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2018 Stanford Transfer Thread


Replies to: 2018 Stanford Transfer Thread

  • mjr2013mjr2013 Registered User Posts: 468 Member
    @Shoumei I am a prospective Human Biology major. I say prospective because I have yet to declare, but I'm enrolled to continue the core in the Winter, so I don't see myself dropping the major at this point.

    Stanford really does everything in their power to make the transition smooth, but there are still bumps in the road, as can be expected of any life transition. For me, socially I didn't have any issue. Everyone here has been extremely friendly, and transfers tend to have really cool backgrounds that are quick conversation starters. There are a hugeeee amount of things you can join, and everyone is really welcoming.

    Academically, I came in knowing I needed to bring my best studious attitude (ahem as I type this at 1040 when I should be studying), but for the first three weeks or so, I wasn't maximizing my study time in the right areas, and I did fall behind, which has made for a bit of a stressful, chronically behind quarter. It didn't help I had to just jump head first into the HumBio core, which is designed for second year students. With that said, I don't hate where I'm at now, I've caught up fairly well, and I'm in a really good position for winter quarter. In addition to that, every person is different, and I do know of transfers that had a fairly seamless transition.

    Hope that helps.
  • mjr2013mjr2013 Registered User Posts: 468 Member
    This may help some of you out in what Stanford is looking for. Just published today, hot off the press.

  • divinoobdivinoob Registered User Posts: 4 New Member
    Hey guys, how's it going? I appreciate all of you helping out here, I am planning to apply to Stanford next year like many of you.

    21 year old

    High School:
    High school in Brazil are only 3 years instead of the 4 years here in the US. I was a Foreign Exchange student in Houston, Texas on 2011 through 2012. Played varsity soccer on that year. Finished that year with a 3.4GPA, had to climb up after the first semester, was rough for me to get adjusted to the different style of classes, different language, but after a few months everything was more than fine. After I went back to Brazil I had zero desire to stay there for longer than I needed so I finished HS there, the last two years needed, we don't use GPA but I was top 10% of the class. Played American Football in Brazil for a year or so.

    Got accepted to go to University of Houston in 2014 but due to financial issues I had to decline the offer and settle for the University in Brazil. Did that for two years when I finally decided to bail on all that and start over here in a Community College close to where I used to leave. We can afford this college, I have some friends around from that exchange year, and live with one of them, which makes everything way cheaper for me. I couldn't not come here to the United States due to the state of my home country, politics, robberies, no where is safe, and the list goes on. My father is putting a lot of effort to make me stay here, while still being able to provide a good life for my mom (doesnt work) and my two siblings, one is 8 and the other is 26, but Brazil is so bad that he can't find a job on his field.

    Anyways, I am a computer science student here, and only want to transfer credits from my Community College here, and not the one in Brazil due to lower grades than what I have here, University in Brazil is crazy difficult, at least compared to what I am going through right now. While in Brazil I worked on what we call Junior Enterprise in Brazil but it's very uncommon here. It's a company inside the University made with only students. We were a group of 20 people running a TI company, making events on the universities and having big clients asking for us to develop their websites and mobile apps (android and IOS)

    My Community College received the Aspen Prize this year for being in the Top 5 junior colleges in the nation. I have a 4.0 GPA right now, but that might go down to 3.9 or so after this semester, I am working on not letting that happen.

    I have my SAT coming up this December since I was not required to take on to come to this Community College, so I don't have those grades for you, but I am fairly confident on my skills.

    I am working on a research with a professor from the Engineering Department, we are working towards sending some 3D prited materials for testing on the International Space Station, the deadline for the submission of all materials is before the deadline of the application for Stanford so I should have some information about this on my application as well.

    I have some solid ideas about my essays. Already have two professors to write my letters of recomendation plus the one optional letter, I will probably get my Karate Sensei to write it since Karate is a huge part of my life and he knows me since I was a kid, even though I stopped practicing for a while.

    So yeah. I don't feel too confident about this to be honest, but I feel like I should at least give it a shot, nothing worse than getting a negative response will come out of it, so what's the harm?

    Thanks guys, looking foward for your responses!
  • divinoobdivinoob Registered User Posts: 4 New Member
    Hey guys, thanks for all the help here in this thread. I am thinking about applying and thought it would be an idea to get your opinion here, even though I am not too confident.

    21 years old.
    From Brazil

    High School in Brazil are three years long. During the first year I came to the US for my exchange year, where I lived in Houston for ten months going to a small private school. Had a GPA of 3.4, struggled a little bit on the first few months since it was a brand new language that I could barely maintain a conversation. As time went by I was doing more than fine and managed to pull my GPA up a little bit. Played Varsity Soccer that year and practiced American Football during Off-Season. Went back to Brazil but already making plans to come back as I did not wanted to stay in the country knowing how poorly it was doing, politically, financially, among other issues. Finished my HS on the top 10% of my class, and GPA is not used in Brazil, so I don't have one.

    Between HS and College:
    I got accepted to go to University of Houston for Computer Science but I had to decline the offer since the financial aspect of it was too much for me mand my family.

