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2020 Fall Transfer Stanford

CalClownCalClown 4 replies1 threads New Member
edited April 1 in Stanford University
I haven't seen a Stanford transfer thread for the 2020-2021 academic year so here we go! Feel free to post your stats or whatever you feel comfortable sharing! I am hoping we can all post any questions regarding the process, and hopefully someone else will know the answer.

I'm currently a rising sophomore at UC Berkeley.

GPA: 3.6 at Berkeley, 4.0 at a local community college (I took 3 summer classes and 2 classes during the semester at Cal (concurrent enrollment))
I know my GPA is considered low for Stanford but I am hoping the fact that I go to Berkeley will impress the admissions officers. I've heard that Stanford AOs know that Cal has INTENSE grade deflation, so that may help my case.

- four somewhat prestigious internships since the summer after I graduated from high school, including the Bank of America Student Leaders program and three internships closely related to my intended major.
- appointed commissioner on a city commission
- very active in student government
- director of a committee in my professional fraternity (which is somewhat related to my major)
- Hertz Community scholar
- director of a committee within a state political party for college students
- in high school, I was the chair of my local Assisteens chapter, the president of Interact Club, and the secretary for my city's youth council (in addition to some other positions within my high school's clubs)

SAT/ACT: My SAT score from high school is considered low for Stanford, so I will be taking the ACT and retaking the SAT. Any tips for studying for the ACT? Any general tips?

Random info: I am a low-income, first gen Latina. I went to an underfunded high school, and was top 1% in high school. I got into UCLA and Cal (obviously) straight out of high school. I did not apply to Stanford or any Ivies as a senior.
Family circumstances: my father was diagnosed with a serious illness (he's okay now, I think!) during my freshman year so that's partially why my grades suffered, and I plan on mentioning that in the supplemental section.

Be completely honest with me.... do you think I have any shot of being admitted or waitlisted at this point? It's pretty much a crapshoot.

Again, please feel free to list your stats or simply say hello! Let's do this!
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Replies to: 2020 Fall Transfer Stanford

  • CharacterTeaCharacterTea 2 replies0 threads New Member
    why do you want to transfer?
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  • ryancorddavidryancorddavid 79 replies0 threads Junior Member
    @CalClown Do you currently go to BCC?
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  • ryancorddavidryancorddavid 79 replies0 threads Junior Member
    @CalClown Nevermind. I totally missed where it says UC Berkeley.
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  • ryancorddavidryancorddavid 79 replies0 threads Junior Member
    GPA: 3.9
    ACT: will be taking it this year
    EC: Physics and Calculus tutor in Veterans Resource Center
    Prerequisites: Completed Calculus I, II and III, PHYSICS 1 and 2. Will have GEN CHEM1, Physics 3, Linear Algebra and Differential Eq., Engineering Properties of Materials and Engineering statics done by Spring. Have some Programming background and will be taking MATLAB this Spring.
    Major: Aeronautics and Astronautics
    Background: Army Veteran who deployed multiple times and got out with a bunch of awards, married with three kids, born in the Philippines and came to the US at 8.
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  • "Virgil""Virgil" 1 replies0 threads New Member
    I am just starting community college and I want to transfer Stanford. What do I need to do in order to get into this prestigious college?
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  • KimchikingKimchiking 2 replies1 threads New Member
    edited October 2019
    This thread doesn't seem as active as the previous year's transfer thread, but hopefully we can get more people in here. I am applying to transfer in 2020 as well. Even with an Associate's degree, I'll be entering as a sophomore because my college's two basic Intro to Macro and Intro to Micro econ classes only account for the basic class at stanford, and as an Econ major I'll need to play catch up.

    23, Male, East SF Bay Area JC
    Army and Army Reserve veteran, transitioning to Air Force Reserve
    GPA: 4.0, going on 60+ credits because I've changed my major
    Current major: Liberal Arts in Math and Science
    Transfer Major: Economics (My JC doesn't have an Econ major, and I wanted something more focuses than a business undergraduate education)
    Standardized tests: Took the ACT yesterday, I'll feel pressured to retake it if it wasn't a 33+ however.
    Academics: My first two years in community college, I was heavy in law enforcement and criminal justice classes. Now, I'm focusing on math, English, and social sciences, although I'm concerned that I'll only have up to Calc II under my belt by the time I transfer. Right now I have an honors English class and an Honors macroecon class on my transcript as well.

