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The Citadel?


Replies to: The Citadel?

  • ragmanlawragmanlaw Registered User Posts: 232 Junior Member
    My "knob" had planned to go to USNA after a year at the Citadel but changed his mind as he felt the Citadel was challenging enough for him and suited him well.

    In response to dylan:
    -The forth class system is what all the service academies used to have. Instead of having 4 years of leadership developement they torture you as much as possible for your knob year (sort of like plebes/rats at other military schools) but its considerably more intense as all energy of 2nd and 1st class is focused on that. 3rd class joins in 2nd sememster to make your life miserable. At other schools, after the summer, things calm down, at the Citadel every day you have the same type of pressure. In my room at about 3 or 4 am a upperclassmen ran into the room yelling and screaming for them to get up. He threw all their clothes all over the beds and floor and began making them hang of one of the dressers and doing pushups for quite sometime. He then started going through one of the Knobs personal belongs and when it was requested he stop as it against policy, he said he makes the policy. It was quite an experiance. I later asked if they were trying to show off for me, and they claimed it happens at least once a week with that guy when he can't sleep he picks on them.

    -The Citadel accepts I think about 73% of applicants. I am not sure though. Look it up if on collegeboard.com

    -It depends on what you want to do. In my case, yes.

    -Its a big missile, I have never seen anything like it before.

    And as far the Citadel being better than USNA and USAFA, theres no way to tell really. I mean you can't even compare West Point and Navy. It is just a different school with similar but very different goals. Which school is best depends on YOU. For some people the best school for them is Havard others its USMMA, and then for others its Webber International University in Florida. It just depends on your personal goals and aspirations.

    I wouldn't go ahead and label schools because of SATs or admissions percentage (these ratings are usually erroneous) but rather how you feel at that institution and what your goals in life are. If your dream has always been to join the Long Gray Line, do that. But if your goal is the become a commissioned officer in the United States Army, you like Charleston, go for the Citadel, or VMI, or University of Florida.

    And BTW, I was accepted to USMA, USNA, USCGA, USAFA and got full ROTC scholarships to University of Miami and Georgia Institute of Tech, Full tuition at University of Florida, and a number of scholarships elsewhere, the Citadel did not give me any scholarships even though I was told by my interviewer that he was confident that I would recieve a full four year scholarship. I would NOT be able to attend the Citadel even if it were my top choice because of this. I will note that they gave me a couple thousand dollars of financial aid grants through FAFSA, but not nearly enough. (In comparision, University of Florida, before I recieved full tuition paid, gave me absolutely no grants, only loans, so I'd imagine their financial assistance is better.)
  • dylan savdylan sav Registered User Posts: 46 Junior Member
    thank you for the replies
  • hopeful2010hopeful2010 Registered User Posts: 28 New Member
    I believe tacticalnuke wrote that they added a section for schools like the citadel under service academies, but I can't seem to find it. My son will be attending Norwich University on a nrotc scholarship. They are also one of the military colleges and I would be interested in some info from these. Thanks
  • Bossf51Bossf51 Registered User Posts: 2,608 Senior Member
    Here's a link to the site in question. Not part of cc.

  • millert1millert1 Registered User Posts: 2 New Member
    The Citadel is a great school, but I promise you'll hate it more than you've ever hated anything right up to the second you graduate. As much as knob year sucks it's a walk in the park compared to the following three years. As far as using it as a stepping stone to an academy, I would think twice about that decision.
  • dylan savdylan sav Registered User Posts: 46 Junior Member
    that's what life is all about buddy
  • jimbob1225jimbob1225 Registered User Posts: 3,457 Senior Member
    is citadel the place where the rapes of female cadets happened a few years ago? hows the climate there?

    i realize i could be completely deluded, so feel free to correct me. i mean no harm :)
  • momoftwinsmomoftwins Registered User Posts: 2,668 Senior Member

    Each of the service academies have had their honors challenges. The interesting thing about the academies is that they seem to aggressively try to resolve their problems and that nothing is hidden from the public. I'm convinced that problems of this type occur at a much smaller rate than they do at a civilian college. With 2 daughters in college, the one I don't worry about (too much) is the one at West Point.
  • JamzmomJamzmom Registered User Posts: 2,813 Senior Member
    Some of the safest institutions are our service academies. As to The Citadel, public record shows they're safe as well. I don't recall anything about rape at the Citadel a few years ago. Perhaps someone else could chime in here if they have knowledge of it.


    The climate is hot & sticky at the moment. No worse than NYC in the summer actually. BUT on Christmas day, you can count on it being 40 to 50 degrees sometimes warmer. :)
  • jimbob1225jimbob1225 Registered User Posts: 3,457 Senior Member
    true, you cant beat the academies for honor :) and you tend to hear about these things in the media because it loves to bash the military...as if such things don't happen all the time in civilian schools
  • mkm56mkm56 Registered User Posts: 3,062 Senior Member
    The only thing I vaguely remember is that a few years ago with one of the first females at the Citadel there were some accusations of making too difficult for her ---supposedly so that she would drop out. Can't even remember if she stayed or not.
  • momoftwinsmomoftwins Registered User Posts: 2,668 Senior Member
    She left. If I recall, she worked through the courts to gain admission to the Citadel. So when she left it made big news. There was quite a backlash against her. Believe it or not, some people thought she was taking the place of a male candidate who would have been more deserving. :rolleyes: There was also some controversy about cutting hair.
  • CalderCalder Registered User Posts: 11 New Member
    My son is considering The Citadel. He wants to be an Officer in the Army. He is applying for an Army ROTC scholarship. His concern is: Is The Citadel as good as West Point. Is it as tough physically, academically and militarily? He wants to be pushed and stretched beyond his limts. Also, is it as respected as West Point? Will he have the same opportunities at The Citadel as West Point? We see that they do not require as much time in the summers as West Point. This concerned us. I appreciate your thoughts to these questions. Thank you! Calder
  • momoftwinsmomoftwins Registered User Posts: 2,668 Senior Member

    Welcome aboard! The Citadel is highly regarded. So are a number of ROTC programs. West Point is a total immersion experience (like Citadel's) in what many consider to be the #1 Leadership school in the world. That being said, an applicant's decision should be based on what they want to do. There are many threads on these boards that compare ROTC programs to service academies. They always go back to the same question. What does the student want? Total immersion? Normal college life? An opportunity to major in a subject not offered at the academies?

    The best bet is to visit both WP and the Citadel. At the same time, your son should do some research on civilian colleges with strong ROTC programs. (We really liked the U of I program in Champaign.) If he is a rising senior, then he should also begin the process of applying for nominations is he is considering WP.

    Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.
  • anxious momanxious mom Registered User Posts: 24 New Member
    Guess I should change my name since I am no longer "anxious".
    My son received a LOA from USNA, but the appointment never came through. He was accepted to VMI, George Washington Univ. and Univ. of WA.
    He was also accepted at The Citadel where he was accepted and offered a full 4 year academic scholarship. He was disappointed that he would not be going to to USNA, but sees The Citadel as a way to accomplish his goal of being an officer of Marines.
    He laughs at me, when he sees me still reading posts on CC. It's hard to break away! I'll have to check out the new link.
    Thanks for all the help and support that all of you CC folks gave during our "anxious" period. We are making plans for our trip from Seattle to Charleston in August.
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