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Singaporean connection


Replies to: Singaporean connection

  • kenyon_10kenyon_10 Registered User Posts: 568 Member
    I have applied for financial aid and am going into Kenyon next fall!
  • danieleiodanieleio Registered User Posts: 15 New Member
    Hey... wow cool i just found this forum- awesome :)

    Anyway, I'm a 16 year old, going into RJ from RI next year, Humanities Programme- if i'm planning to ED to Yale to study something like Politics economics and Ethics, what are some of the stuff i should do?

    I'm pretty clueless around here- alot of people are telling me lots of different things (something like using prelim results, that sorta thing)... how did you guys get to ED early? Also, you can only ED to one school- and if that fails, what happens?

    Also, does CCA results such as council etc count?

    Hope to get a scholarship too... but i'll won't crash this thread with it lol :P Thanks alot though :)
  • tripwirestripwires Registered User Posts: 56 Junior Member
    Ummm I wasn't adviced at all when I was in JC (I guess that's the difference between a bottom five JC and a top five JC) but I think you use projected A Level grades in your second year. I'm not sure about prelim results. For Yale though, they did specifically say that if your official A Level grades are not available when you apply, you should get your school to project your grades and send those in.

    As for CCA's and such, definitely stuff your resume with really impressive things 'cause extra cirriculars TOTALLY matter. My CCA's are total crap so I don't even know why I'm applying to Yale. I suppose I like the angst and pain of getting a rejection. Whatever.

    Melt: DEFINITELY! I totally regret not looking into this US education thing earlier on in the year. I suppose NUS Law is good but it's just not for me and I really don't wanna be stuck here for the rest of my life. :( Haha, your friends feel the same way? Funny, I thought people there are generally chummy with each other and thus comfortable in the environment. Hmm.

    lightfish: You lived in South Africa too?! That is cool. Your life sounds pretty interesting!

    I should really go off and write my essays.
  • meltmelt Registered User Posts: 47 Junior Member
    danieleio: dude, you're still 16, i advise you to just take things as they come. Yea, council and all the leadership appointments/ CCAs will definitely help, they certainly helped me. Study for the new SATS and take them, this includes the SATS 2 when you are in JC 2. Do well for your prelims, as you'll be sending them to yale too, along with your projected A level grades and common tests results (you dont have to send the latter if you really screwed them up though)

    But seriously, don't make your JC experience one that is just purely geared towards going to yale. Enjoy it but also be proactive and try participating in those educational seminars or research programs to make your CV look that tad much better compared to your fellow schoolmates.
  • yeshyesh Registered User Posts: 69 Junior Member
    hypms all the same la.. lol
  • woebegonewoebegone Registered User Posts: 548 Member
    hi all, juz realized i've never posted in this thread before...

    anw daniel, yeah u're only 16. don't be too caught up with college apps. cliched as it may sound, go do the things you enjoy, pursue your passion (hopefully that's something you've stuck to from secondary sch though, adcom prefers an applicant who pursues an activity wholeheartedly and passionately to an applicant with a laundry list of activities). extraccurilars aside, i guess humanities students r luckier than science students: science students usually have to strive for olympiads and science fairs in order to stand some chance at HYPMC whereas humanities students can stand out easily with outstanding essays, methinks.

    rj wants us to send our olvls results n prelim grades in addition to predicted grades (which are invariably 4As so dat's really not a factor), so try not to screw up your prelims like i did. :( of coz u r the consistent type u can always send in ur promos and common test results too.

    Btw, Yale doesn't have ED but EA. there's a difference, though I think it wouldn't really matter for Yale lol. (who will reject Yale EA???) ED is binding, EA isn't. So if you get accepted ED, u HAVE to attend the school and withdraw ur apps to all other colleges, unless you don't have the financial means to attend the sch. But if you get accepted EA, you can still apply to other colleges and then make your final decision by the common reply deadline, usually 1 May. Technically speaking, you cannot apply more than one ED school, since in the event that u get into two or more, you will be breaking the implicit bond with those u choose not to attend. I believe it is possible to apply an ED and several EA schools though, provided the EA schools do not practice single-choice EA, as Yale and Harvard do. But that means you will have to attend the ED school if you get into both. Then again, it isn't very ethical coz by applying early to a school u are actually pledging that that's your first choice... so by applying to two its kinda double-crossing, however legal that might be.

    To answer your question, as to what happens if you don't get into your ED sch (eh, most rj ppl dun anw, since they invariably early to super reaches like HYPS)... you have two options i guess. One, assume that you will not get into your EA/ED sch and be conscientious and finish all your apps first, sending them only when you noe u get rejected. Two, pray hard that you will get in and wait for ED decisions to come out (usually 12-16dec) before working on your other apps.