    Army + Army Reserve: I've served primarily in the Reserves with a brief activation in 2017-2018. I am an intelligence analyst (now a Sergeant and team leader) that extensively studied US-Korean peninsula relations, and US-Sino relations. I've been to Korea 4 times for the Army, and volunteered to serve on a US Forces Korea mission during the 20107-2018 high tensions between US and North Korea. I helped write the commanding general's and then-Secretary Mattis's Korea briefings. During this time, I also studied China's "Made in China 2025" tech developments, which made me want to get back into economics.

    Student Government: I was actively involved in student government both before and after I took a break from JC to do Army stuff. I ended my time there last semester as Vice President. I focused on improving student equity, primarily through promoting the zero cost textbook initiative to use open source education resources to save students money. The program has been successful so far, and more professors are getting on board.

    Economics: My background in economics goes back pretty far, despite for a few years since high school when I was motivated to get into government service. I am very interested in how international economies and macroeconomics relate to each other, and using investments to drive technological change. In high school, I networked to the current New York Federal Reserve president (while he was at the SF Fed) to talk about economics. My publications include
    -TEDx speech about US-China relations and the future of this dichotomy
    -Presentation at Stanford University (for a state-wide JC honors research symposium) about North Korean monetary policy and paths to reunification

    Policing: I spent the first 3 years after high school pursuing policing, I interned for a PD in a violent Bay Area city and fking loved it. It will always have a place in my heart, even if I left that to pursue economics. It'll be a component in my essays.

    Entrepreneurship: I've founded a couple businesses. I've had a side gig as a mobile notary public in my town, and over the summer started an LLC to bid on government contracts, although my focus is now on acquiring rental real estate like a private equity firm.

    -Econ department chair, my former econ professor
    -Criminal Justice department chair, a great friend of mine
    -Former boss from the Army. He's not high up, but he knows me very well
    -Economics mentor of 8 years, who is a cofounder/board member of a major investment firm and a donor to Stanford

    What I do know what I'll be writing about
    1. What means a lot to you? When I was 19, my neighbor who was a policeman was shot and killed. I rode with a local PD (the same that I would intern at) and saluted my first flag draped coffin at 19. His memorial sign by the freeway means a lot to me, and I want to expand on the journey in policing that came out of that.
    2. What made me want to go into economics? In 2017, when I was in Korea for the Army, I contracted an antibiotic resistant skin infection that took very high levels of antibiotics to treat. I really got started thinking about the economics of drug discovery and production, and why these problems were so slow to be treated. This led me back down the rabbithole of economics, because I do want to use economics and investment to help treat the issue of antibiotic resistance. Seriously, these superbugs are spreading and they are no joke.

    Again, I'm concerned that my ACT won't be high enough, and that I won't have as much math education to pass the econ department's standards in admissions for a transfer.

    Good luck, everybody!
    edited October 2019
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  • KimchikingKimchiking 2 replies1 threads New Member
    Gosh I just started typing and all of that just came out of that, I guess I wrote so much because it was me organizing all my thoughts. Sorry for the huge block of text haha
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  • CrayonShinChanCrayonShinChan 52 replies3 threads Junior Member
    I was going to apply...but I think I’m not good enough after reading last years and this years thread, but maybe I will if I find the right motivation.
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  • BennyZhBennyZh 1 replies0 threads New Member
    Hi Guys, I am also considering transfer to Stanford for 2020FA. This is my profile:

    School & Status: rising sophomore international student in CS +Music and cognitive psychology dual degree at UIUC.

    Applying major: Music, Science, Tech (located in Stanford CCRMA)

    SAT: 1480 (taken two years ago)

    GPA: 3.8/4.0(a little bit low..), current credit hour: 100, mainly earned in Music and CS

    Honors: James scholar + Dean's list + some trivial math contests in high school....

    Rec letters: 2 very strong letters.
    1 from the head of the music department, who is graduated from Stanford CCRMA for BA and MA. Another is an emeritus professor in the ECE department who I have seen in my music tech history textbook and once had an office at Stanford CCRMA.

    Academic: One academic paper submitted to 2020 ICASSP as the third author, going to conduct and submit another to ISMIR as the first author in 2020 Spring.

    Intern Offers for 2020 summer:
    Microsoft SDE intern,
    Tencent AI lab intern,
    ByteDance(Tiktok) AI lab intern


    1. Co-founding a music tech company dedicating to promotion of music tech in Chinese market.

    2. Founder and President of a music composition club with the size of 150+ people, design weekly syllabus and teach by myself.

