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SAT 2 Dismay (Kinda)

CalculiCalculi 91 replies5 threads Junior Member
My school, despite being a magnet school, is quite crappy. We are on the block schedule but the majority of our AP classes are year long (APUsh, Calculus AB, AP Biology, etc). However, the point is I didn't even know the SAT 2's existed until a fellow classmate told me. He said, "Oh btw, you're supposed to take them sophomore year." Being a sophomore when he told me, I think great. So I rush to take the tests (it was towards the end of the year) and I did decent I believe but I want to know if retaking them will hurt me and if I should.

Test scores:

Math I : 750 (83% I believe)

Math II : 780 (86% I am pretty sure)

Bio M: 710 (68%)

Should I take them? I won't do over Math I, because I was told I should take both (before discovering this site, you guys are a blessing!). But for Math II and Bio M the option is available. I'll probably end up doing U.S. History as the other third. Thank you for your help!

Btw, I am taking AP Biology, APUsh, and AP Calculus AB (Taking BC exam though), will this make a difference to colleges?
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Replies to: SAT 2 Dismay (Kinda)

  • lidushalidusha 1253 replies20 threads Senior Member
    Keep in mind that some schools require three SAT2 exams (taking math 1 and math 2 only counts as one), and some are pretty specific about what exams they want you to take. You should look up the schools you're interested in applying to and see what exactly they require.

    I personally would retake, but your scores might be fine depending on the schools you're planning on applying to. Keep in mind, also, that you don't have to take subject tests sophomore year. I took mine junior year, and you can even take them senior year and still be able to apply to college in time.
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  • CalculiCalculi 91 replies5 threads Junior Member
    Ok, thank you so much! My dream school is MIT, so yes I need to do some major improvements. Thanks for your help :).
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  • lidushalidusha 1253 replies20 threads Senior Member
    Make sure you read through MIT Admissions: Standardized Test Requirements for info on tests then, if you haven't already. It would be a good idea to read through some of the rest of the site, too, to get an idea of MIT's personality.

    Also, from MIT Admissions: Admissions Statistics the middle 50% score range of admitted students:
    SAT Subject Test - Math [740, 800]
    SAT Subject Test - Science [720, 800]
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  • lidushalidusha 1253 replies20 threads Senior Member
    Good luck with MIT, by the way. :)
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  • veryindecisiveveryindecisive 75 replies6 threads Junior Member
    If your friend told you that you're "supposed to" take them sophomore year, he was lying. The typical time to take the SATIIs is late Junior Year, but I have many friends who have taken/are taking them in early senior year, and only a few who took them before Junior Year.

    The only school in the US that still requires three subject tests is Georgetown, so unless you're applying there, you only need two strong scores. You definitely should retake your Bio test if you want to go to MIT, but if your other target colleges include technical schools, you might want to consider taking Chemistry or Physics instead, as some technical schools require one of those two (not very many, but a few). Make sure you check with all of your colleges.

    AP tests will affect your admissions chances (AP classes look good), but they won't affect how they evaluate your SATIIs.
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  • CalculiCalculi 91 replies5 threads Junior Member
    Ok, well I've taken Chemistry, but it was a very weak class. I essentially learned nothing, slept during it, and still managed 100's on the test somehow, everyone got a B or higher on the test. Should I purchase a prep book and try to learn from that? Would that prepare me well enough to do well for the Chem SAT II? What crucial topics should I need to know?
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  • lidushalidusha 1253 replies20 threads Senior Member
    I studied using Barron's prep book for the chem subject test--it was very helpful; I recommend it.
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  • CalculiCalculi 91 replies5 threads Junior Member
    Ooh ok, thanks Lidusha :). Any other comments?
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