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Stanford chance me

Eastcoast234Eastcoast234 86 replies7 threads Junior Member
Chance him for Computer science for Stanford and ivys.
Asian male, currently junior,from a competitive public school from California!
SAT 1540, essay 20, UW gpa 4.0,Wgpa 4.7
Sat subject tests: math 800, chemistry 800,physics hopefully 800.
APs: APCS-5, AP chem -5,calculus BC, AP physics 1 are hopefully 5.
Senior year work load: AP stats, AP physics C, AP English, AP Spanish , AP govt.
Sports: basketball on school team for 4 years, track & field: 1st place for school, high jump, triple jump in top 3 for the school.
USACO gold,
Over 100 hours of volunteering and tutoring, flute for 1 year, planning to be a TA next year.
Thank you !
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Replies to: Stanford chance me

  • Eastcoast234Eastcoast234 86 replies7 threads Junior Member
    Ok thank you @ucbalumnus.
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  • Eastcoast234Eastcoast234 86 replies7 threads Junior Member
    Can we try applying for IVs and stanford? I know they are very competitive, but perfect GPA and AP scores make us to hope for stanford. By the way, we got mails from almost all IVs asking us to consider/ visit / get more info of them. Is it a good sign? Did anybody get like that?
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  • momofsenior1momofsenior1 9148 replies91 threads Senior Member
    Don't read anything based on mailings. I can't tell you how much mail we got from colleges. It means nothing and is just marketing.

    Your child's stats will put them in the ballpark for any school. Pick a few reach schools and then focus the rest of the energy on finding good match and safety schools.
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  • Waiting2exhaleWaiting2exhale 2924 replies14 threads Senior Member
    @Eastcoast234: This year, it seems, the HYPMS schools of the world are really ratcheting up their mailing efforts.

    To your question:

    Large packages arrive to my home this year from those names which make the eyebrow raise, congratulating my kid on his gpa (I have no idea how they have access to this) and his testing scores, and imploring him greatly consider their institution; to "imagine" himself there.

    After placing three kids in college since 2014, and after being on College Confidential actively for a bit of time, I still get curious and open the packages. I get curious, but I know not to get excited or to take it personally.

    Your kid sounds like he's done very well in the classroom and is quite committed to things outside of the classroom. Well done.

    Apply to all those which your student really feel he connects which, and which can offer him the kind of program he wants. Have him let them know what he will contribute to the campus community. Apply to the big guys and the little guys (IVY, +, LAC).

    Good luck to your son.
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  • Eastcoast234Eastcoast234 86 replies7 threads Junior Member
    Sure! Thank you for the inputs.
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  • Eastcoast234Eastcoast234 86 replies7 threads Junior Member
    Sure! Thank you for the inputs.
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  • Eastcoast234Eastcoast234 86 replies7 threads Junior Member
    Could you chance my son for Stanford and ivys
    Uw gpa 4.0, weighted 4.7, SAT - 1550, Essay -22
    Subject test: math-800
    Chemistry -800, biology 790
    APs: AP chem -5
    AP physics1-5
    AP CS -5
    AP English language-5
    AP Calc BC -5
    AP stats, AP physics C, AP Spanish ( most likely 5)
    ECs: has been on school JV and Varsity basketball team and also in track and field : triple jump, 1st place, 4/4, high jump 2 Nd place for school.
    USACO gold ( perfect score)
    Study buddy at school
    Anime club officer
    Tutored kids in the neighborhood
    Part of Octagon (volunteer) club, link leader, part of powder puff, ELC
    Worked in a school that teaches coding
    From a competitive public school , Bay Area,CA, Asian male for CS
    Income: middle class
    Applying SCEA
    Thank you for your inputs and time

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  • Eastcoast234Eastcoast234 86 replies7 threads Junior Member
    Hi all
    Received an invite for “ UC for you” an invite only reception. Is it worth attending or it normal to receive such mails?
    Thank you
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  • DadTwoGirlsDadTwoGirls 6149 replies1 threads Senior Member
    Since you are from California, you should take the Universities of California very seriously. Many of them are better for CS than the Ivy League schools. In fact, the top schools for CS are not in the Ivy League.

    Your chances at Stanford (which is excellent for CS) will probably be lower than the overall acceptance rate unless your son is strong enough in a sport to help him get in. Your son's stats are excellent and are solidly in the range that Stanford is looking for. In fact, his stats are probably higher than the median for accepted students. However, Stanford cares a lot about diversity, and being an Asian male will not help you. I think that it is worth an application. Berkeley is also excellent for CS and would be more likely than Stanford. I might call it a high match. Since you are in-state and have superb stats, I would send in an application to UC Berkeley, and would appreciate how strong it is for CS.

