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Simon's Rock: Will I get accepted?

pippit22pippit22 3 replies3 threads New Member
Hello interweb users!

I am a high school sophomore, and I am currently very enthusiastic about applying to Simon's Rock, I am sure that I want to go there, and when I went to my interview my interviewer and all of the students I talked to thought that I would fit in perfectly. Do you think I will get accepted?

I go to a very small school in the middle of nowhere, and I mean very small. Pre-K - 12th grade and less than 500 students.
I take all the classes the rest of my class takes (we can not take higher level classes because of my school size), and I have more credits than the rest of my class because I take a full class load (no free period) and I have taken two extra classes through a school program. One of them was a class in vocal training, and at the moment I am taking a class in Russian history and planning to take a class in either ballet or creative writing.
I have a passion for writing, mostly poetry, short stories, and essays.
I love to learn, but my school environment isn't conductive to what I want to learn, seeing as every class I take bores me because it is unimaginably easy.
When I am at school other students call me a geek whenever I talk about being excited to write an essay or create a presentation.
I want to be around people who, like me, have a wild love of knowledge.
I am used to taking care of myself a lot of the time, because when my dad was sick my mother wasn't around very much so I often had to cook for my sister and myself. I managed to not fail any classes while my father was sick, and when he died. I, while being mentally unstable as hell, continued to manage myself and my school work moderately well.
My over-all grade at the moment is an 87%, and my lowest grade is an 82%. Though my grades are not especially good, there is a perfectly acceptable excuse for my epic failure haha. I do all classwork, and get great grades on all tests, but I sadly have a difficult time bringing myself to do homework which only makes you regurgitate facts, instead of making you use your mind and actually think for a change.

I would love to know if you think I would be accepted to Simon's Rock!
Thank you!
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Replies to: Simon's Rock: Will I get accepted?

  • Marcel777Marcel777 2 replies2 threads New Member
    Haha I definitely feel your predicament on the homework part. I'm a current freshman who was equally nervous about the same time last year, so hopefully I can offer some useful advice. Your love for learning seems very strong, which is a factor heavily weighted in the SR admissions process. As for your GPA, mine was almost 100, but it didn't seem to be of much importance during the interview or selection process. It sounds like your interview went great, which is very significant in admission. Just keep working at the essays, which are an excellent way of conveying your will to analyze problems and formulate solutions. Best of luck :)
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  • pippit22pippit22 3 replies3 threads New Member
    Thank you! I'm really nervous because my GPA isn't too good. But I heard that High School drop-outs sometimes get accepted, so GPA's can't mean that much, right?
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  • 2bizee2bizee 484 replies15 threads Member
    Write some great essays and get your app in on time, then cross your fingers.

    Good Luck
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  • SimonsRockParentSimonsRockParent 1 replies0 threads New Member
    Simon's Rock is a very unique college, and it sounds like you have already figured that out. They are looking for a particular type of student. You must be bright, because the academic standards are very high. But most important is a real desire to learn, a curiosity about the world. It sounds like you were able to communicate that desire during your interview. So relax!
    And along with that you must be reasonably mature. You will be going to college early, and although the college looks out for the students more than most, you will live a very independent existence. In addition, you must be willing to take responsibility for your own learning. You will be assigned massive amounts of reading and you will write a lot. And you will not be able to hide if you have not done your part. The classes are very small and they are conducted round a large table.....you will feel ashamed if you come unprepared. That said, the professors provide an exceptional amount of nurture. They will know you, care about you and will help you when you are struggling.
    You sound like the type of student that would thrive at Simon's Rock. And if you get in you will find it an amazing community. The students really get to know one another and are very inclusive. There are all types, many quirky young people dying to be in an environment where learning matters. Acceptance of one another is a strong value there. My daughter found herself at Simon's Rock. She was very frustrated in high school, with its anti intellectualism and unchallenging curriculum. She thrived at the Rock. She made several wonderful friends, found the academics to be excellent and very stretching. And it was a very caring community for her. She studied at Oxford her junior year. Simon's Rock was an excellent preparation for that challenging year. So as a parent I highly recommend this special place. It is not for every one.....but you sound as if you have the strengths that this school is looking for. Good luck!
    My daughter's only complaint....the food! (Really institutional and quite expensive)
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  • pippit22pippit22 3 replies3 threads New Member
    For anyone reading this now, I got accepted no problem, but couldn't attend due to an extreme lack of financial aid from the school. (Only about %60 of my displayed need was met)
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