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Nearby Hotels/Motels


Replies to: Nearby Hotels/Motels

  • CarolynBCarolynB Registered User Posts: 1,068 Senior Member
    MWFN, I just checked my reservations for Parents' Weekend--the Comfort Inn in Hadley! At this point, I'm crossing my fingers I don't get your room! I am sorry you were dissatisfied.

    CrewDad, I'm glad you know of a number of people who have been happy so I guess I'll stick with the current reservations. However, what will I do if the sink is tilted to the right? Maybe I can use my ACLU, Southern Poverty Law Foundation and Amnesty International membership cards to prop it up. Perhaps I should bring along other left-leaning cards, just in case I need additional reinforcement. :)
  • overwhelmedmaoverwhelmedma Registered User Posts: 431 Member
    We'll be there too - I switched from University Lodge although I still haven't cancelled that reservation. If it's too loud etc we'll just stay for one night - It's mostly so my daughter can hang out with the dog.I'm assuming it will be mostly parents that weekend. I did see one horrible review but most were fine - University Lodge also takes pets but seemed a it more run down according to reviews.
    Any idea who the BBQers were? That is a bit odd!
    What room where you in with the lefty sink?
  • MomwaitingfornewMomwaitingfornew Registered User Posts: 5,821 Senior Member
    We stayed in the separate building, the one with the pool. The main building, where the reception desk and breakfast room is, also has rooms.

    As for the BBQ, I have no idea. There might have been a UMass football game in Amherst on Saturday, and this was an extension of tailgating. I don't know. There were three or so large pickup trucks and a bunch of guys sitting on lawn chairs drinking beer. I didn't see the actual grill, although the smoke billowed up in a thick haze. They set up at the back of the back parking lot, so they obviously were trying to set up out of the way. If it was indeed a football weekend, then that may have also explained the noise.

    The continental breakfast has make-your-own waffles, bagels, tiny muffins, Cheerios, and danish.

    Yes, CrewDad, the signs I referred to were the GPS security messages; because the paper was curled, I think it gave the impression of being a more low-end area than it really was. I wasn't worried. I did crack up when I saw the sign on the back of my door, however: "No visitors after 8 pm." I've never seen that before in a hotel room!

    I've stayed in Comfort Inns in many places in the US, and I know that much of what you see is a direct reflection of those hotels located in cities. The Rochester Comfort Inn I stayed in was definitely seedy and somewhat dangerous. The police showed up there two nights in a row, with lights flashing. Likewise, the Comfort Inn in the city near where I live has more of a crime (usually theft) problem than other hotels in the area, simply because of its location. When the head office needs to address security, it sends out directives to all.
  • jegjeg Registered User Posts: 13 New Member
    I know the request for nice restaurants in Northampton was from a while ago, but these suggestions may still help someone out there. Try the Eastside Grille for dinner (but be prepared to wait in line for dinner -- they don't take reservations) and/or Sylvester's for breakfast. We also love Paul and Elizabeth's, which is inside Thorne's Marketplace. Hope that's helpful.
  • MomwaitingfornewMomwaitingfornew Registered User Posts: 5,821 Senior Member
    I've never had a bad meal in Northampton. Yes, sometimes we hit slow service, but that's about the extent of it. Of course, I use CC and my daughter's info to choose where we go, so my information is already filtered.
  • MomwaitingfornewMomwaitingfornew Registered User Posts: 5,821 Senior Member
    "The no visitors after 8 PM sign was posted by the construction firm. They expect their employees to respect the other guests and refrain from undue noise."

    How could that be? It was posted inside my room.
  • CrewDadCrewDad Registered User Posts: 1,721 Senior Member
    Any idea who the BBQers were? That is a bit odd!

    Because I recommend the Inn, I thought it appropriate to learn the reason for the BBQ.

    As I suspected, it was the contractors. Some of the construction and renovation of various projects around Northampton and Amherst (including Amherst and Smith College) is done by firms from out of the area. Workers stay at the Comfort Inn for up to three weeks at a time.
    The BBQ was their form of entertainment and a way to break the monotony when away from family. The no visitors after 8 PM sign was posted by the construction firm. They expect their employees to respect the other guests and refrain from undue noise.
    However, what will I do if the sink is tilted to the right?

    Carolyn, this too concerned me. I was assured the Limbaugh suite was booked by a family from Texas. How apropos. All's good. ;)
  • CrewDadCrewDad Registered User Posts: 1,721 Senior Member
    How could that be? It was posted inside my room.

    Have no idea. Maybe it was left there. All I know is what the manager told me.

