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Harvard or Stanford?

camuscamus Registered User Posts: 38 Junior Member
edited September 2011 in Stanford University
I got into Stanford EA and also applied to Harvard. I wouldn't know what to do if Harvard accepts me.

Let's say you get into both Harvard and Stanford. Honestly, which school would you pick and why? What are the pros and cons of each school?
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Replies to: Harvard or Stanford?

  • current_studentcurrent_student Registered User Posts: 913 Member
    well this is the stanford forum so i'm going to guess you're going to get a lot of STANFORD's.

    let's see, stanford has MUCH better weather, happier students, not such an obsessively cut throat environment, near silicon valley (job opps), awesome sports program, and just sexier...if i may say.

    harvard has...a tad more "prestige". i mean, ask anyone that knows there stuff and they'll know stanford and harvard and equal as far as academics goes. but ask someone that lives in the middle of nowhere in wyoming which is better, they'll say harvard, b/c they've never heard of stanford before. a con of stanford? ummm, a lot of californians? haha. jp.

    honestly, lets say academics had nothing to do with your decision, since they are practically the top schools in the nation. lets say you were choosing where you'd want to live for 9 months to just have fun at some "camp" or whatever. where would you choose to be?

    ok, not the best way to make your decision, but this is all you b/c only you can decide. i'm sure you have a gut feeling to go to one and not the other right now, though you might not want to accept it. i think the best thing you can do right now is visit both campuses and get a feel for what they are and what they can offer you.

    congrats on stanford and good luck w/ hahvahd ;)

    oh i forgot. FINANCIAL AID should be quite a factor, unless your parents are rich and you don't have to worry about that. hopefully you don't, but in case you do keep that in mind.
  • marlgirlmarlgirl Registered User Posts: 1,096 Senior Member
    "honestly, lets say academics had nothing to do with your decision, since they are practically the top schools in the nation. lets say you were choosing where you'd want to live for 9 months to just have fun at some "camp" or whatever. where would you choose to be?"

    Actually I think that is a very good suggestion. Academics and prestige aren't factors anymore because both schools are so strong. Where do you want to spend the next four years of your life? Where will you learn the most? Where will you have the most fun? Which school will make you the person you want to be when you graduate?

    I'm probably rather biased... but I don't think anyone at Stanford would say you should go to Harvard, but there are Harvard students and faculty who would tell you (and have told other students) you should go to Stanford.
  • firebird12637firebird12637 Registered User Posts: 371 Member
    if ur into debate and mock trial and stuff, all the powerhouse teams are on the east coast. So traveling to tournaments is a lot more convenient when ur living RIGHT THERE, you probably wont miss as many days of school as you would if u traveled from stanford. that's basically the only argument against stanford that i can think of

    stanford rocks.
  • camuscamus Registered User Posts: 38 Junior Member
    ^^^ haha. thanks for the responses.

    Can the current students comment on the Stanford campus? I've never been. I didn't like Harvard's much.
  • current_studentcurrent_student Registered User Posts: 913 Member
    i'm no architect, so sorry for my rather undetailed description. so basically, a lot of the buildings have the classic, beautiful spanish style look and there are A LOT of trees. a lot of squirrels and a lot of fountains. it's really beautiful, that's basically what i'm trying to say. it has a really relaxed and cool feel to it. nothing's ugly. go to the website or google "stanford university" and look at the images. i've never been to harvard, but stanford's campus is the best one i've seen.
  • DiamondTDiamondT Registered User Posts: 459 Member
    This wasn't a tough question for me.

    Although most kids who are admitted to both schools pick Harvard, they pick Harvard for the "brand name" and the "worldwide prestige" without considering how their quality of life would vary at both schools.

    I myself did alot of research, and I chose to go to Stanford over Harvard. Although sometimes I question whether it was worth giving up the "prestige", i'm sure that when I actually start living at Stanford, I could never regret it.

    Stanford and Harvard will soon become the two best schools in the world.

    Stanford, simply, is where it's at. I hope you'll be my classmate this coming fall.

    '10! what what, the best class yet!
  • neemineemi Registered User Posts: 213 Junior Member
    yeah...I was also admitted Stanford EA and I'm applying to Harvard regular. I appreciate the help...and I really want to go to Stanford--> I think their are more opportunities for undergrads here in Stanford, right? Can someone back me up on that as far as research and student to teacher ratio goes???
  • juzam_djinnjuzam_djinn Registered User Posts: 656 Member
    there was this big article published a while ago about some kid who transferred between harvard and stanford like 3 times

    he/she ultimately ended up at stanford after spending a couple years at both
  • marlgirlmarlgirl Registered User Posts: 1,096 Senior Member
    First of all, any difference between the two student to teacher ratios are trivial and any actual differences in your experience due to that difference would be even more trivial. Any difference in opportunities for undergraduates is probably also trivial. Both schools have plenty of opportunities, you just have to find out for yourself what is out there and what you want to do.
  • friedfun2001friedfun2001 Registered User Posts: 63 Junior Member
    I am beginning to think that I might be going to Harvard over Stanford as much as I don't want to, and for a horrible reason too. Noone, and I mean noone understands that it is one of the top college. People where I am from can barely distinguish it from places like UGA, and it sucks. Prestige reallistically should not matter, but its no fun if noone knows that you are doing something big. Its just another college to too many people, and regardless of how uninformed they may be, I still want it to be known. Beyond the shallow level, local scholarships are given based on the prestige of the school that people in my school are going to and my school has never sent a student to the Ivy League. I think I can get some money if I were to go to Harvard. Just two cents. But I really want to go to Stanford. I feel your pain camus.
  • aznsensaznaznsensazn Registered User Posts: 37 Junior Member
    Conversation between me and my Dean of Students
    (Me): I got accepted to Stanford!
    (Dean of Students): Congratulations? You'll go there for sure, right? I mean, Stanford, that's a big deal!
    (Me): I don't know. I think I'm going to see if I get into Harvard in the regular round.
    (Dean of Students): Why would you consider Harvard over Stanford?
    (Me):I don't know...it has the name you know.
    (Dean of Students): Yeah, Stanford has the name too. But it also has palm trees.
  • purplerain666purplerain666 Registered User Posts: 190 Junior Member
    ya! palm trees, yo! that's hot! I'm trying to decide btw Stanford and Yale - altho i like harvard's weather the best. am i the only person in cali who wants to run around naked in a thunderstorm? anyhoo, if Yale actually takes me, it might depend on FA and admit weekend. i would be happy at either place, and all this such a huge shock 'cause i was totally prepared to go to berkeley since forever. Harvard is really stuck up and someone like me would probably suffocate with their snobby prestige and moldy campus.
  • neemineemi Registered User Posts: 213 Junior Member
    OMG purplerain! I am so on the same page as you (well kinda). Runnning in thunderstorms (here in CA)-->that's so something I would do...hahahaha and I was so prepared to go to Berkeley also; not that I really ever wanted to (no where near as pretty as Stanford)
  • neemineemi Registered User Posts: 213 Junior Member
    BTW: I don't really say "OMG" in real life-- it just seemed fitting at the moment
  • purplerain666purplerain666 Registered User Posts: 190 Junior Member
    lol. it's ok to get excited - we're going to STANFORD!! you know that thing when you analyze a word and you say it so much it loses all meaning - yeah, kinda starting to happen. I think Stanford is the most used word in my vernacular after "the" and "****" and "yayuh" lol
    WE"RE GOING TO STANFORD!!! even if i have to strip
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