 994 replies80 threads Senior Member
    I mean they are applying to about #75 schools as reaches. I know what level you need to be for top 50 schools these days. I am pretty sure I can get them to 700-750, but am also curious if a 680 or whatever is worth submitting in these situations. Also, would a 750-800 score be a big boost?
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  • RichInPittRichInPitt 1232 replies16 threads Senior Member
    Few schools at that level would even look at Subject Test scores, I suspect, as very few students would submit them.

    “Getting them there with preparation” doesn’t sound like it’s worth the effort to me. There are probably more meaningful areas where they can invest time.
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  • lookingforwardlookingforward 34763 replies391 threads Senior Member
    If 75 is a reach (ish) and your students can get up into the 700-750 level, I can't see how it wouldn't help. Might be just a smidge, but it's a nice indicator. Depends on major, too. (Eg, if math is a skill needed? Are grades and other scores strong enough?)

    The issue with a college where the S2s are "not considered" is whether they even download those or pay any attention at all. Doubt you can know that, unless you have an in with some adcoms. So I'm voting for: why not send them?
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