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Presidential Scholarship - worth it?

oomooloooomooloo 0 replies2 threads New Member
Hey y'all! I'm a senior at a public high school in PA, looking to major in Psychology and (hopefully!) double major/minor in Women's Studies. I've been accepted to St. John's, and they awarded me a Presidential Scholarship, which seems to be full tuition plus a $5,800 grant for housing. This offer is incredible, but St. John's isn't exactly my first choice. I'm looking for any advice anyone can offer me, especially those who attend or attended St. John's.

- I come from a working class home with a single parent, so financial aid is extremely important to me. While St. John's isn't my ideal school, they offered me a full ride, which is hard to turn down.
- From what I've found in my research, it doesn't seem like St. John's is the strongest academically. I've seen bad reviews on the curriculum, mixed reviews on the professors and the theology requirement is a definite downside to me.
- I want to be as close to NYC as possible. My boyfriend lives in Brooklyn, and while location is not the deciding factor in my college choice, it is important. The Queens campus isn't the closest, but it's not bad at all.
- I am agnostic, queer, a feminist and extremely liberal. While I don't need (or expect!) to go to a college filled with people just like myself, it would be nice if the school is liberal-leaning with some sort of LGBT organization on campus. From what I understand, there has been an ongoing battle at St. John's for years to allow a Gay-Straight Alliance on campus. This is a problem for me; I don't want to feel excluded or looked down upon because of my sexual orientation, as it is incredibly important to me.

Other colleges I'm considering:
Eugene Lang College
Hunter College
Brooklyn College
Drew University
Rutgers University (accepted to Newark campus; waiting to hear from New Brunswick)
Temple University Honors (accepted)
Hofstra University Honors (accepted)
Fordham University (accepted)

I would greatly appreciate any insight anyone could offer me. Thank you so much!
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Replies to: Presidential Scholarship - worth it?

  • susgeeksusgeek 1559 replies44 threads Senior Member
    I think you should visit the college - preferably for an overnight.
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  • FutureOfWallStFutureOfWallSt 126 replies9 threads Junior Member
    ^I agree with this poster. Fordham is an excellent school as well. Just have to pick a place that you would like.
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  • intheair8intheair8 31 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Honestly you would not fit in at stjs urban campus
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  • NewHavenCTmomNewHavenCTmom 1971 replies57 threads Senior Member
    I agree.. visit and talk to some students! That seems too good of a deal to turn down. My only question, you say you have a boyfriend and you are queer.. which is great,You say that you are a feminist??? Am I mistaken, but aren't WOMEN typically feminist and not men? If you are a lesbian, how do you have a bf? Is this a **** thread? I'm just saying.... :)
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