    Went to the University in Brazil for 2 years, also Computer Science, although I like the course, I hated my life being there, Brazil is not the place that I want to settle, so at the same time I was taking courses, I was also planning my future and finding a way to get out of there even if it meant to abandon those two years of classes and start all over. Finally with the help of some friends that I made in my exchange year, I applied and got accepted for a Community College in Houston for which I was able to afford, with the help of my father. This college was recently awarded the Aspen Prize as it is on the Top 5 of Community Colleges nationwide, if that is worth anything.

    While in the University in Brazil I was a part of a Junior Enterprise, which is a company that is 100% made of students, in our case, Computer Science and Computer Engineering students. We were responsible to a few events on our school and also developing websites and mobile apps to multiple clients, that was where I managed to gain the most experience on my field since culture in Brazil is different than in the US and we usually don't work untill graduation unless you absolutely need it.

    So right now I have a 4.0 finishing my third semester, the GPA might go down to a 3.9 but I am working to not let that happen. I am working on a research with a professor of the engineering department, and we are working towards sending a 3D printed object for testing on the International Space Station, we will have the confirmation if it will be sent or not, by the time of the application deadline, so I might or might not be able to talk about that on my application.

    I have some solid ideas for my essays, been thinking about them for a while. Got two professors of mine for my letter of recomendation. Also for the optional letter I will ask my Karate Sensei from Brazil to write one since Karate was a big part of my life and will paint a accurate picture of me outside school.

    I will be taking my SAT in a month, I was not required to take it for this community college. I am fairly confident on my abilities to get a good grade on it.

    Anyways, thank you guys. Can't wait for the responses, don't hold anything back, as I said, I am not too confident but I figured that I don't have anything to lose other than the application fee.
  • AGoodFloridianAGoodFloridian Registered User Posts: 1,363 Senior Member
    @divinoob Sempre bom ver um BR superando as situacoes da vida, voce consegue grandes coisas aqui nos EUA se voce colocar os esforco necessario. Good luck to you pal! Keep up the great work at your college- you're participating in activities that are quite uncommon at most community colleges so I'm sure those will make you stand out!
  • divinoobdivinoob Registered User Posts: 4 New Member
    @AGoodFloridian Eu não esperava encontrar um BR aqui, haha. Yeah, I feel like I am doing the most I can here, there aren't many other options for me, I feel good about that, I'm just not sure if it's going to be enough. Thanks for the kind words man, hope it all works out for all of us!!
  • GalexezusGalexezus Registered User Posts: 1 New Member
    @mjr2013 Out of curiosity of the students who were accepted as Transfers last year, how many came from other schools you would consider "top tier"- IVY's, UCHICAGO, NYU, MIT you get the gist. If you could elaborate a little on how many got in, what schools they came from and their stats (if you happen to know any of these things) it would be really helpful). Hope your time at Stanford is going well and plan on entering the lottery for the Fall os 2018 (maybe i'll see you around
  • mjr2013mjr2013 Registered User Posts: 468 Member
    @Galexezus Of the 27 transfers, I believe there were 12 or 13 who were ex-military, which was the most accepted in Stanford's history, and a point of pride for admissions. Age range was probably 20-40, and the majority of transfers overall came from a similar situation as mine, in that they spent a couple years at community college before transferring.

    There was at least one person I can think of who came from an Ivy, but he was also nontraditional, he spent a year or so off before transferring.

    Best of luck! Hope to see you on the farm!
  • AGoodFloridianAGoodFloridian Registered User Posts: 1,363 Senior Member
    How are you all doing with applications? :) Let's get this thread going again!
  • ShoumeiShoumei Registered User Posts: 170 Junior Member
    @AGoodFloridian Everything is in for me! All green checkmarks :) How about you?
  • Chicana121Chicana121 Registered User Posts: 4 New Member
    edited March 5
    @mjr2013, do you believe the college admissions people are more conservative or liberal? Though I know it shouldn't matter, I am scared to share some of my histories with social issues that are super personal to me like TPS that favor the ideas of liberalism. Hoping it won't be to my disadvantage.
  • Dombo1573Dombo1573 Registered User Posts: 4 New Member
    Weird question but should I resend my test scores to Stanford? I originally sent them because I thought I was going to apply as a freshmen but I didn’t end up applying. I’m not sure if they actually kept my score or if they just trashed it.
  • mjr2013mjr2013 Registered User Posts: 468 Member
    @Chicana121 I honestly have no idea regarding their political leanings, but I wouldn't concern yourself over it in the least bit. They want to know who you are, no matter who you are, so don't be afraid to demonstrate what makes you you.

    @Dombo1573 I'm not sure. If it doesn't show up as a checkmark, I would resend, but that's just my intuition. Not sure if they're saved or not, I was a first time applicant as a transfer.

    Hi @AGoodFloridian !! :)
  • GoldenState1GoldenState1 Registered User Posts: 303 Member
    @Dombo1573 I would err on the side of caution and think better safe than sorry. I would resend.
  • AGoodFloridianAGoodFloridian Registered User Posts: 1,363 Senior Member
    @mjr2013 Heeeey!! I'm super glad you're enjoying life at the Farm! I'm fighting hard for this to be a strong application, so cross your fingers much stronger than last year for sure hahahah what a dream it would be to join you there.
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