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Possible to Self Study SAT US History from June 2020 to October 2020

Itsryan1601Itsryan1601 1 replies1 threads New Member
Hi Internet. I am currently a class of 2021 student aiming to study at UK universities such as Oxford and St Andrews. I did AP World History last year and scored a 5. I did several AP exams this year and definitely scored a 5 in AP Psychology and AP Macroeconomics. Yet I think I got a 4 in AP Microeconomics and AP European History. (Results aren't out until July). I am also taking self-studying SAT BIology (Didn't take any biology courses in school) and taking SAT Math 2 after completing pre-calc and regular calculus classes at my HIgh school. Given the competitiveness of the University of St Andrews Scotland and Oxford University, I believe my current exam scores alone would not land me a spot in such competitive universities. That is why I believe I should self-study SAT US history in order to improve my overall test scores and make my stats look better. My questions are...1) Given that I am interested in history yet does not like writing the AP History Essays, do you think I can still score 750+ in SAT US history? I am much better at multiple-choice History questions than essay questions. 2) Is a classroom textbook necessary for me to self-study for the SAT US history exam, or can I succeed in self-studying with just khan academy, Crashcourse, and Tom Richey...? 3) What are the overlaps between SAT US History and the AP World and AP European History Contents? 4) Besides Khan academy and the Practice tests of SAT US history prep books, are there any other websites and resources where there are practice multiple choice questions for US history available? I don't think the practice MCs on Prep books and Khan academy are enough. 5) Lastly, anyone of you have experience studying SAT US history over the summer? If yes, please post your experience and how did it go. I am planning to start self-studying in June 2020 and take the October SAT US history exam.
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Replies to: Possible to Self Study SAT US History from June 2020 to October 2020

  • Conformist1688Conformist1688 1230 replies30 threads Senior Member
    What subject do you want to study at university? History? If so, then a 4 on Euro is not going to look good. And just FYI, you would be writing a lot of essays if you got in, so Oxford in particular may not be a great fit.

    St Andrews is easier for US students to get into.
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  • Itsryan1601Itsryan1601 1 replies1 threads New Member
    Anthropology Or Psychology. Yet would a 4 in Euro affect my chances at Oxford anthropology? In Oxford there is no single course called "anthropology" but rather the only anthropology course offered in Oxford is "Archeaology and Anthropology" . I am afraid Oxford's Archealogy and Anthropology degree would reject me because I have a 4 in AP Euro. (Archeaology is related to History) Would Oxford reject me if they know I am good at Anthropology but not the archeaology component (my s***ty EUro grade would make it look like I'm bad at history)?
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  • Conformist1688Conformist1688 1230 replies30 threads Senior Member
    Well, various issues here. I wonder if you can get the mods to move the thread to International/UK?

    First of all you need to decide on the subject. Scottish universities like St Andrew's offer a bit more flexibility, as you can study three subjects in the first year before making a final decision, but at Oxford the course is much more circumscribed. Have you looked in detail at the course there? https://www.arch.ox.ac.uk/course-structure#collapse601031
    A&A has a lot of archaeology in it; if it isn't a strong interest of yours, I really would recommend looking at straight anthropology somewhere else. If you do apply, your personal statement will need to show why you are interested in and a good candidate for the course. Now, they don't expect any formal background in either archaeology or anthropology, but you have to really want to spend three years studying in depth. Science APs (chemistry, biology) are quite useful too, although not absolutely required.

    If you decide instead on psychology, AP Calc BC would be helpful. Again, look carefully at the course before applying.
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