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Chance me please!

engineer96engineer96 Registered User Posts: 19 New Member
edited April 2013 in Stanford University
Much appreciated,
GPA: 3.98/4.0 4.12/4.3 unweighted GPAs Weighted: 4.46
SAT: 2220
SATII: 800 Math 2 780 Molecular Biology 800 Chemistry

State: VA (Northern VA)
White Male

APs through junior year: Biology, World History, Chemistry, US History, Calculus BC

Senior Year Course Load: AP Economics, Academic or AP english (not sure yet), AP Computer Science, AP Physics C, Independent Science Research (dual enrollment), AP Government, Multivariable Calculus (dual enrollment) All should be 5s

Major: Chemical Engineering

EC: Varsity Wrestling 4 years (Captain), Varsity/JV Football 2 years, JV Lacrosse 1 year, Global Ambassadors 1 year, Junior Engineering Technical Society 3 years (Captain), Math Honors Society 2 years, National Honors Society two years, Spanish Honors Society 2 years

Community Service: Over 100 hours through various organizations (Clean up organization, coaching lacrosse). I am also a EMT-B for the local station (this obviously requires a lot of time, effort, and training)

Jobs: Lifeguard, Bus boy for catering co., lawn care service

Summer Activites: Virginia Tech Governor's School for Agriculture (competitive state-wide program), might get an internship, UVa wrestling Camp, Lifeguarding

Essays are decent and will be proofread


Also, should I apply SCEA or RD because my GPA will go up by .05 to 4.46 instead of 4.41 if I applied SCEA. I'm thinking I might get some sort of a college advisor to help out for my app. Thanks!
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Replies to: Chance me please!

  • engineer96engineer96 Registered User Posts: 19 New Member

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  • surreptitioussurreptitious User Awaiting Email Confirmation Posts: 277 New Member
    Seeing your stats, you're definitely qualified, so with that it all just boils down to how you come across in your essays and a lot of luck.

    As for SCEA/RD - If you're really passionate about Stanford and know that it's definitely where you want to go, then shoot for SCEA! Just a word of caution, though - although Stanford does have a higher acceptance rate for early action, the people are also more qualified. The difference between a 4.91 and 4.96 is minute, so don't judge your decision on just that.
  • CantConcentrateCantConcentrate Registered User Posts: 2,552 Senior Member
    Adding to the REA discussion, Stanford also likes to reject a lot of people early and only defer a few people.
  • MascaraMascara Registered User Posts: 697 Member
    Your stats are fine; I wouldn't worry about them any longer. For what it's worth, my stats were worse than yours and I got in.

    Just make sure your essays are really expressive and honest.
  • surreptitioussurreptitious User Awaiting Email Confirmation Posts: 277 New Member
    ^^CantConcentrate, of course Stanford rejects a lot of people (it's obviously true RD), but I've always heard that they (along with pretty much every other school) accept a lot more people SCEA? I think the stats are skewed because slightly less people apply...
  • rosiesteinbachrosiesteinbach Registered User Posts: 55 Junior Member
    I understand the stressing over stats, since it feels like the only thing you can control about the admissions process, but stop haha. Your stats are great (... like everyone else who applies).

    Focus on your essays. They can't just be decent. Try to avoid stories about that time you almost lost a wrestling match and then came back to win it, because unless you're like the Robert Frost of wrestling narratives they're going to forget you in an instant. Pick something that showcases your character, your humor, your humanity -- something fun or dramatic, interesting and alive. You only have 500 words, so they're not expecting a masterpiece, but you really need to seize your opportunity to build a relationship with that admissions officer. Make them want a conversation with you, not an autograph.

    Apply early decision, it's certainly not going to hurt your chances and you'll get your result sooner.

