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The Complete Guide to SAT Subject Tests in Mathematics


Replies to: The Complete Guide to SAT Subject Tests in Mathematics

  • HowhurlHowhurl 28 replies4 threads Junior Member

    i found out another way(by accident) in the Y= space, VARS, 5, EQ, and then 1(RegEQ) and the it plots the line equation for you!
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  • lmike215lmike215 24 replies3 threads New Member
    That is so much easier than my method. Thanks for the tip!
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  • lakelandlakeland 17 replies7 threads New Member
    I got an 800! Thanks bud!!
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  • lakelandlakeland 17 replies7 threads New Member
    I got an 800 in Level 2! Thanks bud!!
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  • ParallelismParallelism 184 replies20 threads Junior Member

    Is your name a reference to Lost?
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  • Tizil7Tizil7 1640 replies46 threads Senior Member
    Bumping this extremely important thread which in my opinion should be pinned :D
    For be added to a list of 'informative threads' just like in the SAT 1 section.
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  • DominicMKDominicMK 1 replies0 threads New Member
    Hi! I'm sorry if this question seems redundant or commonly asked, but if my teacher prepared my class for the level one Math subject test (she said we should do lvl. 2, but skip the "hard" questions), should I do as she says and do number 2? I've heard that colleges prefer you take the second one.

    I've learned SOME of the level 2 material, but I am neither well-practiced nor very familiar with the rest. What should I do?

    Thanks for any responses!
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  • ankitp4t3lankitp4t3l 182 replies5 threads Junior Member
    Nice guide, lvl 2
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  • stef1astef1a 362 replies58 threads Junior Member
    Does anyone have a good suggestion for material (websites or books or whatever) to complement my knowledge on the various topics tested for Math II? I've learned every topic, but I still get several questions wrong on the practice tests because I've found that the Barron's prep book doesn't adequately explain all of the topics and methods of solving the problems. Nor does it offer an ample selection of problems to practice with. I'd greatly appreciate some recommendations! :)

    EDIT: If anyone is wondering, I suspect I can score in the 700-730 range at the moment.
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  • questionsgquestionsg 247 replies19 threads Junior Member
    I need to know if I am allowed to store formulas in my ti84 for the math 2 test. for conics sections, its hard to memorize. will i be allowed to do this? otherwise theres a lot to memorize. respond soon lol
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  • wizkid94wizkid94 546 replies52 threads Member
    Reviewing this stuff for December...lol...Thanks
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  • TechhexiumTechhexium 595 replies29 threads Member

    Yes, you can store formulas and programs into your calculator for the exam. CB will not ask you to reset your calculator memory.
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  • jman010295jman010295 291 replies53 threads Member
    does anyone know how to do matrices or standard deviation on the 89...
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  • meekchunmeekchun 147 replies26 threads Junior Member

    I am a Junior (Taking Precalculus now)and want to take Math II in Jan.
    Do you think almost topic will be covered until then? Thanks!
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  • saismomsaismom 644 replies57 threads Member
    Hi all,

    Just wondering when the best time is to take the SAT Math 2? My daughter is a freshman and taking Algebra 2 honors and should be taking Pre-calculus honors next year. The pre- calculus supposedly has Trigonometry integrated into it and her math skills are fairly good. If she scores well enough in the pre-calculus honors, she will take AP Calculus AB as a junior.


    Thank you!
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  • darkwalrus77darkwalrus77 121 replies7 threads Junior Member
    I reccommend she take the MathII in june of her soph year. That way she should know most of the material already (Calc doesn't help much because it covers too in-depth material) and if some of it hasn't been covered yet in class, she can review for a week or 2 before hand.
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  • AKShockwaveAKShockwave 281 replies29 threads Member
    Anyone have a guide for setting up everything you need to/should do with a calculator for the TI-89?
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  • michael2013michael2013 239 replies17 threads Junior Member
    bump for relevance
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  • nepenthesnepenthes 1 replies0 threads New Member
    This is a great guide! Thank you so much for taking the time to put this together.
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  • cheerioswithmilkcheerioswithmilk 921 replies27 threads Member
    Wow, this is really great. Wish I had this for when I took the test, hehe.
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