    I don't know the California system well enough to know your chances at other UC campuses.
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  • ProfessorPlum168ProfessorPlum168 4184 replies92 threads Senior Member
    edited September 2019
    Asian, male, STEM, unhooked from Bay Area = zero chance for Stanford

    I deal with kids from a predominantly Asian HS (> 50%) in the Bay Area that sends at least 5 kids to Ivys and 40+ kids to Berkeley every year and there hasn't been a single Stanford enrollee in years.
    edited September 2019
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  • lookingforwardlookingforward 35300 replies399 threads Senior Member
    edited September 2019
    He added all those clubs just in this school year? Are you forgetting any collaborative math-sci ECs in the school, among his own hs peers?

    The diversity issue is so many strong aplicants from the Bay Area. Most colleges can't accommodate more than a smaller number from a particular sub area.

    You're going to need to see what the GC says, whether he or she feels this is competitive from his hs. After that, it's up to adcoms. A lot of kids will apply with top stats and the right variety of activities.
    edited September 2019
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  • Eastcoast234Eastcoast234 86 replies7 threads Junior Member
    Thank you @ DadTwoGirls for you post. Yes , we do know that Stanford acceptance is lottery and being an Asian makes it even worse. We are applying to Stanford like anybody else.
    Yes we are applying to UCs and as you said many UCs have great CS programs. We are also applying to some safeties too. I just want to know alternate opinions.
    Thanks again
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  • Eastcoast234Eastcoast234 86 replies7 threads Junior Member
    @ professorplum168,
    Thank you for sharing the information.
    As you said, the chances are slim but we still would like to give it a shot, hence applying.
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  • Eastcoast234Eastcoast234 86 replies7 threads Junior Member
    @ lookingforward,
    Joining anime club and tutoring kids in the neighborhood are the only activities he did in 11th grade. Everything else (eg: basketball and track etc) , he has been on school teams from 6th grade( I know only HS counts)
    Thank you for your inputs
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  • Eastcoast234Eastcoast234 86 replies7 threads Junior Member
    Typically how many REA applications are received by Stanford every year? And how many are accepted from that pool?
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  • aquaptaquapt 2300 replies48 threads Senior Member

    The REA stats will not help you to gauge your son's chances, anyway. Most recruited athletes apply early, and that drives the acceptance rate up. The higher rate does not mean that an unhooked applicant in the same pool has any advantage as compared to RD.

    Also, FYI, the word "ivy" in Ivy League is not an acronym ("IV") - it's the plant that grows on the walls of stately old buildings.

    The deluge of mail from Ivies, UChicago, Stanford, etc. means nothing. Really, literally nothing. Students with lower stats than your son's, who have virtually no chance of getting into these schools, still get mail from them. These schools compete for rankings based, in part, on their acceptance rates. The more applications they can reject, the better for them. So they want lots of applications. That is all it means.

    That said, your son does have a strong record. I'm sure he'll end up with some good UC options, and he can probably get into other excellent "reach" schools as well. You are well aware that the odds are against him at Stanford. Has he considered Harvey Mudd? He sounds like the kind of well-rounded student they are looking for, and it's a top-notch CS school. How about Rice?

    What does *he* want in a college experience? Your phrasing is all about where "we" want him to apply - how does he feel about his options?
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  • Eastcoast234Eastcoast234 86 replies7 threads Junior Member
    Thank you @aquapt for the feed back. Regarding Stanford, we are not at all expecting to be accepted, just trying to find out others’ opinion. My son likes California weather and wants to go to a large school hence Rice and Harvey-mudd were not considered. Yes, UCs are his top choice.
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  • MWolfMWolf 2200 replies14 threads Senior Member
    Truth is, the only Ivy to which it is worthwhile to apply for CS in Cornell. Berkeley and UCLA are better than any of the rest. If your son is looking at good large CS schools, and wants California weather, than it's Stanford, Berkeley, UCLA, UCSD, and USC, though you can never be sure when the next USC scandal will break.

    UT Austin is also a top CS college, but it has extremely low acceptance rates for OOS students. Every other great CS program is in areas with temperate climate or chillier.
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  • Eastcoast234Eastcoast234 86 replies7 threads Junior Member
    Thank you for the feedback. We have shortlisted and are applying to the colleges you mentioned. My son doesn’t want to go to Cornell. So not applied there.
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