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getting medical school interviews- how do you decide if you have choices

Mom17yearoldtrMom17yearoldtr 3 replies1 threads New Member
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hi, my dtr is getting interviews at 3 or 4 med schools. If you get 1, it's easy, take it and be happy. If you get more than 1 offer how do you decide where to go?
specifically- gwu, drexel, penn state, temple?

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Replies to: getting medical school interviews- how do you decide if you have choices

  • IcarusIcarus 4304 replies31 threads Senior Member
    Are you talking about interviews? If so, then the answer is that you take every single one until you get an acceptance somewhere. Do not even think about turning down an interview until you have an acceptance in your hand.
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  • BigredmedBigredmed 3726 replies26 threads Senior Member
    Agreed about taking all interviews...but I think the question is about acceptances and making decisions on where to finally end up.

    That's obviously a much more complex and can (and probably should) take into account cost, city, proximity to friends and family, overall comfort level, happiness, ease of moving, clinical and research opportunities, hospital and college of medicine facilities, curriculum, and probably a dozen other things.

    I personally am a believer in gut feelings when it comes to these sorts of things, especially if there's a clearcut leader. Of course, this is all a moot point until she actually gets that second acceptance letter.
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  • Mom17yearoldtrMom17yearoldtr 3 replies1 threads New Member
    thanks for your kind responses. Yes, take all the interviews and hope for the best. Definitely.

    I believe that all US schools are good. If at this young age, its hard to plan out the next 8 years and what you exactly want to do, and so therefore, how does one decide? I guess the go with your gut(as stated) and look at the details and make a decision. Thanks so much- we'll keep you posted!
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  • BigredmedBigredmed 3726 replies26 threads Senior Member
    Most medical students will change their minds on specialty more often than the average college student changes majors. Even when I was on the interview trail for residency positions, there were a shocking number of people I met who were just happy to have made a decision to do pediatrics. Even most residents don't have a good idea if they want to sub-specialize.

    There's no medical school in the country that's going to prevent your daughter from entering the specialty she wants...her performance in medical school certainly may, but not her school itself.
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