    Edit: The Comfort Inn has NO rule regarding when guests can visit. The sign might have been posted in all the rooms occupied by workers.
  • overwhelmedmaoverwhelmedma Registered User Posts: 431 Member
    Nothing compared to my friend who took her daughter to visit Goucher in MD and stayed in a nearby hotel - when she arrived there were police and CSI types everywhere. She asked the manager what was going on and if it was safe to stay. She was told yes and head little other option at that point. Went to her room turned on the TV news and saw that there had been a murder suicide 4 floors up from her room and that the police were still in the hotel investigating!! her D ended up at Mnt Holyoke.
  • mommycat1962mommycat1962 Registered User Posts: 15 New Member
    Though I have no particular affiliation with Goucher College, I do live about 20 minutes away, and I'd hate for someone searching here to stumble on the post above and get a bad impression of the area near the college simply because of an isolated (though admittedly extremely shocking) incident. That crime was committed by a father who was apparently in the throes of a serious emotional and financial crisis while his entire family was visiting one of his daughters (a student at another local college, not Goucher), and the family was from out of state. It's the sort of tragedy that could have happened anywhere; that it happened at that particular hotel was a very unfortunate coincidence. I'm certainly not judging anyone's specific reaction, because it shook me up just reading about in the local paper at the time (to the point that I immediately recognized the story behind the post, even though it happened two years ago), but perhaps it's a reminder not to judge a place based on what could be an isolated and highly uncommon incident.

    What I REALLY wanted to accomplish in reviving this topic is the question of whether it is difficult to park near Smith if you are staying at a hotel that is not within walking distance. The Hampton Inn sounds appealing to me also but I was wondering if during big events like Parents' Weekend and moving-in/moving-out days what it is like to park either on campus or nearby on the streets of Northampton. We didn't have much trouble parking when we visited for the first time back in August, but that was August!
  • susgeeksusgeek Registered User Posts: 1,603 Senior Member
    We have never stayed in Northampton - once in Hadley and once in Springfield. We helped her move in, and visited for Parent's Weekend. We have never had trouble finding parking around campus, but we also don't mind a bit of a walk.
  • MomwaitingfornewMomwaitingfornew Registered User Posts: 5,821 Senior Member
    We stayed mostly at the Hampton Inn, and we never had issues parking except if we wanted to park in town. Even then, a little bit of cruising or a trip to the parking garage solved the problem. Usually, we were able to park right on Green St. There's also parking up and down Elm St. I stayed at the Autumn Inn only twice -- once when I came up for a medical emergency and again at graduation. Because of the two reasons, I wanted to be within walking distance to campus.
  • SmithieandProudSmithieandProud Registered User Posts: 3,038 Senior Member
    You may have to drive around a bit to find a parking space, but you'll be able to find one eventually. It's loading/unloading stuff that's sometimes a problem, finding parking right by the front door may be a little tricky. But they cut you some slack on the moving in days andynot everyone drives, or even brings their parents, and when the first years and transfers are moving in, the upperclasswomen won't be there yet, so you'll have a bit of a break.

    I know on Parents Weekend my parents usually stayed in one of the hotels on the route between Amherst and Noho, and then they were usually able to find parking around campus or they'd park in town in the garage and walk up to campus. As long as your comfortable walking a little bit, you'll be fine.
  • upstatemomupstatemom Registered User Posts: 520 Member
    I've been wondering about parking during move-in also. When we came for admitted students day, we were able to park in the equestrian lot and walk over to the indoor tennis facility; am wondering if we will be able to do that again when getting keys, etc. But am wondering how hard it will be to park close enough to d's house as to not break our backs bringing in the "stuff" (d really wants a trunk).

    RE hotels: We are booked at the Hampton Inn; have stayed there twice and liked it. D and I stayed at Quality Inn once which was kind of thread bare but a little cheaper. Was debating about whether or not to book at the Autumn Inn because of its proximity but decided to go with Hampton. It'll probably be a Smith takeover of Hampton Inn (and every other motel) on Sept. 1!
  • SmithieandProudSmithieandProud Registered User Posts: 3,038 Senior Member
    For Central Check in you'll be able to park in the lot at the ITT, so it shouldn't be difficult. But you'll be at Central Check In for all of about 10 minutes probably, so then you have to drive up to her house. As for parking, it really depends on the house, some have a lot of parking spaces around, some don't have many. As it gets closer to move in day you'll probably be receiving information that will include info on parking. But in terms of loading/unloading, in my experience it's a lot like when you move anywhere, some double parking and violation of parking rules is allowed provided you're actively loading/unloading stuff. So maybe you unload most of the stuff in the living room, and then you/your D bring it upstairs while your husband parks or some combination therein.

    Anyway, it seems to work out every year. I've never heard of anyone having trouble getting their stuff unloaded because of parking, especially not during first year move in (upperclasswomen move in can be a little more hectic, but usually you're bringing less stuff into the houses in your second-fourth years, cause most of it will be in the trunk room.

    if she's sold on the trunk, she's sold on it, I guess. But she's gonna be the one that has to schlep it up and down from the trunk room every year...
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