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Chance me Stanford University REA Class of 2024

engineering1234engineering1234 0 replies1 threads New Member
Chance-Me to: Stanford University (REA)
Intended Major: Management Science and Engineering
GPA (UW/W): 3.84
Ranking and Course Rigor: not available (top 10%)
SAT/ACT w/ Section Scores: 1480 (R&W: 720 M: 760)
SAT Subjects: none, I did IB
AP/IB Scores: IB predicted 42 - HLs (I did 4): Physics (7), Maths (6), Portuguese B (7), English L&L (6) - SLs: Economics (7), Visual Arts (6)
Extracurriculars w/ very brief description
1.) Competitive (Regional + National) Field Hockey for +10 years
2.) Volleyball +2 years
3.) Organised a campaign and raised money to buy 7 new wheelchairs for underprivileged kids
4.) Volunteer beach clean up (1 year once a week)
5.) MUN club - multiple MUN local experiences, national Brazilian MUN, Multimedia Executive
6.) Summer Program NSLC Yale University Business & Entrepeneurship
7.) Music: Vocal for +10 years
8.) Music: Piano for +3 years
9.) Photography
10.) Visual Arts (including exhibition + website on the application)
Awards/Honors w/ level of recognition (Regional, State, National, International)
1.) Student Learner Profile - Resilient
2.) Excellent Academic Performance in: Physics and Portuguese B - awarded to one student per class
3.) Excellent Academic Performance in: Physics, Economics, Portuguese B- awarded to one student per class
4.) Excellent Academic Performance in: ICT and Music - awarded to one student per class
5.) Outstanding Effort in: Economics, Art (11); Music, ICT, English, Portuguese B (10) - one per class
—Essays (out of 10) and additional info about them:
-Common App essay: 9.5/10 i talked about moving to Brazil from Argentina relating my life to a mathematical equation (really showed struggles+overcoming them and my passion for maths), plus talking about communication
-Something meaningful essay: 8/10 talked about arts and communication in relation to learning new languages + related it to what I want to do at Stanford and why the university is the perfect environment for me
-Excited about learning essay: 9/10 talked about how i was weird as a kid because i communicated a lot through maths and no one understood but then showed how that helps me seek for knowledge + related it to Stanford
-Letter to Roommate: 8/10 talked about how I have been making and selling my own jewellery since I was 8 and how i’ll continue to do that when at Stanford. I feel like this one reflects a lot on my personality bc I have a more sarcastic tone and it also shows things that i do in my free time but idk if I 100% like this one
—Letters of Recommendation (3 of 10) and additional info about them:
School Counselor: 9/10
-1) Physics Teacher: 8/10 pretty good I think, i’ve always had a really good relationship with the teacher (might reflect on how much I love physics and my academic performance)
-2) Portuguese Teacher: 9.7/10 she told me that it talks a lot about me moving to Brazil and how i put in a lot of effort to learn portuguese and ended up having the best academic performance in port B + relates to my CA essay
-3) Visual arts: 7/10 really don’t know about this one (she said it was really good but idk)
was pretty good, nothing out of the ordinary. The interviewer and I had a lot in common and i feel like we agreed in lots of stuff. I was also able to talk about stuff i didn’t put in my application such as research papers I did and work experiences and stuff which he wrote down to put on the report.
Race: Latina/ European
Gender: Female
First Gen or URM (Y/N): i’m from Argentina?
State/Country: applying from Brazil but born and raised in Argentina
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Replies to: Chance me Stanford University REA Class of 2024

  • cutepugcutepug 100 replies3 threads Junior Member
  • tk21769tk21769 10672 replies27 threads Senior Member
    I'd estimate your chances are somewhat better than Stanford's overall admission rate, which is very low. Higher than 5%, but maybe not as high as 25%. Wait and see what the Stanford adcoms say? Meanwhile, maybe focus on some less selective options? Many state universities have good engineering and business management programs.
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