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Who's going to the US?


Replies to: Who's going to the US?

  • muffincakesmuffincakes Registered User Posts: 19 New Member
    Seattle is a nice place, two of my best friends from high school went to UW and are graduating this year. They took me on a tour around the place when I visited. Gotta say that the weather is moody almost all the time though, definitely a big change if you're coming from Singapore. I really enjoyed the food there if that counts? Parking is notoriously hard to find (i don't know how my buddy even drives up there) but as an international you probably won't be doing much of that unless you want to get your US driver's license.
  • agnstalodzagnstalodz Registered User Posts: 13 New Member
    Hey again rosewood. Yes, cost of tuition (and tuition ALONE) for an international OOS student is about $9352 per quarter, according to my most recent bill. This includes only tuition and the mandatory $75 bus pass for one quarter. As students typically take 45 credits a year, and 15 credits a quarter, the total cost of tuition for one quarter would be under $30k.

    Of course, if you factor in cost of living and rent and all that stuff, you are right and it would be closer to $40k. (sometimes even more!) But the costs that I cited from the other schools are also just that - the cost of tuition outside of extraneous living expenses. But yeah, tuition is rising so who knows, maybe in 3 years' time we'll be up to $40k/year in tuition alone. :S

    Have you been accepted to both UW and UO already? Or are you still in the application stage? I will most likely be in Seattle in December, and we can most definitely meet if you want a free tour of the school.

    I'm going to flat out say that I AM REALLY BIASED, but really, the only thing that UO's got going for them is the sports. Hahahaha. In almost all other respects, UW wins hands down. The school spirit is great, the people and faculty are fantastic, and the campus is wonderful.

    Seattle seems like a gloomy place at first, but there's some camaraderie that lies beneath everyone's depressed faces. Something about suffering through the dark days together makes you feel more a part of the city with every rainy day. When the sun comes out, you can actually SENSE everyone's spirits being lifted. Haha. Life in Seattle feels just right. It's not that fast paced, but you still have all the familiar comforts of city life. If you ever get tired of all that pavement (John Mayer reference WHADDUP), just take a short drive and immerse yourself in the forest or go to the beach. People here on average tend to be more intelligent and literate than most other parts of the US (Seattle ranked second most literate city in U.S. - Seattle News - MyNorthwest.com) I could go on but I don't want to bore you. Haha. Suffice it to say that I have grown to loooooove Seattle and I couldn't see myself going to uni anywhere else! (Even my mum agrees Seattle (UW) beats Bloomington (IU) and Ann Arbor (UMich) where my siblings went!)

    @muffincakes the food here is alright I guess but I haven't stopped craving my darling Hokkien Mee ever since I last left Singapore 1.5 years ago! And parking here isn't that bad, though they just increased the rates for hourly street parking. Still better than Vancouver and SF in my opinion. A US driver's license is notoriously easy and cheap to get, if you have the time and the right friends/resources. $45 for the license provided that you already have the driving skills needed to pass the first time. $45!!!!!!!! The Singaporeans here usually get a car in their second year. It's not difficult to find a decent working car for under US$3k!

    Sorry if I sound over excited. Haha UW is notoriously underrated as a quality school to Singaporeans, but that gives us hipster points I guess. Anyway, I hope more Singaporeans start coming to the UW!

    *p.s. we have a REAL LIVE MASCOT. His name is Dubs and he has a blawg A Dawg's Life
  • agnstalodzagnstalodz Registered User Posts: 13 New Member
    Oh, sorry, I forgot to mention that I unfortunately don't know anyone who's doing Physics or Geophysics. I know a guy who's doing Fisheries Sciences, but he's eh.. a bit weird. Most of the Singaporeans here are doing Business, Econs, or Engineering. My friend is a graduate student and she's doing BioChemsomethingorother, but I'm afraid that's the closest I can get! Will keep a lookout for you.
  • Rosewood24Rosewood24 Registered User Posts: 30 New Member
    Hey agnstalodz, thanks for the reply on the costs. Could I check if the costs of your current tuition is currently with or without the increased tuition costs, which I think UW was going to implement due to reduced state funding. Are there any plans at all to increase the tuition costs or have they already been implemented.

    At the moment I'm still in the application stage and will be attending next year Fall 2013. I may(Super small chance) be heading over to Seattle in December and if i'm there I'd happily take up your offer for a tour of the school. Only ever saw it on youtube and the UW website but it still looks REALLY nice. The weather is kinda gloomy but I guess it's what you make of your experiences and I'm sure the rain won't damper my mood. Plus I can't wait to experience snow in winter!

    I can see you're really a true supportor of UW and that actually makes UW all the more attractive, with how happy the students are. I actually say this based on interactions with 10+ UW students.

