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The Citadel?


Replies to: The Citadel?

  • CalderCalder Registered User Posts: 11 New Member
    Dear momoftwins,

    Thank you. Did you mean that The Citadel or West Point was considered the #1 Leadership school in the world?

    Is The Citadel as hard physically, academically and militarily as West Point? My son is very interested in going there. Will it push him? He wants a military experience to prepare him for a military career.

    Thank you and would love to hear anything about The Citadel from you and others in the know!! Calder
  • JamzmomJamzmom Registered User Posts: 2,813 Senior Member
    Anxious mom, congrats to your son! Why would you not want to contribute here! You have to stay! You're gonna be a Citadel mom! Much of what you learn this year can surely help out others looking into the process like Calder. This board doesn't have enough military college folks here to answer questions.

    Welcome Calder. Yep, West Point is considered the #1 place for leadership. That said, the kids at The Citadel lead a very similar life. It is tough & its challenging to the extreme. They will graduate with dual majors. One will be in Leadership. He would live a tough regimental style life at The Citadel & have many many opportunities. He'll train in many of the same ways that WP does. The Knob year is just that. It lasts the entire year. They have an awesome web site to do some research. I'd suggest him applying to several places so there will be choices down the road. WP or The Citadel would be a perfect fit if his goal is to be an Army officer. The Citadel has a strong Army ROTC program. Follow Momoftwin's advice & hop on getting info on the application process to WP. Especially the nomination process. At both places, they have to have medical issues done.

    Safe travels anxious mom! Good luck to your Knob! Keep in touch.
  • CalderCalder Registered User Posts: 11 New Member

    Thank you! This is really helping. My son scored very well on the Reading part of the SAT but it is the math part that is the struggle. He is only at 520 on the math. He scored 670 on the reading. Army ROTC is showing interest as well as The Citadel. We are afraid if we applied at West Point he wouldn't get past the first gate because of his low math scores.

    Right now we are putting all of our energy into Army ROTC and The Citadel. Do you think this is a good idea?

    Is The Citadel as respected as West Point in your opinion? Do you have a son/daughter there? What is your experience?

    Also, another concern is that my son doesn't want to go into engineering. He wants to be a linguistics and English major. Is The Citadel a better fit for this than West Point?

    Sorry for all of the questions? And I do really appreciate all of your help! The bottom line is that my son wants the hardest and best military school he can get and wants to be sure The Citadel will provide this, if he is accedpted.

    Also, I will take any advice on getting accepted into The Citadel and Army ROTC. Thanks again!
  • WPSON2010WPSON2010 Registered User Posts: 416 Member
    Anxious mom: I'm curious, and if it's not too personal, having gotten an LOA, did the USNA give a valid reason for not offering an appointment? I was under the impression that if you got an LOA you were nearly in the door and that much of the remaining application process was just that; a process to be completed.

    If the USNA didn't have a good reaon, that largely negates the value of LOAs.
  • Bossf51Bossf51 Registered User Posts: 2,609 Senior Member
    Calder, since you asked I will attempt to tackle your question regarding Citadel vs. West Point. In the grand scheme of things West Point is "more prestigious" than the Citadel. This is due to the fact that it is a national service academy, more competitive to get into, and better known. That is not to say that The Citadel is not a great place. It is a widely respected school especially as far as Army ROTC is concerned. It is very "hard core"...have you seen the movie "Lords of Discipline" which is based on Pat Conroy's experiences there? It is a very tough and demanding place, particularly in the first, or knob, year.
    Low math scores will definitely hurt your son's chances of getting into West Point. All the service academies have required courses in Calculus I and II, which have proved to be the downfall of many kids. Many end up in summer school or being dismissed due to problems with math.
    The Citadel may be a better choice for your son. Especially if he seeks to challenge himself physically and mentally. I wish him well and keep coming back here for more assistance and support.
  • anxious momanxious mom Registered User Posts: 24 New Member
    This message is a reply to WPSON2010.
    We were given no reason for not receiving an appointment.
    The LOA came as late as March so we had felt encouraged that he received it that late, as if it was their way of saying, "hang in there, we still want you". But, it was not meant to be. He received the dreaded small envelope the first week of April.
    He moved ahead with plan B. He will be a part of the Honor's Program at
    The Citadel. We can't dwell on what might have been, but moving ahead on another path to the same goal.

