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Wondering about SAT Subject Tests

rxb231rxb231 0 replies1 threads New Member
I'm a rising junior at a public high school in the US (hoping to go into the medical field and eventually become a doctor).
I'm taking AP Calc BC, AP Lang, AP Chem, AP US History (and a few more AP classes) next year. I'm wondering what SAT subject tests I should do next year. I am thinking about Math II and Chemistry but am not sure about doing another humanities test.
I am ok at English but not very strong (like 31 on the ACT) but using this summer to get better. I'm pretty good at history (especially US History & Gov). Should I go for US History or Literature for the humanities test? Also is the chemistry test ok for me? I took a year of basic chemistry this year and going into a second year next year.
Thanks a lot in advance.
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Replies to: Wondering about SAT Subject Tests

  • RichInPittRichInPitt 2450 replies40 threads Senior Member
    My D is also a rising Jr., taking those same 4 courses. She took Math 2 after her Freshman year and will be taking Chem this upcoming year.

    Assuming you’re looking at some type of STEM major, these are probably the best to take. Note that you’ll probably need to study/refresh some of the details from pre-Calc and Trig. Math 2 doesn’t cover any Calculus - after PreCalc/Trig is the ideal time to take it.

    Be sure the schools you’re looking at recommend/consider subject tests. The number continues to drop, though there are still a couple dozen of top schools where they could help.

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