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***AP Biology 2015 Thread***

coolschoolcoolschool Registered User Posts: 17 New Member
edited November 2015 in Sciences
Hello everyone,

I'm going to be taking AP Biology next year as a senior. I looked and couldn't find one of these threads for people taking the AP Bio exam in 2015, so I decided to just make one. This is for anyone who has taken AP Bio in the past or is currently taking it, regardless of whether they took a course or self studied it. We can use it to talk about tips, resources to study, etc. and to cram/cry the night before the exam.

Good luck to all!
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Replies to: ***AP Biology 2015 Thread***

  • yerba321yerba321 Registered User Posts: 2 New Member
    Does anyone have access to the AP Bio 2014 exam information that AP_Trevor is talking about from the following tweet?

    "For teachers, Dr. LaTanya Sharpe has posted within the AP Bio Teacher Community more details on the AP Bio results: http://ow.ly/yeJ6B";

    I remember last year someone posted the stuff from 2013, was wondering if we could get a look at this years stuff. really curious to see it.
  • Zeppelin7Zeppelin7 Registered User Posts: 408 Member
    Here're some tips that'll hopefully help you with the course

    The Bio exam MC was a joke. I'm glad I didn't even try to study for that. Its mostly to all reading a passage and answering questions (you will have to have AP Bio knowledge though to fully understand the questions.
    The FRQs on the otherhand were ridiculous, I did super crappily on them, mostly because it was heavily based on the systems and ecology (both which my teacher didnt bother teaching, instead giving us independent studies to do). Though in hindsight, they wouldnt have been to bad if i wasnt bsing half of the frqs.

    The class itself depends on the teacher. My teacher spent the majority of his classes giving lectures using the Campbell's provided powerpoints. TAKE NOTES (but not on every little bitty fact). Sometimes the info on the campbell pp is redundant so make sure to take notes on what pops out to you as important (The does not want you too know every small detail, just that you know how everything works and how it interacts with the environment and stuff, bunch of cause and effect)

    Work relatedness, my teacher's only work were weekly (or sometimes biweekly) Guided Readings. I would definitely recommend reading the whole chapter v. skimming to find the answers. The notes plus reading helped me retain the info alot so while everyone was cramming for the chapter test the next day, I was just skimming my notes.

    The only other hw were lab reports. These first seem to take forever, but will seem simple and short as the year goes on. The labs were the most fun part of the class, and one of the main reasons I loved the class.
  • Zeppelin7Zeppelin7 Registered User Posts: 408 Member
    Oh and check out Bozeman's and Hank's Crash Course serieses on Youtube. They're great for cramming and helping you learn the info
  • coolschoolcoolschool Registered User Posts: 17 New Member
    @Zeppelin7‌ what year did you take the exam? Was it before or after they changed around the curriculum/format of the course? Also, thanks for the tips!
  • Zeppelin7Zeppelin7 Registered User Posts: 408 Member
    @coolschool Oh, I took it last year as a Soph. (so yeah, after the curriculum was changed).
  • SilverSmartSilverSmart Registered User Posts: 63 Junior Member
    @Zeppelin7‌ Did you use any review books? Were any particularly helpful?
  • Zeppelin7Zeppelin7 Registered User Posts: 408 Member
    @SilverSmart I personally used the latest edition of Barron's

    Was it helpful? Truthfully I'm not sure, but that's because I never really used it, I prob used it more to review plants (which is barely to none in the AP curriculum) for the Bio SATii than for the AP exam. (well that's a lie, I prob did study more, but didn't that much, I just sorta flipped through the book for quick review). CC gives both the Barron book and Cliffnotes for Bio high reviews (look @ this thread to see the main differences of the two http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/sciences/1543584-cliffs-vs-barrons-2014-ap-bio.html#latest). I can't speak about Cliffnotes though since I didn't use it.

    Overall though, I think Barron's is good. If I actually studied the systems from the Barron's (my teacher didn't teach em), I think I would've gotten a 5 (buuuuuuuuutttt I was too lazy and thought system's weren't going to be a big deal).
  • Zeppelin7Zeppelin7 Registered User Posts: 408 Member
    As you can probably tell from my posts, I'm pretty cross that my teacher didn't teach me the systems; hopefully your teacher won't be so behind
  • BAPmissBAPmiss Registered User Posts: 11 New Member
    Sorry I am creating this too early. I just want your guys' opinion/feedback on the AP Bio Exam and the AP Bio class overall. Any tip?
  • ashleybear97ashleybear97 Registered User Posts: 73 Junior Member
    I'm taking AP Bio this year as a senior, too! Did you guys get any summer assignments? At my school, I know other AP Bio students had to read some of the textbook and do a small assignment over the summer, but it hasn't been taught in 2 years and my teacher hasn't contacted us or given us anything. I feel like my class is going to be really behind..
  • College123collegeCollege123college Registered User Posts: 693 Member
    coolschool made a thread i believe.
  • College123collegeCollege123college Registered User Posts: 693 Member
    what are the differences between studying for the AP Bio exam and SAT Bio?
  • Zeppelin7Zeppelin7 Registered User Posts: 408 Member
    @college123college SAT Bio has a much more content over plants, while AP has virually nothing.
    The SAT MC are harder than AP, because AP is more reading comprehension while SAT is straight to the point: Do you know this?.
    SAT covers more systems than AP.

    @ashleybear97 My teacher gave us an optional assignment, which was to cover the first few chapters of Campbell (which aren't really tested on the AP exam, but would I would recommend skimming it so you'll better understand the class) which covered the basic chemistry you'll need for bio (not much at all) and stuff like that
  • College123collegeCollege123college Registered User Posts: 693 Member
    @Zeppelin7 Did you use a prep book for SAT Math 2 (what company) ? IF so , did that cover plants enough to help you get a high soore?
  • Zeppelin7Zeppelin7 Registered User Posts: 408 Member
    @College123college I'm guessing you mean Bio? Sorta, I got a McGraw Hills version from a friend for free so I sorta just used that (Do not use it, it's way easier than the actual thing and gave me false hope the first time I took it in May). It did not cover plants, so when I retook it in June, I just studied plants from my Barrons AP prep book (they have the plants in the book although it was taken off the curriculum), yes it was the latest edition
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