    Ok I think I've said too much lol. Anw, enjoy your orientation!
  • ahluwaliaahluwalia Registered User Posts: 221 Junior Member
    daniel u shouldn't eb thinking abt it now. You say you've already got yale in mind..when did you start research?? relax, have fun, J1 is easy time.. get an S paper.

    in rj the teachers don't know much abt unis and stuff, and they start the ball rolling really really late. it would be good if you started planning etc in june hols of J2.

    make sure your prelims are good - that is v impt for ED/EA. yes, don;t screw up prelims like me too..

    woebegone rj'05?

    for ED/EA very few get in, you've got to be a superstar in your batch. Now just cos I say this don't start planning to be a mug-dog now. because you need luck as well. As long as you're a solid student, you'll be fine.

    if someone told you hey,there is a rumour yale wants a trombone player, would you go ad become the national trombone player? No, because you should do what ou want to do, be yourself, and you'll have a solid chance.

    A LOT of ppl apply to yale. harvard has this rep as super scary place, cos the head boy of rj'04, wtv they call it president of SC didn't get in supposedly. With the RJC name, you'd be well served. so until j2 at least, go!
  • oOStarGazerOooOStarGazerOo Registered User Posts: 93 Junior Member
    bare in mind don't ever get yourself attached to only 1 school very strongly. if not a rejection or deferral will hurt very much. apply to a variety of tier 1 schools and feel happy that u will end up at either one of them.

    a friend of mine was particularly attached to harvard. he did everything on his resume for the sake of harvard, and in the end he deferred ED and rejected RD. this guy was an academic superstar, he got a 1600 on the old SATs, some very pretty stats on SATIIs, officers of several clubs, instrument, etc etc. However, you can still label him the standard asian. Thereafter his deferral and rejection, he became very bitter about it, an cursed about harvard frequently. He is at Duke now, which is still an awesome tier 1 school, but I am not sure if he is that happy.

    So just work your best, apply to a bunch of tier 1 schools, and start the loving your school part after you get into some and have the ability to choose.
  • ahluwaliaahluwalia Registered User Posts: 221 Junior Member
    i agree stargazer, from the begnning i tuned my mind - only apply to schools you a. want and b. wouldn't mind (safetys) going to. No point applying somewhere you don't want to go.

    Than way, as long as you end up with some sort of a choice, or decision, or even if you don't, your not p|ssed at where you end up.
  • rayyyrayyy Registered User Posts: 100 Junior Member
    Okay I have no idea what works for the humanities students, but for science people, olympiads and research are pretty useful. Especially if you represent Singapore in international olympiads or get selected for RSI (I'm not sure how many Singapore sends a year. It's that overseas research attachment thing in J1). These things will really help since they are recognised competitions that kind of prove to the schools that you are competent. BUT please don't join all these because it helps with college admissions. I assure you if you don't like biology at all, mugging for the olympiad will be painful, not to mention that these things take up a lot of time. If you like science, then go for it. Won't kill to have some nice awards and be accepted to a great school!
  • woebegonewoebegone Registered User Posts: 548 Member
    ahluwalia: nope, i'm rj'04. you? i applied to schs n got into most of them in my j2 year but din manage to get a scholarship. so i'm relinquishing my place dis yr and reapplying to other places for finaid. on hindsight, i'm quite glad i din get a scholarship (or chose not to, i withdrawn from a prospective one in the final round) coz none of the scholarships really suits my interest and career path...

    council pres of my year... haha i think he's a little unfortunate. most people expected him to get in... but i guess Harvard is just too unpredictable. doesn't really matter i guess, he's at Oxford now.
  • meltmelt Registered User Posts: 47 Junior Member
    hm, any people here from the graduating class of 03? Probably only guys though.
  • ahluwaliaahluwalia Registered User Posts: 221 Junior Member
    hi woebe,
    I'm applying this year, just finished j2. are u in NS now, or did you just take a year off?

    rayy -i don't think olympiads are THAT hepful. to some extent yes, but if one comes across as a nerdy mugger with no 'normal' interests, and if you couple that with lousy essays, it doesn't mean much. A normal student, with rjc's rep, doing well in school, and who writes decent essays, will do well.
  • rayyyrayyy Registered User Posts: 100 Junior Member
    Well I don't really know, since most science people who did get into HYP had a bunch of olympiads... I assume that everyone who wants to get into HYP will take it seriously and spend time on the essays etc, so olympiads will help to make you stand out. But of course they won't get you in if you are a terrible mugger who is socially inept (which will probably show in the interview). I made that comment because there are so many things you can do in JC, so you may want to be a little more selective (:
  • woebegonewoebegone Registered User Posts: 548 Member
    I'm in NS, 307days to ORD...

    Hmm, yeah most people with olympiads are quite serious about college apps so I guess they won't screw up their essays...

    rayyy, are you from rj too? and which batch?
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