    People don't really know UW in Singapore and I think it's kinda underrated as well with it's top programs and opportunities despite being such a large school. In JC we had 2k students max and now it's 30k students, which is crazy!

    For not finding any Singaporeans with similar majors, no surprises there lol. Even people here think I'm weird for taking it since Singapore has virtually no courses on it and no one has ever heard of such a thing.

    BTW, do you think with this kind of background I could get in? Seeing as Singaporeans would be more familiar with our own credentials :
    - 2280 on SAT single sitting
    - No subject tests yet (Should I take them?)
    - BBBC for A Levels (Kinda a bad 2 years for me)
    - 6 points L1R5 for O Levels (Do they even consider O Levels?)
    - Various Mathematical/Science/English Competition at Sec 2,3 and 4
    - Exchange program with Japan High School in Sec 2 and 3
    - Uncle is an UW Alumni (Lol grasping at straws)
    - Plenty of ECAs at Secondary School Level but not very much during JC, though there are some(Mostly community work and school events)
    - I know the essay is also of super importance so gonna really work on it

    Was your background any similar? Would really like to know. I know UW has a bare minimum of all Cs(2.0) for H2s.

    Thanks so much for the info so far!
  • agnstalodzagnstalodz Registered User Posts: 13 New Member
    Hey rosewood,

    I have a different background than you, so I can't really guarantee anything. I went to a small, private Jesuit university in Seattle for two years, and then transferred to UW. So at the time that I transferred, it was possible that they looked more at my university transcript than everything else. They do look at A level and O level results, but it's probably not weighted very heavily. What goes on in the admissions office is quite a mystery to everyone not involved.

    As for the tuition costs, I transferred in Summer 2011, and that was the last quarter that my tuition was $8k+. I think Summer rates are lower, but only by $50-$100. In Fall, I started paying $9352, so I'm pretty sure this current rate is the already increased rate, but there's no saying whether it will rise again/continue to rise next year. I haven't really been paying attention to the campus news so I can't offer any definitive statements, but I'm sure you can find out more stuff online.

    I'd say you'd have a very good chance of getting into UW. I'd even go so far as to say that you would be able to get into UMich, BU, USC, or one of the better UCs! But of course, we'd be happy to have you if you choose UW. Haha. In my freshman year, I found out from my roommate that 1600 is TRULY the American average SAT score. I'd heard of that before and never believed it, but it turns out that it's true. :S On the other boards, I've seen people with 1580 on their SATs who got into UW (but they might have excelled in some other aspect). I think subject tests are not required, but they're always welcome. Especially if you're interested in majoring in Physics, it might be good to get that done. If you don't do well for it, you can always choose not to disclose! But yeah. You should have a very good chance of getting in :)

    Also, since the UW is so poor now, the school is more inclined to accept international students because we are not subsidised by the state. In fact, we actually help pay the subsidies that are given to the in-state students!! You're already about one foot in with your scores, and your international status helps to give you an extra push. BUT THIS IS STILL ALL SPECULATION! Don't come looking for me if you don't get in ah!

    I haven't heard of UW's 'minimum' grade for A levels. I think what they mean is that you need at least a C to get credit for the subject. Each A level subject is worth 15 credits.. though I thought that a pass was enough to get the credit for it. The system might have changed! But even so, you'd be getting 60 credits upon starting school, which makes you a sophomore (and 1/3)!

    Wow, Fall 2013.. I'm not sure if I'll still be here by then. Will probably be working already or doing Masters. But yes, I'll most likely be here in December to give you your free tour! It might even be snowing. Gotta love Seattle in the winter. Because it doesn't snow every year, Seattle has a strange reaction to it. People don't know how to drive in the snow, and the city prioritises the environment over the safety of its people lol (i.e. salting the roads as little as possible so the runoff doesn't affect the sea/rivers too drastically). This makes for funny but yet terrifying instances of cars sliding down hills and people staying home to work because of the 3-inch snowpocalypse outside. We even had 3 snow days for school this year, even though there was little-to-no snow on one of the days. The paranoia that overcomes everyone that time of the year is positively hilarious.

    It's a bit of a big gap to be starting school in Fall 2013, since you already have your A level results. Are you a guy doing your NS right now? Or are you just taking a gap year to travel/meditate and such?

    You seem like a really forward looking/planning person, and I'm sure the admissions committee will realise that in your application! I was not even that well-researched and conscientious when it came to choosing my school after A's!
  • Rosewood24Rosewood24 Registered User Posts: 30 New Member
    Hey agnstalodz,

    Wow seems like International Students do have some advantages. I hope I do get in as well!

    Yea I'm actually in army atm. Finished my As way back in 2010 and if it wasn't for army, I'd be rushing straight into University. It's like 2 gap years but not very fun..

