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Stanford vs Yale


Replies to: Stanford vs Yale

  • sbballersbballer Registered User Posts: 544 Member
    edited April 2016
    great choice.. although in terms of academic prowess and prestige Stanford is on the rise and Yale is fading or treading water especially internationally predominately because Yale is weak in STEM. I do think New Haven is a problem for the university.
  • Penn95Penn95 Registered User Posts: 2,320 Senior Member
    edited May 2016
    @Anonymoose3 i think the schools are on the same bracket for sure, but I don't think it is true they are equivalent for all intents and purposes. Stanford has the edge imo, because it is really strong in practically all fields whereas Yale is relatively lacking in certain fields.
  • AbbybearfAbbybearf Registered User Posts: 23 New Member
    Stanford has that second best business school in the country, and their YouTube channel is very inciteful you should definitely check it out!

    A student who attends: http://youtu.be/KKXHKQ1i_Iw
  • Anonymoose3Anonymoose3 Registered User Posts: 845 Member
    edited May 2016
    People saying Yale is "fading" as an institution need to get a grip. People saying Stanford is not good enough to be art of the Ivy League need to get a grip. Both are among the ****very best and most well-respected schools you could go to****. When you say you went to HYPSM to a stranger or a future employer, the reaction will likely be "Wow! You get an interview. O.K. now let's see what you can do." One school isn't substantially more prestigious than the other, and if you are trying to argue this you are (A) splitting hairs (B) likely not acquainted with the world - in which HYPSMC elicits an "oh, OK, you're one of us" (C) probably pushing some agenda or other. I say stop quibbling over which of these top four schools in the nation is the most academically prestigious because there are huge expansive gulfs of difference in other areas that will affect the rest of your life.

    That is not to say there is no difference:

    CS entrepreneur? Stanford
    Want to live on the West Coast in the future? Stanford
    Finance/Wall Street/Law School? Yale
    Want to live on the East Coast in the future? Yale.
  • Penn95Penn95 Registered User Posts: 2,320 Senior Member
    edited May 2016

    You are speaking in very broad terms here when you mention prestige. Also the division you do at the end is not completely correct.

    No one is saying that Yale is way less prestigious than Stanford, of course not. However the fact remains that Stanford is super strong in all fields across the board while Yale is definitely relatively lacking in some STEM areas. For example, an engineering degree from Stanford and an engineering degree from Yale are worlds apart in terms of perception and prestige. A person interested in tech would prob not even consider turning down Stanford for Yale.

    On the other hand, Stanford is a very viable option for Finance, Wall Street and Law school given its great strength in these areas. (Stanford has a better Econ department and much better business school than Yale, while its Law school is right behind that of Yale, and also Stanford is ranked the same or higher in most other humanities, social science fields). Also one could argue that there are higher chances of braking into Wall Street from Stanford since not as many students view than as the ideal job as at Yale --less competition.

    Also no one ever says that Stanford is not good enough to be Ivy league. That would be laughable since Stanford has surpassed all of the Ivies in many metrics, including Harvard, let alone Yale.

    No one is pushing an agenda. These are just the hard facts.
  • dfin2013dfin2013 Registered User Posts: 218 Junior Member
    @ASJU9511 How were the admitted student days? Did you pick Yale or Stanford?
  • renaissancedadrenaissancedad Registered User Posts: 1,480 Senior Member
    ^ This is a really silly conversation.

    In my personal opinion, the only thing that should determine whether someone lucky enough to get in to both Stanford and Yale should be which collegiate environment appeals to them more. Anyone at either school with have plenty of opportunities and resources to do what he/she wants. And there will be accepted students for whom neither school is the preferred environment, which is equally valid.
  • sbballersbballer Registered User Posts: 544 Member
    edited May 2016
    the conversation would have been very different even a decade ago. back then it was HYP.. no MIT or Stanford. Stanford has strengthened in many metrics fund raising, selectivity, nobel prizes... Yale is fading based on those metrics.. it's weak in STEM.. it's an old school humanities school. hopefully students like you will pressure Yale into doing an over haul.. it's getting left behind IMO..and getting bogged down by all the controversy surrounding college names, Halloween dress codes and the like. Meanwhile Columbia and Cornell are seriously beefing up their STEM departments as is Harvard which is building an engineering school (stanford of the east).. the game is different..the renaissance ideal has passed.. sitting around discussing Plato and Socrates and waxing about summers in the Hamptons went the way of the dodo bird. that's reality.
  • SAYSAY Registered User Posts: 945 Member
    This qualifies as one of the silliest threads in CC history. The only decision is west coast versus east coast and weather.
  • bluewater2015bluewater2015 Registered User Posts: 564 Member
    Obviously the OP has already decided at this point, but I have to agree that some of the comments on here are silly. Both are great institutions and it comes down to personal preference.

    sbballer, if you are a Stanford student, why don't you ask some of your professors if they think Yale is fading and going the way of the dodo bird.
  • sbballersbballer Registered User Posts: 544 Member
    weakness in stem and inability to innovate and adapt is going to affect the long term prospects for a school.. fund raising... selectivity.. ability to recruit faculty. may not be so obvious now but looking out 20-40 years it will be. I don't think anyone at Stanford thinks of Yale as being a competitor... harsh to say but that's the way it is. Yale is a great school yes.. but it's lost a couple notches this decade. It's not even the top five in fund raising or top 10 in nobel prizes in the past 15 years. It's selectivity has dropped to 4th.. you can say it's silly.. I say Yale needs an overhaul and a new vision or it's going to be left further behind. yes Yale has done a fantastic job with its endowment and hopefully the university will use some of its vast resources to invest in STEM and innovation. Being just a liberal arts school is not going to cut it. that's reality.
  • Waiting2exhaleWaiting2exhale Registered User Posts: 2,688 Senior Member
    The president of Stanford, John L. Hennessy, spoke to the admitted students at the most recent admitted students days and had no trace of the tone of condescension and embattled rise for positioning among its peer institutions that are rife in your comment above, @sbballer.
  • sbballersbballer Registered User Posts: 544 Member
    edited May 2016
    the metrics speak for themselves. interpret them as you want. surprised that Yale is not making a big push into STEM...continuing to ignore or not place top priority for STEM is hurting them now and will be even more detrimental to the university in the future.
  • ASJU9511ASJU9511 Registered User Posts: 202 Junior Member
    Hi guys! I picked Yale over Stanford. To give you the brunt and truth of it, it didn't come down to weather or coastal geography for me. It came down to the people. I loved Yale because there was a great balance of STEMs and Humanities students. I adored the air of seriousness that the students had for their passion. At Stanford, I definitely felt a bit more left by the wayside since every student I talked to, current and pre-frosh, all seemed to be going into the STEMs. Plus my being didn't agree with the lack of community that Stanford had compared to Yale. And, to be perfectly honest and I mean no offense to any students going there, it felt more like a corporation than an actual school.
  • renaissancedadrenaissancedad Registered User Posts: 1,480 Senior Member
    @ASJU9511, that sounds like exactly the way decisions should be made. 2 great institutions, but one clearly felt more comfortable to you and resonated more with you. Screw all the talk about rankings in specific departments. There's plenty of opportunities at either school to do whatever you want.

    Congrstulations on your choice, and good luck!
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