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What are my chances? (Regular Decision)

The1AndOnlyJZThe1AndOnlyJZ 7 replies4 postsRegistered User New Member
Profile: Asian-American male, middle-high income, excellent suburban public school

Family: Parents obtained Bachelors and Ph.D. from Chinese universities, Sister attended Duke for undergrad and UChicago for business school

GPA: Unweighed - 4.00; Weighted - 4.76

SAT: 1600

Subject Tests: Chemistry - 800; Math Level 2 - 800

AP Scores: Calculus BC - 5, Chemistry - 5, US Gov - 5, Comp Gov - 5, Environmental - 5, Lang & Comp - 5, US History - 4, Physics 1 - 4

Leadership Roles: Captain of the varsity tennis team, WYSE (science competition club), Math Team

Notable EC's: Top 100 nationally ranked tennis player, team state tennis champion, state 2nd place in Chemistry (WSYE), multiple team + individual top 10 state finishes in Math
Team, 100+ hours volunteering for American Cancer Society

Awards: National Merit Scholar, 4th place Chicago ACS competition (Chemistry), AP National Scholar

Additional Question: Would it be better for me to apply as a Chemical Engineering major or undecided? My credentials point towards me having a strong interest in Chemistry so applying with that major would make sense, but I'm really not sure I want to study it in college
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Replies to: What are my chances? (Regular Decision)

  • Shaneg2000Shaneg2000 1 replies1 postsRegistered User New Member
    I would apply as undecided, especially if it has a higher acceptance rate. You seem like a brilliant individual, definitely very talented. Fortunately your extra curriculars haven't been so swayed towards one major that you would be forced into it and likely rejected if you didn't apply for it. I would recommend applying as undecided, and figure out what your true passion is at whichever college you end up at. The chance to get into any college is never guaranteed but you have a good chance at any school. If you write some kick butt essays and have some equally as good letters of recommendation, I would say you have a great shot.

    Hopefully I gave you some input to weigh both options.
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