    BTW i'm curious : Do you hang out mostly with other Singaporeans (Asians) or do you just simply mix with whoever when you're about the University? Open to all but was just asking to see what the social situation is like there.
  • agnstalodzagnstalodz Registered User Posts: 13 New Member
    Haha but in your second year I'm guessing it isn't that xiong anymore?

    Unfortunately, I have to admit to being like just about every other Singaporean studying overseas: I hang out mainly with the Singaporeans. I would love to have some close American friends but connecting with them isn't as easy as you would think (for me at least). I find it hard to be interested in the same things that they like, like drinking/partying/getting wasted/stupid tv shows etc. Of course, not all of them are like that. But there's also the comfort in being around Singaporeans that lets you make culturally relevant jokes and puns and references that non-Singaporeans wouldn't get. I've made some American friends at my part time campus job, but I'm not that close to them and I won't exactly meet them for lunch or catch a movie together.

    Though, I know a friend who hang out mainly with Americans, and she even shares a house with them! I guess it depends on your personality and how much you want to make non-Singaporean friends. Your intended major would likely have a small department, which will make it easier for you to make friends since you'd probably be seeing the same people throughout your time here.
  • Rosewood24Rosewood24 Registered User Posts: 30 New Member
    Not xiong at all lol. Wasn't really all that bad to begin with. A little adjustment period here and there and now it's kinda like doing any normal job, since I do mostly 8-5 clerical.

    Not really aware that most Singaporeans studying overseas still hung out with their fellow Singaporeans! Was expecting mixing around since that's one of the opportunities we get going overseas to study. Guess it depends on personality then as you said your friend does mix around. My parents were kinda like that too in their college days as well lol but back then the UO had like 200+ Singaporeans now it's only 15.

    Lol are most americans really that into drinking/partying/getting wasted/stupid tv shows? Seemed like a stereotype that possibly encompasses a minority. I'm guessing you don't like to drink/party? What activities do you take part in UW? : Seems that they have a ton of stuff going on with something for everyone.

    BTW what kind of campus jobs can we international students hold?
  • kennztkennzt Registered User Posts: 8 New Member
    Hey this thread is really lively, just to chip in a little bit (I'm applying for fall 2013 too!)

    I remember from a sharing session with an alumnus from my JC (2 years ago... wow it feels like ages!) that he took up assistantship to teach introductory calculus - apparently things we cover in Singapore puts us really much ahead. Some other available campus jobs might revolve around dining and library services. If you have other skills like playing the piano (music students needing an accompanist, for instance), those count too I suppose.

    Maybe those already in college can shed more light on this? Haha.
  • muffincakesmuffincakes Registered User Posts: 19 New Member
    as a singaporean living here for half my life i have to say that most americans are very friendly and don't judge you based on your race. in fact, all my best friends are white, and this wasn't by intention. i have only a couple asian acquaintances.

    in reality, most singaporeans (and internationals for that matter) self-segregate as they are too unconfident to socialize with the locals. a lot of people come over thinking "oh i'll be making friends in no time!" then realize they don't know anything about social norms here, or how to express themselves in an appropriate way.

    "all americans do is party" -- total, utter, rubbish sentiment that comes from MTV and hollywood. in fact, from what i saw during NS, i'd say that its just as bad or even worse in singapore.
  • ElorielEloriel Registered User Posts: 345 Member
    ^I agree. I've had no problems socialising with Americans whatsoever. Although to be honest they do party quite a lot - but then that's what being confined to campus does to you (in Singapore, at least your home was quite a distance away from Clark Quay).

    About campus jobs - they (abuse) utilise students in almost every way, haha. Libraries, dining commons, administrative stuff in offices, residential hall staff, drivers, sales assistants at the bookstores, research assistants, you name it.
  • Rosewood24Rosewood24 Registered User Posts: 30 New Member
    Kennzt you're looking at UW as well? I think for them High School Senior Year Maths is equivalent to Sec 4 Maths here in Singapore. So the JC Maths is what puts us ahead.

    Yea agree about about what you said about NS partying. Most of my camp mates do nothing but that almost every weekend, kinda sad lol. BTW what are the social norms there? How different is it?
  • hoytnexushoytnexus Registered User Posts: 2 New Member
    I'm going to Emory in Atlanta this fall. And actually it will be grad school, not college.
  • writtenonthebodywrittenonthebody Registered User Posts: 68 Junior Member
    Hey hoytenexus, that's cool! Where did you study for undergrad though? Just curious.
  • hoytnexushoytnexus Registered User Posts: 2 New Member
    I did my undergrad in NTU. After that I've been working for about 1.5 years to get some research experience before starting grad school.
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