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Genetics B.S. Or Another Major

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Hi, I'll be a high senior this fall. Clemson is my favorite that I've visited. If I get approval from the SREB, I could lower the tuition cost there to instate tuition by majoring in genetics. I don't know what I want to pursue as a career. Maybe law, medicine, or forensics. Even though it's unrelated I feel like genetics would be fine for law because areas of law like patent apparently require a B.S. anyway and it would distinguish me from the mass of political science majors. I could also see myself becoming a geneticist or genetic counselor. I also like politics or political journalism but maybe after law school? Is it too narrow? Will I be hurting my GPA a lot l if I choose genetics? I've always pictured myself majoring in STEM because it seems more widely applicable, but honestly reading, writing, and analyzing are more my strengths than math or memorization. My reading and writing scores on the ACT far surpass science and math, and my two Bs are in math and science. Is genetics a solid choice to go in all of these career directions, or am I better off forgetting the SREB? I'm not sure how else I could manage the costs of out of state since I come from a higher income family but also a large one. If it helps my GPA weighted is 4.3, unweighted is 3.9, ACT is 31 (but taking again), and I go to a high school known for its rigor.
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