    3. Wrote a school anthem for my high school, and it is the first school anthem completely written and directed by a student in the southern part of my country.

    4. Has 22,000+ followers on a chinese social media, writing articles about music theory and music technology.

    5. Music skills: jazz piano as main, intermediate guitar, bass, violin, and drum. Familiar with jazz, classical, EDM and some of Avant-garde Composition.

    6. other hs activities: develop apps in windows and android, voluntary teaching, conducting business contest with 2500 participant, game & video scoring (not plan to mention these..)

    Art Portfolio:
    1. Algorithmic Composition of a pop song written in Python, formatted in MusicXML language, vocal performed by Vocaloid Hatsune Miku and instrumental parts by me.
    2. 12-Tone musique concrete composition.
    3. Recording on Jazz Improv, in the mixture of the style of behop, funk, and bossa nova.

    1. Photography: some landscape photographs.
    2. Style-Transfer: Algorithmic pictures generation from music. Take the FFT result of music as input, use a special algorithm to generate the corresponding graph.

    The main reason for me to apply for Stanford transfer is its wonderful culture caring of start-up company in the field where technology meets humanities...

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  • CrayonShinChanCrayonShinChan 52 replies3 threads Junior Member
    edited December 2019
    Someone gave me the encouragement to apply, but I still believe there is no way in heck I will ever get in, and my parents think it is a waste of $90... but anyway here are my stats:

    Current University: University of Alabama at Birmingham (Freshman)
    Major: Biomedical Sciences + Statistics Minor (realized I am not a good fit for medicine and do not want to pursue a medical field in the future; the main reason for transferring)
    GPA: 4.0

    Extracurriculars (HS):
    -Employment at Plant Pathology Department
    -Employment at Entomology Department the following year
    -Volunteer at Public Library
    -Volunteer as science teaching assistant
    -Internship at the Plant pathology Lab (before my employment)
    -2 year president for proto-constitutional club
    - 1 year president for national honor society
    - state science bowl
    - state scholar's bowl
    - University Community Orchestra Cello Player
    - National Science Olympiad
    - INTEL ISEF (international science fair)
    - JSHS (National Junior Symposium for High School Students)
    - biology editor for international young scientist journal
    - Science paper publication with one research
    -research at the university for the school of turf management

    Extracurriculars (College):
    - Kidney/nephrology internship
    -virology/immunology internship
    - research into cellulose biodegradable plastics
    - research into the watershed system and quality
    - Undergraduate Honors Oral Research Presenter
    - Undergraduate Expo poster presenter
    - Hopefully a presenter at NCUR :)

    -ACT: 32 (not sending in)
    -SAT: 1470 (R/W: 680 M: 790); 1400 (R/W: 720 M: 680) I dropped my calculator and it broke so I had to go in and take it without calc for that time... hopefully my superscore pulls through :(((
    - SAT Subject: Math II 790, Bio M 740 (did not take AP or any bio course: self studied), Physics 720
    - AP: psych (5), euro (3), comp princ (3), calc AB (4), APUSH (4), Physics 1 Alg (4), calc BC (5), Stat (3), Bio (5)
    - IB: SL World Religions (5), HL Math (5), HL Bio (6), HL English Lit (4), SL Spanish B (4)
    -projected 32 credits by end of year
    - 1~2% of my high school class (7/628?)
    -HS GPA: 4.45/5 (W) and 3.86/4 (UW)

    -Spanish Honor Society
    -National Honor Society
    -Presidential Honors (college)
    -Dean's List (college)

    -Science Advancement Army Award
    -NASA award
    -Earth Space Science Award
    -NOAA Award
    -Meteorological Society award
    -Statistics Award
    -Biological Application Award
    -ISEF Finalist Award

    Transfer Major: Agricultural Science

    - Film professor (8/10, got to know the class very well and recommended me to be his first TA)
    -Probably my biology professor (5/10, does not know me all too well, but I do need a STEM professor)
    -Japanese professor (?/10, can be a hit or miss, but got to know the class really well)

    -Lower Middle Income

    most likely going to write about how I knew I wanted to pursue medicine but ultimately do not want to after being in biomedical sciences at my current college, yet want to pursue something in biology (AgSci). My relatives are all farmers or cattle farmers and live poorly, and it had a profound impact on me. Most likely going to feed my ECs into my essays with this because most of my ECs revolve around AgSci or plant science strongly.
    edited December 2019
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  • nontradhopefulnontradhopeful 40 replies2 threads Junior Member
    GPA: 3.75 overall, 3.62 UC