    We had been told on this forum that a LOA was NOT a guarantee of an appointment. We can now attest to the truth of that statement!
  • JamzmomJamzmom Registered User Posts: 2,813 Senior Member
    Not that I'm selling the place :) but the Citadel leadership is excellent. The new President Rosa came from USAFA. You don't know how many times I've heard my son say, "I wish I could pick up my academy & move it to Charleston". Southern boy misses the mild winters.....

  • CalderCalder Registered User Posts: 11 New Member
    Thank you Bossf51,

    That was most helpful. I take it that The Citadel is as physically challenging as West Point then?

    How would you compare The Citadel and West Point when it comes to toughness physically?

    Also, does The Citadel do as much military training as West Point?

    As for being a better fit, I had wondered about that in the realm of academics. Am I correct in my thinking, that if you are not a math wiz and do not want to go into engineering or a related field that perhaps The Citadel might be a better fit? It had understood that at West Point even if you are an English major you will still come out an engineer. I understand this is not the case with The Citadel. Am I correct?

    The only other concern we have is: will he have as much military opportunity coming from The Citadel as he would from West Point?

    Thank you again and especially for everyone's patience. I have a lot of questions as you see. Sorry if I am redundant.
  • Bossf51Bossf51 Registered User Posts: 2,609 Senior Member
    They are both very tough physically. I can't say which is tougher.

    I think WP probably has more military training but not by much. Remember training for the military is WP's number one mission.

    An English major at WP doesn't come out an engineer. He/she takes engineering courses but all WPers as engineers was the old model. A non-engineering major can thrive at either school I believe.

    As far as military opportunity, I think it is again very close between the schools. Many Citadel grads are generals in the regular Army. This is also the case of ROTC grads from many other colleges.

    Bottom line:visit both schools, apply to both, and if admitted work as hard as possible and one will succeed. Best of luck
  • beachmombeachmom Registered User Posts: 163 Junior Member
    Am I correct in guessing that the Citadel also offers the option to obtain a commission in any of the services? I met a Navy lieutenant yesterday who is a Citadel grad.

    That might be another factor to consider when you are choosing a school.
  • anxious momanxious mom Registered User Posts: 24 New Member
    Adam's Mom - Is son #2 entering The Citadel this year? (Aug. 2006)
    If so, send me a personal message. (I noticed that you were set up for PM's so decided to ask in a general posting - sorry.)
  • usna09momusna09mom Registered User Posts: 1,563 Senior Member
    My colleague’s daughter is a 2006 Citadel grad. Lovely young woman: intelligent, bilingual, could be on the August cover of Vogue magazine. From what she told me, she had a very different experience at the Citadel than my mid is having at USNA. I don’t think one can reasonably compare the service academies to military colleges because students at the service academies are already in the military. She is following in her father’s footsteps (he is a Citadel grad); upon graduation she received a commission in the USAF and got stationed in Germany, her first choice.
  • CalderCalder Registered User Posts: 11 New Member

    How was your colleague's daughter's experience different at The Citadel than your mid is having at USNA?

    I would be very interested in knowing the difference. Thanks!
  • usna09momusna09mom Registered User Posts: 1,563 Senior Member
    It sounded like she had more personal freedom at The Citadel than mids have at USNA, which makes sense. The mids at USNA are in the US Navy, and the standards at USNA are even higher than those in the Fleet. Also, the curriculum at USNA is more rigorous, e.g., English majors take Calculus III and Physics.
  • CalderCalder Registered User Posts: 11 New Member
    Do the cadets at The Citadel have a lot of freedom? I was under the impression that it was a pretty regimental lifestyle all 4 years without much freedom.

    I also thought they didn't have many weekends off.

    And do they have repsonsiblities in the summer when school is off!

    Any feedback on this would be much appreciated!
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