    Good luck man! And kudos on the EMT-Basic, I've been trying to get my boyfriend to take classes for like two years in case he needs a job between now and med school haha.
  • CantConcentrateCantConcentrate Registered User Posts: 2,552 Senior Member
    Sorry for not being clearer. Compared with other elite colleges (HYP), Stanford tends to reject a larger fraction of their early applicants than they defer (in contrast with HYP). Sure, they accept a higher percentage early (they do not accept more early - they accepted 3x as many people RD), but those people are shoe-ins, people that Stanford wants to get NOW. Stanford will tend to reject more average applicants early rather than defer them for later.
  • withtheflowwiththeflow Registered User Posts: 193 Junior Member
    Is that just speculation or are their numbers behind it?^

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  • surreptitioussurreptitious User Awaiting Email Confirmation Posts: 277 New Member
    ^^Thanks for clearing that up! Do you know the approximate percentage they accept/reject/defer early?
  • CantConcentrateCantConcentrate Registered User Posts: 2,552 Senior Member
    Well, let's compare!

    Harvard SCEA Class of 2017 - 4850 applicants
    Accepted: 895 (18.5%)
    Deferred: 3196 (65.9%)
    Rejected: 759 (15.6%)

    Yale SCEA Class of 2017 - 4520 applicants
    Accepted: 649 (14.4%)
    Deferred: 2529 (56.0%)
    Rejected: 1302 (28.8%)

    Stanford REA Class of 2017 - 6103 applicants
    Accepted: 725 (11.9%)
    Deferred: 572 (9.4%)
    Rejected: 4806 (78.7%)
  • HelenstreetHelenstreet Registered User Posts: 55 Junior Member
    Your stats are good, but it also depends a great deal on how your stats compare relative to the rest of your class, (class ranking). Stanford looks at the type of high school you attend, their grading system, and your GPA is recalculated by Stanford without the extra weight for honors or AP classes. For example, my daughter, (admitted to Stanford class of 2017), attends a private college preparatory school, and GPAs are unweighted--even Honors and AP classes. Also, her school offers very few AP classes, but their regular classes are rigorous enough to prepare students to do very well on the AP tests. At her school, receiving a 4.0 is almost unheard of. I am curious to know how you received 4.12 and 4.3 GPAs unweighted? I also recommend taking the SAT again to bring your score up a bit if possible. There are many applicants who apply to Stanford with 2300+ SAT scores that are rejected. Good luck!
  • surreptitioussurreptitious User Awaiting Email Confirmation Posts: 277 New Member
    Wow, now I'm really scared to apply to Stanford early.
  • HelenstreetHelenstreet Registered User Posts: 55 Junior Member
    Well, I wouldn't necessarily be "scared" to apply early. It is just very important to take into consideration that those who apply REA to Stanford are more likely to be very confident in their stats by that point in their senior year of high school. I really recommend taking the SAT again for a better score. My daughter applied REA, and she was of the low percentage that was deferred and accepted in the regular round. Her stats are stellar, she is the top student in her senior class, but her school is very well-known, (she attends an independent, private, college-prep school with 95% financial aid), and Stanford didn't accept any students early, (with the exception of one champion rower who was recruited in the very beginning of the school year). It is also possible because of her age, (sixteen years old), and ORM status, (Asian/Caucasian), that Stanford waited to make a final decision. When it was all said and done, my daughter and two athletic recruits were the only three that were accepted to Stanford. The school is unbelievably selective, and many of the most seemingly qualified, (unless they have legacy, sports, URM, or some other hook), are systematically rejected. Don't give up on Stanford, but just try to focus on a particular talent that you have which will help you stand out. My daughter is a very gifted writer; that may have ultimately been her "hook", but who really knows?
  • engineer96engineer96 Registered User Posts: 19 New Member
    @helenstreet it is a 4.12/4.3 because A+ is a 4.3, A is a 4, A- is 3.7 at least in my school. I'm not the top person in my class or sal either. I don't know my ranking even my school does rank but I am around top 3% out of a class of 340. My school is nationally ranked but in the lower range. It is somewhat competitive.
  • HelenstreetHelenstreet Registered User Posts: 55 Junior Member
    Oh, okay. My daughter's school doesn't weigh any higher than 4.0. This is their grading scale, (from their online handbook):

    A = 4.0
    A- = 3.67
    B+ = 3.33
    B = 3.00
    B- = 2.67
    C+ = 2.33
    C = 2.00
    C- = 1.67
    D+ = 1.33
    D = 1.00
    D- = 0.67

    Anyway, Stanford will recalculate your GPA with their scale which doesn't give extra weight to honors or AP classes. They also don't calculate pluses or minuses.
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