    ACT: Dec 2019 - results pending

    Major: Public Policy

    AA Degree(s): Political Science & Psychology

    Volunteer/Community: meals on wheels, local church, provide food and hygiene kits to homeless, foster fur babies - all inconsistent with working full-time

    URM, non traditional, first generation, low income

    State: CA

    Job/Work Experience: 20 years Administrative, Payroll, QA etc.,

    Applying to what schools? Duke, UNC Chapel Hill, Stanford, UCD (TAG Approved), UCB, UCSC, UCSD, SJSU and SFSU

    Stanford, Duke and UNC CH are stratosphere reaches in my mind, I have zero expectations of being accepted to any but I prefer to try and fail vs. not making an attempt.
    Good luck all!
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  • EventualPhDEventualPhD 11 replies1 threads New Member
    Hello, I posted the following on another thread but got no replies, maybe this thread is a better fit.

    I got a 1440 (670 EBRW & 770 Math) on the SAT that I took in High School, and this was the only standardized test I took (aside from a Math 2 Subject Test which I got a 780 on). At the moment, I can't decide whether or not to take the February ACT. I'm getting a 33-34 on practice tests right now and with the extra 2 months, I can probably scrape a 35 or maybe even a 36. Should I take it?

    Other Info about Application:

    15 y/o Male

    Graduated early from High School, First Year EE at a CSU

    AP (school didn't offer many at all, plus the early graduation thing prevented me from taking all the usual ones): Calc BC (5 with 5 Subscore)

    HS GPA: 4.25 W, 4.0 UW (I was Rank 1 in my class, maybe 2 or 3 in the graduating, though I wasn't eligible to be Salutatorian due to my graduating early)

    College GPA: 3.6 with 24 Quarter Units (all in first quarter)

    I'll probably bring the GPA up to a 3.8ish by next quarter, I'll basically be Junior status by the end of the year based on the amount of credits I'm taking.

    College Classes: Will finish all Circuit Analysis classes, Linear Algebra, Chem, Bio, Physics 3, and some CS classes by end of Spring term.
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  • NewyorkkiddNewyorkkidd 16 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Current University: John Jay College of Criminal Justice (freshman).
    Major: Economics and Political Science. My reason for transferring is that JJAY mostly focus on criminal justice and forensic psychology, there aren't resources for my majors or my interest, I want to have an actual campus (anyone who knows about my college knows what I mean). Lastly, the school spirit is dead and a lot of people don't care about learning.

    Extracurricular in High School:

    1- BuildOn
    2- Student Council ( vice president and secretary)
    3-Model United Nations
    4- NYC All-City Music Program (tenor sax player)

    Extracurricular in college:

    1- Student Council (committee within student council)
    2- JJC Mock Trial Association
    3- Political Science Student Association (PSSA)


    ACT/SAT- will take them in February and March
    HS GPA: 2.8 (below average)
    College GPA: 3.5 ( great improvement)


    1- National Honor Society (11th grade before my GPA dropped)


    1- President's Volunteer Service Award presented by Obama or Trump ( don't remember)
    2- Honor Roll
    3- Principal's Honor Roll

    Transfer Major: Political Science.


    -I still don't know who to ask but I'm sure any professor would be happy to write it for me.

    I just want to say good luck to everyone applying!!!

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  • FierceOneFierceOne 5 replies0 threads New Member
    Looking forward to the cycle.
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  • EventualPhDEventualPhD 11 replies1 threads New Member
    I guess, but it's not pretty considering only about 20 of us will get in :).
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  • nontradhopefulnontradhopeful 40 replies2 threads Junior Member
    @EventualPhD knowing that actually makes this process less stressful for me. 🙃 No need to fret over the nearly impossible.
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  • ryancorddavidryancorddavid 79 replies0 threads Junior Member
    @nontradhopeful Have you gotten your ACT result yet? If so, how long did it take for them to send you the result?
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  • nontradhopefulnontradhopeful 40 replies2 threads Junior Member
    @ryancorddavid It took about two weeks to receive the composite score and then another couple days for the writing. But I never had an alert or notification, just kept checking online. Are you still waiting?
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  • ryancorddavidryancorddavid 79 replies0 threads Junior Member
    @nontradhopeful I was just wondering. I just took it on Feb 8th. Hopefully the result will come before the app deadline.
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